Feeling Wiped Out?

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.” 
~ Deng Ming-Dao

Hello, Lovelies!

I just wanted to send a little reassurance your way this morning. You see, my inbox is overflowing with panicked messages from people who are suddenly exhausted, smashed, so stupidly tired that they can hardly function. For no apparent reason…

Have you checked out that big moon above us?

It’s super close right now (cos, Supermoon!) and we’ve also just had a very big lunar eclipse.

Add to that some extreme weather and the fact that most of my readers are sensitives, empaths, intuitives and psychics. It’s your nature to be affected by the energies around you, and the energies around you right now are HUGE. Also, you’re composed largely of water, which is the very thing over which the moon exerts her powers.

So it’s only natural that you’re suddenly tired.

It’s okay. It will pass. Right now rest and stay well hydrated. Use this quiet time for sleep, journalling, meditation and soulful connection. Expect insights and answers. Expect clarity and direction.

Embrace your sensitivity. See it as a strength rather than a weakness. Explore this energetic connection and the feelings it brings up for you.

Moon Goddess by Josephine Wall

Guided Meditation Bundle

Need some support to work with the current Lunar Eclipse energies? I have a free meditation and some rituals here.

I’ve also bundled together four powerful guided downloadable meditations and created a companion workbook to support you as you work with these celestial energies. The Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle will help you to connect with and explore Earth Energies, Ancestor Energies, your Solar Plexus energies and personal power, and the Stardust Energies. There is over an hour’s worth of Guided Meditations and a 38-page workbook. The workbook holds specific instructions for using the four guided meditations, as well as journalling activities and reflection/awareness exercises.

The material in the Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle can be used at any time over the next four years, and beyond. My intention with this bundle is to help you become confident in your direction, your intuition, and your contribution to the unfolding history of the world and humanity. To access the bundle or to learn more about it go to my store or click on this link.

Go gently this week, simplify where you can, and remember to take some time for yourself and what matters to you.

Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xoxo

The Owl and the Moon by Christy Patino

A Week For Simplicity – Monday Oracle 21 January 2019

“ Live simply, so that others may simply live. ” 
~ Mother Theresa

Hello, Lovelies!

January is a month for planning, and for becoming clear about what matters to you. It’s a month for prioritising, honouring your heart and putting routines and acts of self-care into place for the year ahead. Keep that in mind as we look at the gifts of inspiration which the card Simplicity brings us.

This week we’re reminded that what we focus on multiplies in 2019. We can focus on our problems or we can focus on solutions. We can focus on what we lack or what we already have. And in every situation, Simplicity guides us to choose a less complicated and simpler life. So much of our life is crammed with stuff, and with busy-ness. No wonder most adults (and sadly so many children too) feel overwhelmed by their day-to-day lives. This week look to where you can let go of commitments and obligations that make your days over-full. Look for where you can simplify your possessions and your spaces too – both at work and at home.

Create some breathing space for yourself. Clean your living spaces and your work spaces. Clutter distracts and de-energises us.

As we move into better alignment with our inner truth and soul direction, thanks in part to this fabulous lunar eclipse energy, Simplicity encourages us to strip back our days, to find some space for ourselves and our loved ones and for the activities that rejuvenate and nourish us.

Some of the best things in life truly are free – friendship, laughter, a walk on the beach, playing with your kids or pets, curled up with a good book or watching a sunrise. Simplicity urges us to make room for those things this week.

Supportive crystals this week?

Green Jade (pictured) works with your Heart Chakra to bring balance and integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. It is positive and nurturing, strengthening self-worth. Citrine supports your Solar Plexus Chakra and sense of identity. It is a stone of abundance, clearing blocks of low self-worth and creating flow. Red Jasper is a stone for mental, physical and emotional rejuvenation. Deeply grounding, it helps you connect to your heart and your truth and encourages a sense of safety. Turquoise encourages empathy, compassion and the ability to slow down and stay grounded.

Helpful essential oils?

