Simple Christmas Baking and Treat Recipes

“Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than of ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving.” B.C. Forbes


It’s less than a month until Christmas, but there is still plenty of time to whip up a tasty treat or two to share with friends, to gift, or to make your own Christmas a little more yummy.

One of the things I love about food as a gift at Christmas is that it is something almost everyone appreciates, and it is a consumable so it won’t add to the growing mountain of plastic waste, pointless gag gifts and credit card debt.

When you share your gifts think about using wrapping and packaging that won’t cost the earth. Go find an old tin or some pretty old china at the Thrift Store, or wash and reuse glass jars with a circle of bright fabric or paper tied over the lid to make it festive. Cardboard, paper, ribbon, string, fabirc, waxed cotton and flowers from the garden all make great packaging and decoration too.

Here are some of my favorourite Christmas cooking ideas. All of them are easy, quick and well-tested by at least one of my Christmas Elves (Ben, Rufous, Cafe Dog, the neighbours or the staff of the Bangalow Post Office!) and me. Just click on the link to go to the recipe.

Macadamia Shortbread Recipe


Easy Fruit Cake Rum Balls


Festive Fudge Recipe


Heavenly Chocolate Brownies


Gluten-Free No Bake Yummy Slice


Last-Minute Christmas Cake Recipe

Five Minute Fudge


Easy Peach and Vanilla Jam Recipe


Prize-Winning Coconut Ice


Green Goji Bliss Balls (Healthy but AMAZINGLY GOOD!)

Much love, Nicole  xx



Homemade Easter Treats

“Hedwig didn’t return until the end of the Easter holidays. Percy’s letter was enclosed in a package of Easter eggs that Mrs. Weasley had sent. Both Harry’s and Ron’s were the size of dragon eggs, and full of home-made toffee. Hermione’s, however, was smaller than a chicken’s egg. Her face fell when she saw it.
“Your mum doesn’t read Witch’s Weekly, by any chance, does she, Ron?” she asked quietly.
“Yeah,” said Ron, whose mouth was full of toffee. “Gets it for the recipes.”
Hermione looked sadly at her tiny egg.”
~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Easter is almost here! Ben and I will be gumboot dancing at Bluesfest again this year – a brilliant world-class blues and roots festival here in our home town of Byron Bay. Maybe we’ll see you there.

For those of you who enjoy cooking or who are looking for some easy ideas for Easter gifts, I’ve pulled together a collection of recipes that you can use to make homemade treats for your family and friends. They are all simple enough for beginner cooks and kids in the kitchen.

To access the recipe, just click on the blue link and it will take you to the recipe page.

Easter Treats:

For easy and delicious marshmallows try this marshmallow recipe.

eggs-and-mallows-in-coconut (1)

toasted-coconut-marshmallows (2)

For a tasty treat that is gluten free and can also easily be made sugar free, try these Walnut and Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites.


This No Bake Yummy Slice combines chocolate with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. It’s irresistibly good and simple enough for the kids to make.

2013-06-26-17-05-21 (1)

Five Minute Fudge lives up to its name, being able to be whipped up in no time at all. Easy as! But gee, it sure is delectable.

fudge (1)