What does Happiness look like to you?

In our age of overwork, stress, social isolation, time pressure and exhaustion, it is increasingly important to know what fills you back up again, what makes you smile, what brings joy and happiness into your life.

What does happiness look like to you?  If you don’t know, make it your mission to find out, and then make a list to put on your refrigerator, mirror, or somewhere you can be often reminded of these things and their importance in your life.

This is some of what happiness looks like to me:

♥ Browsing in bookshops, and finding some new treasure to take home.

Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, Paris. Image from stylestudio.blogspot.com

♥ A shared meal with friends

Image from rhinoafrica.com

♥ Going to the movies to see something on the big screen

Image by Robert Pearce

♥ Wandering through the markets

Bangalow Markets – fourth Sunday of every month!

♥ Travelling to new places and soaking up the atmosphere

Bangkok floating markets – Thailand

♥ Losing myself in a book

Image from imbookingit.com

♥ Hugs

Image from mdjunction.com

♥ Time in nature

Heaven’s in my backyard!

♥ Swimming in the ocean

Beach – Byron Bay!

♥ A cup of tea with friends

Carly-Jay Metcalfe and Gordon Greber

♥ Working on my book

Cafe writing – my favourite kind of breakfast!

♥ Snuggling up in bed with the one I love – or family cuddles

Charlie and Bert – actively guarding the house!

♥ Baking, and sharing my creations with others!

Brownies and a cuppa on the veranda

Life’s too short not to include lots of the things you love.  Happiness is a choice. Remember to enjoy the journey.  Much love to you ♥ xx