Mandarin essential oil is supportive this week. It reduces anxiety, promotes calm and helps us to relax. It also uplifts and re-inspires us.Cypress or Basil will improve your mental focus and clear away those cobwebs in your brain, helping you to focus and work effectively. Lemongrass helps with being open to change and for pattern-breaking.  It’s a beautiful oil to diffuse to promote fresh and positive mental perspectives. These oils can be diffused on their own or in combination.

I’m passionate about essential oils and their capacity to support our wellness journey and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to know more or want to source the oils I recommend and trust visit this site or contact me at channelnc@gmail.com

Extra Support For Your Year
I have limited hard copies of my beautiful YOM 2019 Planner left. If you purchase one, or one of the Planner packs (that also have new year direction readings, meditation malas or crystals with them) I’ll gift you a month’s free access to my community and membership site (and a chance to win a year’s free membership!) so you can experience my work, and be well supported to start your year.

You can access the Planner and Planner Packs here in our store or read more about them here.

Guided Meditation Bundle

Need some support to work with the current Lunar Eclipse energies? I have a free meditation and some rituals here.

I’ve also bundled together four powerful guided downloadable meditations and created a companion workbook to support you as you work with these celestial energies. The Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle will help you to connect with and explore Earth Energies, Ancestor Energies, your Solar Plexus energies and personal power, and the Stardust Energies. There is over an hour’s worth of Guided Meditations and a 38-page workbook. The workbook holds specific instructions for using the four guided meditations, as well as journalling activities and reflection/awareness exercises.

The material in the Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle can be used at any time over the next four years, and beyond. My intention with this bundle is to help you become confident in your direction, your intuition, and your contribution to the unfolding history of the world and humanity. To access the bundle or to learn more about it go to my store or click on this link.

Go gently this week, simplify where you can, and remember to take some time for yourself and what matters to you.

Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xoxo

PS: Monday’s oracle card, ‘Simplicity’, is from the Peace Oracle. I use any cards shown as a prompt for channelled messages and my own own intuitive wisdom, so my take is sometimes quite different to the meaning found in a book. 

Five Things I Love About Being Home At My Farm

2016-05-21 16.19.44

“To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter… to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring — these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”
~ John Burroughs


I have loved travelling, but there is something magical about coming home again.

These are five random things I love about being home here at my farm.

2016-07-08 17.02.14

1. I can go out into the garden on a cold and drizzling night, wearing my gumboots and pyjamas and clutching a torch, and come back in with enough foraged weeds, greens and leaves to make a tasty salad for dinner to go with our soup.

2016-05-21 15.58.19 (Nicole Cody's conflicted copy 2016-05-23)

2. No matter how busy my day becomes, there is always time for games and for sitting on the soft green grass, looking out at the trees and watching the koalas.

2016-05-20 16.53.30

3. The air here smells of sunshine and trees, or moon and stars and damp earth. The sky at dawn or dusk is filled with birdsong and a vibrancy that is hard to put into words.

2016-02-27 08.44.33

4. The beach is just down the road, and we can enjoy an early-morning walk, followed by breakfast at one of our favourite cafes. Byron Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet!

2014-11-27 14.17.16

5. All my favourite crystals are here at home. No matter what my mood I have a crystal to suit. There are crystals on every windowsill, and perched all around. There are crystals in the garden and beside my bed. Lovely, lovely stones. <3

Are You Giving Yourself Space To Heal?

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” ~John Lubbock, The Use Of Life

I’m on a fairly savage regime of drugs and herbs for my Lyme disease just now. Both the treatment and the illness place a burden upon my body, and so doing what I can to support healing and detoxification is paramount.

To cope, I’d developed quite a routine, actively including everything I could to detox myself. The routine itself was exhausting, and I was earnestly looking for whatever else I might add to make the process even better. Did I mention I’m in a hurry to heal?

As I was lying on a treatment bed with needles protruding from me, and a smoking box burning on my belly, I asked my acupuncturist for his advice. What was I already doing, he asked me. Dutifully I rattled off my long list, feeling rather proud of myself.

He paused for a few minutes, feeling my pulses, tweaking a needle or two. He was quiet. Thoughtful.

Do less, he said.

Image from Full Her Life

Image from Full Her Life

Less? That threw me. Shouldn’t I be doing EVERYTHING I can to get better?

