Energies of November – 2018

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~  Ralph Waldo 


Hello, Lovelies :)

November  is  an  unusual  month, gifting  us  energies  in  two  different  but  interlinked areas. The first area is spiritual development. It’s a great month for all forms of metaphysical work, for clarifying our Life Path and for honouring a life-calling by owning our capacity to share knowledge. The second area is our connection to the natural world, and to the nature spirits of the Earth.

Cards for the Month:

I’ve chosen two cards for November for you: one from Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map and one from Steven Farmer’s Earth Magic Oracle. Please note I don’t use these cards in a conventional way, but rather as a stimulus for channeled information.

Here is what I have received from each card:

“Share your knowledge.
It’s a way
to achieve immortality.”

~  Dalai Lama, (1357 – 1419, high lama of Tibetan Buddhism)


This month we’re in Third  Eye  and  Crown  Chakra  territory  –  November’s energies enhance our  ability  to  have  insight  and  a  higher  perspective  about  ourselves,  our life and  our  direction.  It’s  a  month  for  gaining  clarity  about  our  emerging  life-path,  and for  becoming  clear  about  major  decisions  or  direction  changes  that  are  needed  in our  lives  as  we  seek  to  move  toward  a  way  of  living  and  expressing  ourselves that is  in  greater  alignment  with  our  soul’s  truth. 

It’s  also  a  month  where  you  can  share  your  knowledge,or get ready to. This could be  through  your  role  as  a  parent  or  friend,  through  your  career  or  your own business,  in  your  community  or  for  your  family  or  the  wider  world.  Think  of how you  could  share  your  wisdom:  conversations,  recipes,  photographs,  articles, gifts, projects,  a  letter,  a  blog  post,  a  social  media  sharing,  the  sharing  of  an  item or  artifact  that  has  a  story  to  accompany  it.  In  this  new  era  sharing  and  helping each other  to  grow  by  sharing  what  we  know  is  so  important.  How  can  you  be part  of that  change?

The second card I’ve chosen is Dragonfly. 

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” 
~ John Muir

November  strengthens our  connection  into  Nature  and the  blessings  of  the  earth. Expect to feel hear or even see earth  spirits  such  as  divas  and  fairies. Tune in to the plants,  trees, rivers  and  rocks, the wind and rain, the sun and moon and stars.

Allow yourself that primal understanding of your own body and its needs. Feel into the world around you using your senses and intuition.

 It’s  a  month  for  strong  anchoring  into  a grounded  and  connected  space  that  is sustainable  and  nurturing  for  us.  

Make  sure to  capitalise  on  this  fabulous  gift  by  spending  some  quiet  time  in  nature spaces, and  by  inviting  nature  into  your  home  in  the  form  of  plants,  floral arrangements, essential  oils,  fresh  food  and  crystals.

Detoxing and decluttering are also well supported in November. You’ll see where you need to let go of things or what needs simplifying!

Best crystals this month?

Que Sera (Vulcanite) and Garnet.

Que Sera (Vulcanite)lifts your vibration and enables you to merge with your own soul knowledge. It’s a stone for personal and spiritual empowerment. 

Garnet connects you into the fairy realms, to trees and the earth and all nature spirits. It also helps you to sit in a vibration of wealth and abundance.

Essential oils to support your journey?

Patchouli essential oil grounds you and opens you to your Higher Self and intuitive wisdom in a gentle and reassuring way. Cedarwood essential oil enhances all forms of spiritual connection, and creates awareness of the natural world and the energies of nature. Arborvitae creates spiritual trust and is grounding and opening – it’s one of my favourite oils, especially when I meditate (use it with a couple of drops of Frankincense and you’ll be flying in your meditations too!). Use these oils in a diffuser, rub on soles of feet or simply drop some into your palms, rub together and inhale.

I’m passionate about essential oils and their capacity to support our wellness journey and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to know more or want to source the oils I recommend and trust visit this site or contact me at channelnc@gmail.com

Image from juicingforhealth.com

Spend some time between now and the end of the year in reflection on the answers you have journaled. Build on the knowledge that you’ve accessed. Let it shape and inform your future decisions and life direction.

