Home is… Doggy and Heavenly and So Very Good

“Coming home to friends with wagging tails and loving hearts makes everyday a good day!” ~ Anon

I’d love to be writing profound things.

But the truth is what I want to write is very ordinary.

We came home to the farm late yesterday.

We came home to our dogs.

They were SO EXCITED to see us.

They stuck to us like glue.

It made us feel so very loved. And it was great.

We cooked a roast dinner and opened a bottle of wine and sat with our friend and our dogs and listened to music, laughed and talked and enjoyed the simple pleasures of food, loved ones and good conversation.

So good to be home.

The End.


A Week For Hope And Good Outcomes – Monday Oracle 16 July 2018

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman


Hello, Lovelies!

July’s energies are so heart-full! They are all about love and togetherness. Make sure you find time for the people and things you love in July, and if you’re looking for love know that this is a very supportive month for starting new relationships. Keep that in mind as we look at the gifts of inspiration which the oracle card Jack and the Beanstalk brings us.

Jack and The Beanstalk gifts us messages of hope, good outcomes and of surrendering to a higher power.
We have a chance to overcome our problems this week, especially if we get a little help from someone who has walked that same road and who knows what to be aware of and how to best proceed.
Jack and The Beanstalk reminds us about the unexpected gifts we can find when we follow new roads with a sense of curiosity – even when we don’t know where the road might lead or what our outcome will be. Embracing a spirit of trust and adventure is helpful this week and will serve us well.
There is a sense of things turning a corner for us, of improvements and breakthroughs coming our way. Because this is a month of love it also heralds breakthroughs in our communications with loved ones, solutions and breakthroughs where communication has broken down or hit an impasse, and new opportunities coming our way in love, especially in unexpected ways.
It’s also a strong week for fertility and all forms of creativity, and for planting the little tiny seeds of dreams that can one day grow into something strong and good and true.


Supportive crystals this week?

Rose Quartz is a stone of love and nurture – it helps you to be open to the giving
and receiving of love. Yellow Obsidian is a gently shielding stone that helps you to think clearly and to break patterns of self-criticism and negative thinking. It aids in looking for positive solutions to life’s dilemmas and for embracing change. Smoky Quartz opens you to new possibilities and ideas and amplifies your inner voice.  Sodalite (pictured) will help you express your personal truth and creative energy in thoughts, words and actions.   

Helpful essential oils?

Young Living has a blend called Release which is perfect for this week’s energies. It is an uplifting and nurturing blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavandin, Geranium, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemon, Blue Cypress, Davana, Lime, Ocotea, Jasmine, Matricaria, Blue Tansy, and Rose. It’s an essential oil we use on our retreats to help participants let go of emotional trauma, negative thoughts and beliefs, and old energies and emotions that have become stuck. I love it. It’s like an energetic broom to sweep away the dust and cobwebs, leaving you feeling clean, grounded and ready for what comes next.

Apply it to your pulse points at wrist, neck and over heart like a perfume. Place a few drops in your bath water. Diffuse it. One of my favourite uses is as a centering and reconnecting pick-me-up. Put a drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and then inhale the aroma. (Here’s a simple three-minute meditation you can do using any of your favourite essential oils – click here)

If you can’t get hold of Release then use any of Rose, Jasmine, Geranium or Blue Cypress this week.

Need an extra boost of encouragement? Try Young Living’s Believe essential oil blend. It’s fabulous in your diffuser while you work, or as a quick pick-me-up with a three-minute meditation. Believe is uplifting and promotes confidence, spiritual connection, clarity and belief in ourselves. It also helps us to let go of fear, doubt and old emotional pain and hurt.  I often use this oil when I am creating, writing or journalling, or working with cards for myself. 

 You can find the oils here.

I’m holding a Channelling and Guided Meditation Evening from 6 to 9pm at The Yoga Centre, Adelaide tonight.

Come along and meet some of my Guides and energetic companions (including some fairy friends!). They will share information about a range of topics, as well as answering questions from the audience. I rarely conduct channelling sessions outside my retreats, so this is a very special offering. I’ll also be running a Guided Meditation Session to help you with Healing, Connection and Direction.

I’ll be channelling my guides and some fairy friends who’ll be discussing:

  • The differences between Angels and Fairies, and how to call on them
  • How Guides work and how you can connect to your own Guides
  • How to navigate life using your Intuition
  • Five clear ways to tap into your own Inner Wisdom
  • Understanding Karmic Relationships and Soul Groups
  • How to help the planet right now

These nights are always entertaining, educational and often very enlightening. There will also be time for you to ask questions. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Want to bring your kids? I welcome them as long as they are old enough to participate in the meditations and activities and are interested in the kind of content we’ll be sharing. As their parent you’ll know if this event is right for your child. This is not an evening suited to little children.

Tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for children under 17.
You can buy the tickets here by clicking on the link below:

Channelling Night With Nicole Cody – Tickets

Holding you, as always, in my thoughts, prayers and meditations, and intending for you a life of abundance and joy, where you are no longer limited by your doubts.

All my love,

Nicole ❤ xx

PS: Monday’s oracle card, ‘Jack and Beanstalk’, is from the Inner Child Cards – A Fairy-Tale Tarot. I use any cards shown as a prompt for channelled messages and my own own intuitive wisdom, so my take is sometimes quite different to the meaning found in a book. 

Why it’s important to be a Lightworker

Image by Vivid Candle

Image by Vivid Candle

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~ Buddha

A Lightworker, most simply stated, is someone who intentionally brings Light and positive energy into the world. You don’t need to feel aligned with the metaphysical and psychic realms to be a Lightworker. If you are practicing kindness and sharing love in the world you are, by definition, a Lightworker.

When we first start living with awareness, practicing kindness and gratitude or sharing our gifts with the world we usually crave some kind of feedback.

We want to know: Did I make a difference? Did the work make a difference? Did the healing or the teaching make a difference?

Image from Golden Reiki

Image from Golden Reiki

When we put positive energy out into the world it is always hard to gauge the efficacy of that energy.   One thing I have come to understand is that we don’t need to know. We just need to trust.

Putting positive energy and intent into the world is like casting a stone into a pond. That act of Light and Love will ripple out and away from us, touching the lives of others in ways that we may never be aware. It may also create secondary ripples that arise from our own, giving that first action or idea new life, continuing and enriching our original effect.

On my Spiritual Retreat last year I shared a simple meditation technique called ‘Eating the Sun’. It’s a technique I was taught many, many years ago when I was just starting out on my spiritual journey (but that’s a whole other story). Recently, one of the women from our retreat, a psychologist, shared this with our group:

Hi. I wanted to share a success story with you guys where I can talk about it openly! I saw a lady last week in crisis, suicidal with ongoing stressors in her life. I gave her a few strategies (service approved) some not so much. I particularly suggested going out into the sunlight to imagine herself eating or breathing in the sun light while breathing out or diffusing darkness into the earth. This wk she has no suicidal thoughts, massive improvement in mood and is sharing with me how helpful breathing in sun and diffusing darkness was. Yay… Thanks Nicole! Love when we can share some light with the world.

That’s the beautiful thing about Lightwork. I love when we share that spark of light with others, who in turn share it with others, who in turn… you know how it goes!

We never know what dark places that little shared spark of light might illuminate. The woman who originally showed me this technique has since passed on, but her ripples are still being felt across the world, and are begetting new energies, ensuring that her intent to spread love, light and positive emotion continues to endure and grow.

What positive energies can you put out into the world today?

It’s never your job to judge how effective they might be, or whom they might influence. Truth is, you’ll never know. The only important thing is that you shine your Light.

Much, much love and some really big hugs, Nicole xx

PS – Tomorrow I’ll show you how to ‘Eat the Sun’!

The Healing Power of Nature

Lake Mapourika - New Zealand

“Make your heart like a lake with a calm, still surface
and great depths of kindness.”
Lao Tzu

Sometimes, the simplest way to soothe your Soul is to spend a little time in Nature. A walk along the river, a cleansing dip in the ocean, some time sitting on the grass or playing outside with our pets.

Nature has great power to heal and restore us. All we need to do is avail ourselves of that energy by spending a little time there.

Even in the midst of a city we can usually find a spot to hear the wind rustling the leaves of the trees, or feel the sunshine on our face.

Red Geranium - Murano, Italy

Time spent in nature will fill you up, and give you peace. It will restore what is missing, and comfort what has become care-worn or broken.

Stream in my backyard

You can be on your own, but surrounded by birds and flowers and trees. Or you can bring a book, a picnic, a friend…

Crystals and Dahlias on my kitchen windowsill

Frankincense and flowers

And nature is surprisingly transportable.

You can bring part of it home with you, where it can continue to soothe and uplift you.

Potted plants, fresh flowers, incense, essential oils – all of them can help you find or create a better space.

And of course there is always the joy of the Farmers’ Markets:

Bangalow Farmers Markets

One of my favourite things about the healing power of Nature is that possibility of re-discovering our sense of wonder. And we all need a little more of that in our lives. The video below demonstrates that magic perfectly! Wishing you a wonder-full day ♥