No, he said. Being so busy, so consumed with wellness, puts a stress upon the body too. I had made healing a job. Withdraw a little, he said. Read a book. Have a nap. Sit quietly in the sun. Make things easier for yourself.

He’s right, of course. Sometimes we think that doing all we can is better, when really, less is more. Healing happens in the quiet spaces, the down time, the growing sense of ease.

How about you? Are you giving yourself space to heal? Maybe you’d be better off having an early night, a slow weekend, a simple diet, more rest.

Here’s to wellness and balance in our lives. Be kind to yourself this week. Bless xoxo

Image from My Peaceful Soul

Image from My Peaceful Soul

Everyday Blessings

ordinariness (1)

“Sometimes it happens that you become one, in some rare moment. Watch the ocean, the tremendous wildness of it–and suddenly you forget your split, your schizophrenia; you relax. Or, moving in the Himalayas, seeing the virgin snow on the Himalayan peaks, suddenly a coolness surrounds you and you need not be false because there is no other human being to be false to. You fall together. Or, listening to beautiful music, you fall together. Whenever, in whatsoever situation, you become one, a peace, a happiness, a bliss, surrounds you, arises in you. You feel fulfilled. There is no need to wait for these moments–these moments can become your natural life. These extraordinary moments can become ordinary moments – that is the whole effort of Zen. You can live an extraordinary life in a very ordinary life: cutting wood, chopping wood, carrying water from the well, you can be tremendously at ease with yourself. Cleaning the floor, cooking food, washing the clothes, you can be perfectly at ease–because the whole question is of you doing your action totally, enjoying, delighting in it.”

Osho Dang Dang Doko Dang Chapter 3

I love this card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck. It has a powerful message, which fits perfectly with how I’m feeling right now.  We live in a beautiful, magical, wondrous world, although we so often take this world for granted.

It also illustrates the benefit of making each day a meditation- of giving our full attention to whatever task we are performing, no matter how mundane. There is still beauty and wonder to be had in the most ordinary of moments.

Today, why not make a list of some of your most mundane and ordinary Blessings.  There is no need to wait for something extraordinary to happen to us.

There is a great magic in the ordinary once we open our eyes.

Here’s my list, a task made much easier after our recent days without power while we are flooded in here at our farm.  I look forward to hearing about your lists too…

1. Electric Light.  The magic of flicking a switch and having your world illuminated is pretty cool. Plus you can stay up past sunset much more easily without bumping into furniture.  Also makes night reading a breeze!

2. Washing machine.  Pop the dirty clothes in, press a button and they come out clean a little while later.  No beating sheets on rocks in streams, no mangles and hand wringers. It’s a five minute job. And as an added bonus, the smell of clean clothes, fresh from the line after hanging in the sunshine.

3.  Refrigerator.  It keeps my drinks cold, my food fresh, and stops bugs getting in my condiments. It is also a thing of wonder to stand in front of when you are experiencing an enschnackelation attack and have no idea what you feel like eating. The little light comes on and all your choices are laid out before you, shelf by shelf.

4.  Hot showers.  Soul soothing, and excellent for washing away the grime of the day. Oh the blessings of internal plumbing and hot water are immeasurable!

5.  The internet. Blog, facebook, emails and being able to stay in touch around the world or google anything I please, whenever I so desire. Site I missed most during our blackout? BOM – the weather radar site from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology! Hands down winner. Who doesn’t want to know where their extreme weather event is coming from, what it looks like, and just what to expect?

6.  Computer.  A magical box that holds the entire contents of my brain, the rough drafts of all my books, the pictures that tell the story of my life, and then some…

7.  Toaster.  Bread goes in. Toast comes out. ‘Mazing!

8.  Juicer.  Turns mountains of fruit and vegetables into tasty, health-giving beverages.

9.  Mobile Phone.  Charge it up, carry it around, and you have the world in your pocket, plus a handy camera!

10.  Coffee machines. Whether it’s a stovetop espresso maker or a full-blown barrista’s coffee shop dream, seriously these should be considered a wonder of the modern world.

