5 Free Guided Meditations to Help You Manage Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Panic and Fear

“When somebody plays music, you listen. You just follow those sounds, and eventually you understand the music. The point can’t be explained in words because music is not words, but after listening for a while, you understand the point of it, and that point is the music itself. In exactly the same way, you can listen to all experiences.”

Alan Wilson Watts

Hello, Lovelies.

How are you? Are you doing okay? I’ve been feeling you, in my morning meditations, and in my evening healing sessions and prayers. And I feel the rising stress levels within you, and around you.

We are living in extraordinary times. Difficult times. Our world has suddenly changed, and is still changing. We have lost so much certainty about the future, and how that may look, and uncertainty and change often give rise to stress.

What can we do?

I’d like to reassure you that we can adapt to whatever this new normal will look like. Humans are vastly adaptable. We are also inventive, creative and resilient. We will find a way forward.

In the meantime, while we ride this wave of chaos, meditation will help. I’ve put five of my favourite guided meditations below. All you need to do is click on the recording, and then close your eyes and follow along to the sound of my voice. Meditation will help to soothe your worried mind, and untangle your thoughts, making space for peace and calm within you once more.

I also want you to know that all over the world there are people meditating and praying for you, and for your wellbeing. Including me.

Much love and gentle hugs, Nicole xx

1. Guided Meditation for Managing and Reducing Stress

Stress reduces our ability to cope and to be resilient.

Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and slow down for a moment. This twenty-minute Guided Meditation will help you to deal with stress and overwhelm. It uses breathing and visualisation to help reduce tension in your body so that you come to a place of calm and better flow of thoughts, feelings and energy.

All you need to do is make sure that you won’t be disturbed, and then sit or lie quietly and follow along with the sound of my voice.

To listen, just click the play button below:

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for Reducing Stress

2. Guided Meditation to Heal Heartache

What do you do when your heart is hurting? When you want to open up your heart but it’s bruised and battered and your faith in love and life is in tatters? Or when your heart is grieving the loss of loved ones, or time past?
This little guided meditation will help. It’s one I recorded a while ago, but it’s perfect for the energies right now. It takes sixteen minutes, but I would suggest allowing extra time at the end for you to integrate the energy of the meditation.

Feel free to hold a crystal of your choice if that feels right for you.

To listen, just click the play button below:

Guided Meditation to Heal Heartache

3. Guided Meditation for clearing Guilt, Grief and Trauma

The emotions of grief, guilt and trauma can move deep into the body. They sit in our throats, our lungs, our hearts, our bellies.

Unexpressed, these trapped emotions weaken our immune function, and our digestion. They affect our physical organs, making them more prone to illness and, over time, dis-ease.

This short guided meditation will help you to breathe into these stuck emotions, moving them out of the body and creating space that can be filled with peace, flow, love, light and hope.

The meditation is structured around the Tonglen meditation practice of breathing in pain and suffering, and breathing out peace and comfort.

It is simple but effective. It is something I do as part of my self-care routine every day.

To listen, just click the play button below:

Guided Meditation for clearing Guilt, Grief and Trauma

4. Healing Light Meditation

Use this healing white and green light meditation any time that you experience pain, fear, illness, anxiety, discomfort or injury. It is a simple way to help promote healing and to reduce pain and inflammation.

This meditation is also useful for you if you are exhausted or very stressed.

All you need to do to work with this meditation is to set aside fifteen minutes and then sit or lie quietly, somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. Be comfortable. Use a blanket and a pillow if necessary. It’s fine to fall asleep during this meditation. It will still work!

I also encourage you to hold a favourite crystal as you listen, or perhaps even choose one specifically to become your healing meditation crystal. I’ve found that if you purpose a crystal like this, and always hold it during your healing meditations, that it will bring you comfort and relief to hold it even when you are not meditating. The brain comes to associate the stone with that same emotional and energetic state that you will reach during meditation, and it will automatically begin to adjust itself back to that space.

To listen, just click the play button below:

Healing Light Meditation

5. Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Meditation

You can use this meditation whenever you want to bring healing and clearing to your body, mind and emotions. You’ll find that your experiences will change each time you use this meditation. And all you ever have to do is just get quiet and follow the sound. All you need to do is get comfortable, somewhere you won’t be disturbed for about ten minutes. Then focus on the sound of the bowl. Draw the sound into your body and see where it goes. Be mindful of how the sound feels for you. Let your awareness open to the messages and healing that the sound of the bowl will bring.

The tones of the bowl help to shift blockages and lower energies from your body and auric field. It’s a little like being in a sound shower, where the vibration cleanses you all over, and through and through.

To listen, just click the play button below:

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Meditation

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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9 thoughts on “5 Free Guided Meditations to Help You Manage Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Panic and Fear

  1. No. The baddies are winning. Leaders are corrupt and unaccountable. Insufficient change to save the planet. There is the evening light on humans and that is justice. Humans in their worst overcome humans at their best. Another sickening cycle and nothing learned. I grieve in hopeless frustration and anger.

    1. Hey Selina, I’m sorry you feel like that. These are indeed difficult times, and I often despair too but if good people give up then we truly have lost. While we are still alive there is always an opportunity to do SOMETHING, and if not us, who? Sending so much love your way, and the hope that you can find some peace in your heart from connection to family or loved ones or country.

  2. Hi Nicole, just completed the singing Tibetan bowl meditation. Wow…. after the striking of the bowl I heard chanting under the beautiful ringing tones, this happened each time you struck the bowl. I felt it go straight into my heart and the initial colours I saw were silver and gold and the words that came to me were you are safe. Towards the ends the colour that flooded through me was a most magnificent purple and a sense of peace and calm. thank you Nicole. I love this one and feel it is one I will tune into over and over again as it bring me great comfort and calmness

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Lorraine. Just reading it gave me a sense of peace and expansion also as I visualised the colours you wrote about. Sending so much love your way xx

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