Don’t Panic! Not Hacked!!!

“Oh gosh sorry!!!!
I created a sample post and published it to check if it was posted on Facebook without realizing that they are subscribed to every post!!!!”

~ Love Pascual

Dear Subscribers,
As you will see from the quote above, one of my team was trying to reconnect a social media link on my blog last night and made a few test posts. One in Latin and one with the innovative text ‘meow meow meow’ ad nauseum.

No, we haven’t been hacked. Or taken over by cats. And we certainly didn’t mean to spam you. We were just trying to fix a problem.

Thanks for all your messages of concern. You’re such a great bunch! I’m glad it ISN’T something more serious.

Once again, sorry from all of us. It was just one of those days,

Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xx