And my personal favourite through these long electricity-free days?  The humble battery-powered transistor radio.  Special mention to ABC Radio for superlative coverage of unfolding local events and all sorts of other listening pleasures.


Breathing in Life…

Image from aimandachieve.blogspot.com

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 
~ Albert Einstein

Yesterday was wonderful from start to finish. And yet it was also the most ordinary of days. I didn’t win lotto, there was no major excitement, no outstanding achievement. But I DID get to share my day with a gorgeous friend.

What was so special about yesterday? Simply this: we are both alive, and grateful for every breath.

Fourteen years ago my darling friend Carly-Jay Metcalfe had a double lung transplant, so we quietly and happily celebrated her Transplanniversary.  We also celebrated my yay-I-can-get-a-stupid-virus-and-my-heart-still-keeps-on-beating physicality.

We sang at the top of our lungs as we drove down the hill from Possum Creek to Byron Bay for breakfast.  We savoured our coffees and meals, read papers, discussed news and books and art, and laughed about our appalling efforts at Dr Sketchy’s the night before.

We breathed in Byron’s fresh, salty air and enjoyed the early sunshine.  Whales and dolphins danced just offshore.  Surfers cut through crystal waves.  Children frolicked in the shallows.  That’s nothing out of the ordinary around here, but we looked at it all as if it was the first time we were seeing it.

When we got home we did some writing, drank cups of tea, had naps, and wandered around on the farm.

For dinner we listened to music, and feasted on sashimi, beers and green tea, followed by Thai Black Sticky Rice with fat fresh strawberries for dessert.

We sat in front of the fire, patted the dogs, and laughed a lot.  There were a few stray tears, but for loved ones we’ve lost, rather than for ourselves.

Yesterday, and I hope for many days to come, we breathed in life.

Life is sweet. And tinged with salt water. ♥

How much do you really need?

Image from babylonsistersshakeit.blogspot.com

I was one of those people who put too much emphasis on work and career and material possessions, and it took its toll on all my relationships, on my physical health, my emotional and mental health.
~ Tony Shalhoub

We don’t ever really need much to be comfortable in life. Yet if you look at the barrage of advertising around us, you’ll be uncertain if that’s true. There are so many products and services competing for our attention, and shopping has become a national pastime.

Much of our stress is created by consumerism, and the debt we often incur to fuel that steady stream of purchases. The media constantly reinforces the idea that ‘stuff’ makes us happy, and that success is having a gigantic house, filled with gadgets, appliances, expensive furniture and toys.

But is that really true?

How much do you really need? And how much of what you already have do you actually use?

Haven’t you ever known happiness with just the barest of possessions?

Image from encorechurch.com.au

A few years ago I joined my husband in Palau, a small island nation in Micronesia. I took one suitcase with me, and I lived out of a hotel room for six months. The room was comfortable, but by no means palatial. There was a tiny bar fridge and an electric jug, a simple bathroom, a bed, television, cupboard, desk and two chairs. The big luxury was air conditioning!

I got used to having one bowl, one plate, one cup. I had a place for my computer, a few books, some simple toiletries, and  a small assortment of clothes. But it wasn’t a hardship. In fact, there was something very liberating about having so few possessions, and an uncluttered schedule.

When I finally came home to Australia, I wandered around my home for months afterwards, wondering how I’d managed to accumulate so much stuff. In fact, I’m still influenced by that period in my life.  Anywhere I can simplify now, I do.

I’m not advocating that you get rid of all your belongings. I’m advocating simplicity. And I’m suggesting that it is better to have one thing that you love, than twenty things to which you are indifferent. It’s better to be happy living an authentic life that gives you gratification, where you’re following a path that makes your heart sing, than to do something purely for the money, and then using that money to buy stuff you hope might make you happy.

Work out what your priorities are. (This post can help you do that.)

Declutter. Not just your house, your life! Unsubscribe, free up some time, let go of some responsibilities or get help to complete things you haven’t done and need to. Getting rid of clutter frees up our creative and emotional energy. (More ideas on that here)

Simplify.  Use the Rule of Three.  If you haven’t used it, worn it or remembered you even own it in the last three years, get rid of it. Some people are more ruthless than that, and use a Rule of Two or even One! Of course you need to exercise some common sense here, but almost everyone I know has accumulated things they know longer want or need. You can give it away, throw it out or sell it to make some spare cash.