If you’d like extra support and a guidance system for the year ahead consider ordering one of my YOM Planners – which is a system for planning and living a mindful year using techniques similar to what you’ve practiced here. You can read all about those offerings and take advantage of our pre-launch bonuses by clicking here.

You’ll also enjoy my Mystical Manifesting Workshop on November 11, 2018. This workshop, co-facilitated with channelling with my energetic companions Silith and Rollo, utilises all of the rituals I use to close out one year and herald in the new one. We will guide you on a journey to open you up to your highest potential and clearest direction for 2019. You’ll learn:

  • An intuitive card reading to clear and learn from the energies of 2018
  • An intuitive card reading and journaling technique to determine your personal power and mystical energies for 2019
  • Creation of a personalised essential oil blend to support your mystical and personal powers for 2019
  • An intuitive card reading to establish a clear path forward for 2019
  • How to program a crystal as your 2019 Manifestation Stone
  • How to make a sacred symbolic lexicon
  • How to use your sacred symbolic lexicon to create a visionary talisman (like a Vision Board but SO much more powerful!) for 2019

You’ll be given a workbook, manifesting crystal and a personalised essential oil blend during this workshop. You will make your own Visionary Talisman to take home.

A delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will also be provided. Bookings Essential!

Cost: $265 adults

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Wishing you a love-filled, satisfying and wonder-full November.

Lots of love, Nicole❤ xoxo

The Energies of March – 2016

“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”
~ Albert Einstein


Hello, Lovelies 🙂

Welcome to March! Let me share some observations about the energy of the month ahead, as well as a few suggestions for embracing all that March has to offer.

Cards for the Month:

I’ve chosen two cards for March for you: one from the Osho Zen Tarot Deck, and one from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle. Please note I don’t use these cards in the conventional way, but rather as a stimulus for channelled information.

Here is what I have received from each card:



“Any system was a straightjacket if you insisted on adhering to it so totally and humorlessly.”
~ Erica Jong, Fear of Flying


March is a month about practicalities. Don’t fear the thought of organisation. Embrace it!

The energy of March is all about systems, structure, organisation and control. Why? March is where things get serious in regards to growth and sustainability.

What are the areas of your life that give you grief or hold you back? How can you bring order and flow to them again?

Or do you need to step away and start over?

We are encouraged to look at the areas where we are out of control in our lives. Not just to notice the mess and the out-of-control chaos, but to actually take steps to get things back into flow. Strip it back. Make it easier.

Sort out any compliance issues or legal matters. Become clear about what your own personal and professional values are, and then live by them.

March energy celebrates tidying up, clearing clutter, streamlining, and making things simple. In March we need to get things sorted out and keep it real. We are encouraged to put energy into creating systems and support for ourselves. What is working well? Do more of that! Allow for flexibility too. Don’t become a slave to your systems and plans.

Do more of what you enjoy, do more of what makes money, do more of what sustains health and relationships. But put it into a simple system or routine. There is no point in reinventing the wheel every month.

And delegate or find help. It’s crazy to be doing everything ourselves.




“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
~ Rumi


The second card I’ve chosen reminds you that the reason you are creating systems and structure and plans is not to bind you to misery, but to free you up so that there is time for pleasure and leisure. So that there is time for what matters. So that you are no longer a prisoner to an endless stream of madness.

Happy Happy speaks of the need for emotional fulfillment.

We need to plan fun, and to make space for rest and play and adventure.

Planning isn’t always about work. Plans and systems need to be able to support our wider life, and to create opportunities for us to do what reflects our values and the things that give our life meaning.

Even when we work from our heart, structure and systems play a part in helping us to have success.

The key to your success is finding balance and giving priority to the actions and decisions that will make the biggest difference in your daily life.

Celebrate your milestones, no matter how small. Allow yourself to believe that change is not only possible, but is happening – right before your eyes!


Best crystals this month?

Citrine is a superb stone for facilitating clear thinking, and for attracting abundance and flow into our lives.

Image from www.gemstonebuzz.com

Citrine – Image from www.gemstonebuzz.com

Red Jasper gives us physical energy, dissolves stress held in the body and helps us be in tune with the natural world. A stone for making progress and for organising practical support.

