How to work with Crystals – a Four Day Exploration

Since I mentioned using crystals in the bath yesterday, I’ve had quite a lot of enquires about how to use crystals. This of course also makes Sokli, my fairy friend, very excited.

So, over the next four days we’re going to explore how to choose a crystal, how to take care of it, and how to use it in meditation or for healing work.

Crystals have energy fields, just like humans do. When we bring a crystal into our own aura or living space it begins to act on our energy, imparting some its qualities and energy to us. Even a tiny stone can hold a huge charge, and impact us in many positive ways.

Sometimes the crystals affect us because they are part of a natural land formation.

Byron Bay, in Australia, is a great example of a huge natural energetic field. It is an area ringed by ocean on one side, and an ancient weathered volcanic rim on the other.  That ancient volcano holds vast quantities of obsidian, a crystal known for its ability to bring about healing and change.

Activity – Choosing a crystal:

Today I want you to choose a stone that you can work with over the next few days. It doesn’t matter if you have never worked with crystals before! This is an easy process, and a great way to heighten your energetic sensitivity and spiritual connection.

The stone doesn’t need to be big, elaborate or expensive.  It just needs to be one you can hold in your hand. I have often found crystal shops on my travels – the picture below is of the weekend markets in Bangkok, Thailand, where I bought some wonderful treasures!

Never chosen a crystal before? Here’s some tips for selecting a stone for yourself:

  • Look at an array of stones.  Does one of them immediately catch your attention?  If so, pick it up and see how it feels for you. (I have often picked up a stone in a shop and then walked around with it in my hand without realising I still have it – then just can’t put it down again and have to take it home.)
  • Does a colour or shape draw you to it?
  • Is there one that initially repels you, but then keeps bringing you back for another look?
  • Does one stone or crystal seem brighter or more noticeable than the rest?
  • If you’re drawn to a group of crystals but you can’t make up your mind, shut your eyes while you hold your hand palm down over the top of the stones.  Does one feel warmer, can you feel the energy of any of them, does any of them make your hand tingle? Try this even if you don’t believe you are energetically sensitive.  You might be surprised!
  • Some people pick stones intellectually, by reading about what the stone does, or how it could help them.  That’s okay too.

It doesn’t matter if the stone is tumbled, in its raw unpolished state, or cut into a certain shape!

And finally, know that some stones find you! A friend may give you one.  You might find one on the beach or by a creek. I found this lovely one (see pic below) when I was walking home from my neighbours via crossing the river between our farms. This one is amethyst and agate – indigenous to our area.  It’s an incredibly warm and grounding stone, and I’ve used it a lot for heart-healing work.

So, pick your stone, and get ready.  Tomorrow we’re going to begin working with it.  Hooray!!! ♥

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