How To Drink In Colour – A Walking Meditation Technique for Soul Healing

“Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.” 
Khalil Gibran

Have you ever had a rough day? Silly question. Of course you have. Like you, I have my occasional difficult patch, that place in my life where emotionally (and sometimes physically) I am stretched thin. Sometimes it’s from psychic work, sometimes the dramas of life – it never really matters how I get there, once I am there the only thing to do is nurture.

But what do you do when you feel that terrible gnawing emptiness, exhaustion, or deep emotional pain? When you are so drained that you are out of ideas for how to make yourself feel better…

I recommend a walk.

On this walk I want you to do three things:


Let the rhythm of your steps begin to calm your mind, just like a moving meditation.

Drink in colour.
How do you drink in colour? Let your eyes drift to the things around you. Your soul will guide you towards colours that are soothing, healing, restoring, harmonising. Your chakras and your aura will become more energised. The colours you bring into your awareness will bring gifts to soothe and uplift you.

You’ll arrive home feeling calmer. You’ll find that eventually, or much sooner, answers and ideas start to flow.

Walking and drinking in colour is free. But the rewards are high. Often the best healing tools are right at our doorstep.

I’ve included some photos from around my farm for anyone who can’t get out on a walk of their own. Let the energies and colour reach you and energise you as if you were walking with me.

Much love to you, Nicole ❤ xx

Reduce Pain Naturally and Accelerate Healing With This Free Guided Meditation

“Some people see scars, and it is wounding they remember. To me they are proof of the fact that there is healing.”
~ Linda Hogan


Why meditate?

There are proven links between our thoughts, and our body’s ability to control pain and heal. In meditation we actively control our thoughts and mental space.

Having lived with and through chronic pain, illness, surgery and even prognoses of impending death, I have become a great advocate of meditation and guided visualisations to manage my own health and pain levels, mostly without having to resort to drugs.

Meditation has been proven to alter our brain waves, bringing us into an energetic state that we usually find only during sleep or deep relaxation. This allows our body to heal. It also gives us something that we can actively do to help ourselves at a time where we may otherwise feel quite powerless.

Dedication and Well Wishes:

I’ve recorded a simple meditation today to take you on a short guided journey of healing using light. I’m dedicating this meditation to Eman, a friend who underwent major surgery yesterday for skin grafts to treat third degree burns. Ian, I’m sending so much love and healing energy your way! <3

Use this healing white and green light meditation any time that you experience pain, fear, illness, anxiety, discomfort or injury. It is a simple way to help promote healing and to reduce pain and inflammation.

This meditation is also useful for you if you are exhausted or very stressed.

I wish for each of you a return to health, a way forward, an easing of your condition, and tangible improvements in every area of your wellbeing.



All you need to do to work with this meditation is to set aside fifteen minutes and then sit or lie quietly, somewhere where you won’t be disturbed.

Be comfortable. Use a blanket and a pillow if necessary. It’s fine to fall asleep during this meditation. It will still work!

I also encourage you to hold a favourite crystal as you listen, or perhaps even choose one specifically to become your healing meditation crystal. I’ve found that if you purpose a crystal like this, and always hold it during your healing meditations, that it will bring you comfort and relief t hold it even when you are not meditating. The brain comes to associate the stone with that same emotional and energetic state that you will reach during meditation, and it will automatically begin to adjust itself back to that space.

Click Play to hear this meditation

After your meditation is complete, allow yourself the gift of time to integrate. Continue to sit or lie quietly, and then finish by sleeping, or having a glass of water or a cup of tea and some quiet time.

Sending so much love your way!

Nicole xoxo


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