Easy Goat Cheese and Mushroom Canapes

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“A good time occurs precisely when we lose track of what time it is.”
~ Robert Farrar Capon



This is a super little recipe – it’s healthy, quick to make, and utterly yummy. You’ll find that it goes perfectly with afternoon tea, as canapes with drinks, or for a plate to share.

With the holiday season coming up, this recipe is a no-brainer for easy entertaining, and it’s so simple the kids can make it!

These goodies are gluten-free, and for people who are cows’ milk intolerant they are a very appreciated addition to a snacks platter.


12 small mushrooms, 1/2 cup soft goats cheese, a mixture of fresh chopped herbs to make 2 tablespoons (I used garlic chives and parsley), one teaspoon of smoked paprika and a little extra fresh herb for garnish (I used parsley)

Note: The flavour of the smoked paprika really makes this dish, so do try to use it if you can!

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  1. Remove stalks from mushrooms. Wipe the mushrooms clean with a damp cloth, or peel the outer skin if you prefer.
  2. Place goat cheese and chopped herbs in a small bowl and mix together with a fork.
  3. Fill each mushroom cap with the herbed cheese mixture.
  4. Sprinkle with smoked paprika and garnish with a little extra herb of your choice.
  5. Serve, or store in fridge until needed.

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Tasty Omelette Recipe

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“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” ~ Anon

“You CAN make an omelette without breaking eggs. It’s just a really bad omelette.” ~ Steven Colbert


The humble egg has so many uses in the kitchen, and one of my favourites is a tasty filled omelette. Don’t be put off by ideas that cooking an omelette is an exact French Art. You can make one easily; all you need are a few simple ingredients and a decent frying pan.

The omelette is a versatile dish – suited to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Omelettes are never boring – there are so many flavour combinations you can try. You can make individual serves, or one larger omelette to divide after it is cooked.

I made this one with some garlicky mushrooms, fresh basil and a little good Nimbin goat cheese that I picked up at the Mullumbimby Farmers’ Markets.

Bon appetit!


Eggs, butter or ghee, sliced fresh mushrooms, a clove or two of garlic, tasty cheese of your choice – such as a cheddar or goat cheese, fresh basil leaves, salt and pepper

Work on two to three eggs per person. The picture is of a six egg omelette that fed two hungry people. 🙂 If you’re mad on mushrooms you might want a good handful. And use enough garlic and basil to satisfy your palette.


Heat a heavy seasoned skillet or a non-stick frypan over medium heat. Drop in a knob of butter or a little ghee and swirl it round the pan. Then add in your mushrooms. Fry for a minute or two and then add your crushed or finely chopped garlic. Cook another minute until fragrant, and then add a dash of water. Keep stirring until water has evaporated.The steam will help cook and soften the mushrooms a little more. Remove from heat and place in a bowl.

Saute mushrooms with garlic

Saute mushrooms with garlic

Wipe out pan and return to a gentle to medium heat.

Break eggs into a suitable bowl. Whisk well with a fork or wire whisk. Add in a tablespoon or so of water for every two eggs. Whisk again.

Put another knob of butter or some ghee into your hot pan. When it is melted and has been swirled around to coat your pan, pour in the egg.  Leave it for a minute or two to begin to cook and then gently drag a spoon or spatula through the egg mix to bring the cooked egg to the top, allowing the liquid to move to the bottom of the pan. Do this once or twice but don’t go mad – you want an omelette, not scrambled eggs.

As the egg begins to set lay your mushrooms on one half of the pan, and cover with some thin slices of cheese.

2013-10-02 07.07.44

Tear your fresh basil leaves into pieces and sprinkle on top of the cheese. Tearing the basil stops it becoming bruised and bitter. Give a good grind of black pepper and add a little salt too.

Adding the fresh torn basil

Adding the fresh torn basil

When the egg is set, or very nearly set, gently run a spatula or palette knife under the edge of the omelette that has no filling.

Ease the omelette over on itself. Larger omelettes may break a little. That’s okay. It’s all part of the rustic charm of this simple meal.

Serve on its own, or with toast for breakfast. For a slightly more elaborate meal add in a side salad, some good bread and a glass of wine.

Omelette folded and ready to serve

Omelette folded and ready to serve