My Charming Coffee Companion

“Coffee is real good when you drink it. It gives you time to think. It’s a lot more than just a drink. It’s something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but like somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup.” ~ Gertrude Stein

This week was one of those weeks.

In the midst of it a good friend accompanied me while I had some medical tests and then she took me for coffee when we were done.

This delightful fellow found his way to our table and hung out for a while with us. Well, he hung out with the hope that my toasted sandwich might find its way into his mouth.

He didn’t really have eyes for us at all.

I guess it’s always good to know what you want and to keep your eye on the prize.

My charming companion’s visualisation of the moment that food might reach his lips was so good he could taste it. (And yes, I did share some sandwich with him.)

How about you? What are you focusing on right now? Are you thinking more about what you want or don’t want?

Think about something you really want to do, be or have. Think about yourself as if you already have it. Think how that will make you feel. How your life will be different. Feel that gratitude in your heart.

Make it so real you can taste it.

That’s how you call something into your life.

Sending you all my love, and my hopes that you spend a little time visualising this weekend. Make room for some magical manifestation in your life! Nicole   xx


A week-long course in journalling – Day 7

In the Land of Imagination, anything is possible!

One of the coolest aspects of journalling is that it allows you to delve into the wild and magical stream of your imagination.  In the Land of Imagination, anything is possible!

This is  important news for  people who draw constantly on creativity to enrich their work-day, or perhaps even to sustain their livelihood.  A well-nourished imagination helps all problem solvers.  Sadly, writers, artists, musicians, performers and busy people often neglect to fill up the well that they draw on. Today we’re going to look at ways to use your journal to dip into that sparkling stream, wash off some of that gritty debris of life, and emerge refreshed and with new ideas safely seeded into your subconscious mind, or perhaps even flowering in the window garden of your mind’s front room!

 (heroes run 2011 (63 of 79), a photo by Split the Kipper on Flickr.)

Day 7 – Dancing in the Land of Imagination

Writing in a journal gives you a certain freedom – an opportunity to try on different lives, a chance to explore possibilities, a safe space to work with ideas and emotions.  Over time, we can use our journal to connect more strongly with the power of our imaginations.  When the writing is done, we can come back to it later, with a highlighter or a notebook, and use some of those captured fragments to inform and enrich our public lives and work.

Many a writer has drawn from their journal to create characters, places or to accurately express emotions and thoughts.

Over time, we often see themes emerge about what we would like to see more of in our real life, based on what we see for ourselves in our imagination. These themes can be used to make concrete changes in our lives to become more authentic in the way we express that inner richness.

Task for the day:

If you had an ideal life what would it be?  If you could go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, what would that look like?  Today’s task is to sit quietly and begin to touch on that space with your imagination.  Then when you’re ready, begin to pour some of that energy onto the pages of your journal.  Feel free to augment your writing with pictures, clippings and other things that spark ideas and emotions. Let your creative nature play with this concept until it is ready to move on to something new.

This little kid has the hang of it.  I give you permission to dress up or play theme music if it helps with today’s journalling activity…

If I was a fairy, my ears would look just like this.

A week-long course in journalling – Day 4

So many things rattle around in our brain, and in that crowded space they are never given air or light or room to grow.  Today we are going to capture some of those wild thoughts and imaginings, those some-time longings and almost forgotten wishes, and give them roots in the rich soil of our journal.

Journalling is much more than just writing, much more than mere clearing of the pipes.  Journalling is also a ticket to adventure, that magnificent journey of self-discovery.  When we begin to identify our hopes, dreams and cherished desires we can begin to consciously manifest these things in our lives.  Thoughts can become things, imaginings, reality…   (Image by wiangya)

Journalling gives us a powerful tool for mapping out our cherished hopes and longings, making dreams reality.

Day 4 – Connecting to our conscious desires 

Most of us have an idea of what we think might make us happy, but often all we ever do is let those thoughts float around in our head like so much dandelion fluff. (image by Tina Phillips)

A journal is a great place for exploring these thoughts and anchoring them on the page where they can begin their journey from thought-form into something tangible in our lives. There is a great power in identifying dreams and goals.  And there is a magic that happens when these thoughts are transferred from our minds to paper.  Like dandelion fluff in the breeze, we capture the tiny seeds and begin to nurture them into existence.


Task for the day:

If you haven’t already checked out my post on How to Live Authentically on 2012, I suggest you go visit it now.  You’ll find a series of questions to help you become clearer about what’s important to you in life.  Use this as a starting point for today’s journal entry, where you can begin writing down your conscious hopes, dreams and desires.

Don’t censor what you write.  Hope is an important nutrient for these fledgling dreamseeds.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t know how you’re going to achieve or obtain the thing you’re dreaming about.  All that counts is that you identify that thought and write it down.  Dare to dream big dreams as well as small ones.

I’ve created a short Guided Meditation to help you get into the flow of this exercise.  Just click on the link below to begin.  (Forgive the bumping noise midway through, as Bert my trusty office-assistance-dog came to sit on my lap!)

Day 4 of Journalling – Dare to Dream

Meet my office assistant - Bert ♥

You might also like to work with the meditation I created to welcome in the energies of 2012.  Meditation and visualisation is a wonderful way to ease into the flow of journalling.  Let me know how you go!