Red Jasper - image from www.gemstonebuzz.ocm

Red Jasper – Image from www.gemstonebuzz.com


Essential oils to support your journey? Try this lovely diffuser blend of 5 Lemongrass, 5 Lavender, 2 Grapefruit. My fairy friend Sokli calls this her Calm, Smart and Happy blend. If you need a little extra relaxation and soothing comfort, add in 2 drops of Geranium. You can find the oils here.


Need some extra encouragement, support or inspiration?

Try these posts:

Direction or Destination – if you’re still trying to work out where to head, or where to put your energies.

Manifesting New Directions and Opportunities – lots of journalling exercises and ideas to really help you get focused, and some lovely visualisation too.

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Writing Yourself into a Brighter Future – using thoughts and words to positively and powerfully co-create our future.

Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing – a short guided meditation working with heart and heart chakra energy to help you let go of pain, and to anchor yourself in love and possibility.


Systems and structures might not be sexy, but March shows you that they are useful tools in helping you to create a life of greater abundance, flow and ease. Embrace March and its possibilities by simplifying and creating space for what matters to you.

Sending all my love to you, Nicole ♥ xx

How much do you really need?

Image from babylonsistersshakeit.blogspot.com

I was one of those people who put too much emphasis on work and career and material possessions, and it took its toll on all my relationships, on my physical health, my emotional and mental health.
~ Tony Shalhoub

We don’t ever really need much to be comfortable in life. Yet if you look at the barrage of advertising around us, you’ll be uncertain if that’s true. There are so many products and services competing for our attention, and shopping has become a national pastime.

Much of our stress is created by consumerism, and the debt we often incur to fuel that steady stream of purchases. The media constantly reinforces the idea that ‘stuff’ makes us happy, and that success is having a gigantic house, filled with gadgets, appliances, expensive furniture and toys.

But is that really true?

How much do you really need? And how much of what you already have do you actually use?

Haven’t you ever known happiness with just the barest of possessions?

Image from encorechurch.com.au

A few years ago I joined my husband in Palau, a small island nation in Micronesia. I took one suitcase with me, and I lived out of a hotel room for six months. The room was comfortable, but by no means palatial. There was a tiny bar fridge and an electric jug, a simple bathroom, a bed, television, cupboard, desk and two chairs. The big luxury was air conditioning!

I got used to having one bowl, one plate, one cup. I had a place for my computer, a few books, some simple toiletries, and  a small assortment of clothes. But it wasn’t a hardship. In fact, there was something very liberating about having so few possessions, and an uncluttered schedule.

When I finally came home to Australia, I wandered around my home for months afterwards, wondering how I’d managed to accumulate so much stuff. In fact, I’m still influenced by that period in my life.  Anywhere I can simplify now, I do.

I’m not advocating that you get rid of all your belongings. I’m advocating simplicity. And I’m suggesting that it is better to have one thing that you love, than twenty things to which you are indifferent. It’s better to be happy living an authentic life that gives you gratification, where you’re following a path that makes your heart sing, than to do something purely for the money, and then using that money to buy stuff you hope might make you happy.

Work out what your priorities are. (This post can help you do that.)

Declutter. Not just your house, your life! Unsubscribe, free up some time, let go of some responsibilities or get help to complete things you haven’t done and need to. Getting rid of clutter frees up our creative and emotional energy. (More ideas on that here)

Simplify.  Use the Rule of Three.  If you haven’t used it, worn it or remembered you even own it in the last three years, get rid of it. Some people are more ruthless than that, and use a Rule of Two or even One! Of course you need to exercise some common sense here, but almost everyone I know has accumulated things they know longer want or need. You can give it away, throw it out or sell it to make some spare cash.

Reconnect.  With family, friends, your lover, yourself. On your deathbed it’s never the giant plasma screen tv or the ferrari you’re wanting, it’s a loved one to hold your hand.

The one thing most of us complain we don’t have enough of is time. By simplifying our lives, we can usually reduce stress and free up time to gift back to ourselves. Love, time, freedom, pursuing things important to us, reducing financial pressure – all of these are good for your soul, and they’ll give you a sense of fulfilment that material things never can.

Image from bodyandsoul.com.au

There are some more great resources to get you thinking here:

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