Shiny Unicorn Attack (Cos It Had To Happen…)

“Never laugh at live dragons.” ~ J R R Tolkien

So, I’m standing in a health food store yesterday, waiting while someone finds a product I’d ordered.

I’m miserable. My eyes are streaming and one is gummed closed. My face is blotchy and puffy. I have a UTI and a chest infection and I am herxing badly from Lyme die-off. I’m wearing an adult diaper under my jeans. I am wheezing and coughing. I’m in pain. I look like death. I feel like death. I’m sleep deprived. It’s not my best day. (see yesterday’s blog for the full update)

I’m so uncomfortable. To distract myself while they find my stuff I go for a wander through the aisles. I could use some new lip balm. A sales assistant sidles up beside me and asks me how I am. ‘Awesome,’ I respond.

She looks at me and I smile.

‘Ok,’ I add. ‘Not awesome, but I’m doing okay. Thanks for asking.’

And then she does it. She hits me with the big New Age Shiny Unicorn.

‘Your problem? It’s a mental thing,’ she says. ‘You created it and you’re in charge. Just use some positive affirmations and you can turn it all around. You’ll be feeling better in no time.’ She attempts to lead me towards a helpful display of positive thinking books and Louise Hay affirmation cards.

I had to seriously reign in my violent thoughts.

‘Actually,’ I say, ‘it’s not a mental thing. I’m in pain. A lot of pain. I’m quite unwell. I’m happy, and I have a great life and a lot of gratitude and a good attitude, but I also have pain. No amount of positive affirmations are going to fix that right now.’

She tries again, beaming at me. ‘Oh, come on. You won’t know if you don’t try! You’re a master manifestor who is just doing it wrong. What else is possible? How could you create a happier day?’

I’m sure I’ve wet my pants. I think I can feel urine trickling into my shoe. My skin feels like insects are biting me. I excuse myself and go back to the front counter.

After I’ve paid for my supplements I have a quiet word with the manager about her overly-cheerful staff member and explain the conversation I’ve just endured. The manager has the good grace to look horrified and we agree that some staff training might be appropriate.

Rant over. If you don’t know what the problem is here then refer to this blog post.

Hugs and love, cranky Nicole who is actually still mostly happy and with a good attitude xx

Helping Milly Dog

2015-03-11 13.56.54

“Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”
~ Dean Koontz


When I do my psychic consultations I always encourage people to bring photos if they want to ask about loved ones, and every so often those loved ones include pets.

Milly’s owner has been worried about her. She has a slow heart-rate, but the vet hasn’t been able to pick up a cause.

As I held the photo and looked at Milly Dogs’s aura, my fairy friend Sokli popped into my head and said, “Oh. Poor puppy dog.”

I asked her why she’d said that.

“Because of the meanness,” she chirped.

I focused harder on the picture until I got a good connection with Milly and then a series of images flooded into my head. Milly’s past life, the one previous to this, which was not so long ago.

In that life Milly had been owned by a family who kept her locked in an enclosed back yard which was mostly concrete and hot in summer or freezing in winter. She was never allowed in the house, and humans rarely interacted with her. She had never met another dog. She was all alone.

The small children from next door taunted her and threw things at her which hurt her. Once or twice children beat her with sticks.

Finally, fearful and timid Milly dug under the fence and ran away. At a local park a group of dogs attacked her and killed her.

It’s fear, I said to her owner. Milly gets anxious, and it affects her thyroid and other hormones and digestion, and then her heart slows a little. Sometimes it is worse than others. I then briefly explained Milly’s past life.

Milly needs to be an inside dog now, I said. She’ll be clingy and probably frightened of other dogs and small children.

MIlly’s owner loves her very much and has had her since she was a tiny pup, and Milly has always followed her like a shadow. Milly has been treated well in this life but she becomes very anxious around dogs and children. None of this is from anything that has happened in this lifetime. It’s all past-life trauma that Milly still holds in her body.

Now that Milly’s owner knows, she can gradually introduce Milly to kind older children, and to gentle dogs who will give Milly a positive interaction experience. And of course, Milly will always want to stay close to her owner and be an inside dog.

Animals have auras just like humans. And souls too.

We are all on a learning journey together, and there is much to learn from each other, and much to be gained through treating each other with love and kindness.


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