Reconnect.  With family, friends, your lover, yourself. On your deathbed it’s never the giant plasma screen tv or the ferrari you’re wanting, it’s a loved one to hold your hand.

The one thing most of us complain we don’t have enough of is time. By simplifying our lives, we can usually reduce stress and free up time to gift back to ourselves. Love, time, freedom, pursuing things important to us, reducing financial pressure – all of these are good for your soul, and they’ll give you a sense of fulfilment that material things never can.

Image from bodyandsoul.com.au

There are some more great resources to get you thinking here:

Tom Shadyac’s Interview with Oprah

How to Simplify Your Life

Five great ways to achieve happiness through serving others

Simplicity is a choice…

Life is not complicated, only that we make it so.

♥ Nicole Cody

Yesterday, on my facebook page, someone told me that they longed for more simplicity in their lives. How could they make it so, they asked.

That’s a valid question given that we are surrounded, even bombarded, by media telling us we need this, we have to have that. To be successful our lives need to look a certain way, and we need to be able to measure up to certain expectations. Perhaps that is why shopping has become the number one pastime in so many countries.  And, of course, in order to have those things we need to work harder, and longer. We rack up more debt. We lose our freedom bit by bit, without realising what is happening.

I realised this after living in Palau. My life shrank down to one suitcase, an old but large hotel room, a smaller budget. Access to a car, but needing to go most places on foot. That smaller space, with few possessions was a major readjustment, but I soon found myself happier, freer, and filled with creativity. When I came home to Australia I walked around my house wondering how I had accumulated so much stuff.  There was so much to pay for, so much to keep clean, and I used so little of it!

Simplicity, like happiness, is a choice.

On first appearances that might seem unfair, or even impossible.  But think about where you are now.  Every single choice you made, every decision you took, led you to where you are.

And even if life has forced certain circumstances upon you (Global Financial Crisis, unemployment, illness) you still have power, because you still have the ability to choose your thoughts and actions.

If you’re in a place of complete overwhelm, I suggest you start here – with a post I wrote recently on burn out, how to recognise it and what to do about it.

Reverse Engineering

You could also try a process of reverse engineering.  This is where you pull something apart to figure out how it was made, so that you can copy or rebuild it, or even modify it. We need to reverse engineer your life, so that you can work out where to begin making changes.

Start with these questions:

  1. What is my daily routine?  Do this for each day of the week.  If there is no routine, just write down how much time you spend on the key areas in your life each day for one week by observing yourself honestly and recoding your actions.  It will average out. You can also do this for your partner or children too.
  2. What are my financial commitments? This is a biggie and some people have never taken the time to work this out. If you’re one of them I know it can be scary and confronting, but if you don’t have a true picture of where you are, you won’t be able to make sound decisions about where you go next.
  3. Look over your answers.  This is the critical part.  Is there time left over at the end of each week?  Is there money left over at the end of each week?Spare time is vital for a feeling of well-being, and for having adequate coping mechanisms for life. Being too tightly pinched for money generates great stress, which has a huge negative impact on health, relationships and energy levels.

Life is precious. It’s worth making changes to give you a more satisfying life. From experience I’ve learned that most stuff doesn’t make you happy. Certain stuff can make life easier and more pleasurable though.  Maybe you need a good computer, or a comfy arm chair, or a nice teacup, or a great holiday adventure. But what about the rest of your life?  How much of what you own do you actually use?

Can you get by with smaller, fewer or none at all? Are you giving time and energy to what really matters in your life. Maybe it’s time to actively simplify your life, bit by bit. Downsize, divest, say no to extra demands upon your time and energy. Look to places, jobs and people that support a more fulfilling lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be five-star to be enjoyable! Change doesn’t have to happen all at once, but when you have a plan it is far easier to create a new reality.


All change requires effort, but change is possible. In the end, imagine the choices and relationships in your life. Imagine removing them.  Is there a sense of loss or panic, or a sense of relief?  Sometimes it’s as simple as that.