All the Babies!

Image by serg_dibrova

Image by serg_dibrova

“Seeing your child for the first time is rarest of occasions. You see glimpses of yourself from the past. The potential of a brand new life happening right before your eyes. And most importantly, that life begins again.”
~ J.R. Rim


One of the privileges of being psychic is that I often get to meet souls before they become people! Often the souls are little orbs or colour in their mother’s aura – just waiting for that chance to come through. Sometimes Mum is already pregnant and I get to converse with the soul who is waiting for their time to be born.

Often people send me progress photos of a new soul’s progress and arrival.

Thanks, Vicky!

Thanks, Vicky!

Every so often I am lucky enough to meet a soul in person after our initial connection on the spiritual planes.

Last year I wrote about a little soul who called to me with tinkling bells. It was such a joyful experience. I knew who she’d come to as a mother, and I was comforted by her appearance to me.

Yesterday I met her in person. Isn’t she grand!

It’s a wonderful thing, to know a soul from before they are born and then to meet them as little people beginning their next journey in life.

I find it so affirming for us all, this cycle of growth and life, and death that is never final.

That was you once too. And will be again.

Much love to you all, Nicole xx

Baby Ella!

Baby Ella!

Babies In The Air – Fertility Alert!

“Babies and Other Hazards of Sex: How to Make a Tiny Person in Only 9 Months, with Tools You Probably Have around the Home.”
~ Dave Barry


Since late last year I’ve experienced an avalanche of my clients experiencing unplanned and unexpected pregnancies. Or pregnancy on the first round of fertilisation or implantation.

There’s something in the air…

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t give you the heads-up about this!

There are so many souls wanting to come through right now, and many of these soul are old souls and high vibration souls who are finding it easier to connect in the energy of this new era.

That’s fabulous news if you’re wanting to start or add to your family.

If you don’t, please be careful around your fertility and use birth control!

Don’t feel compelled to become pregnant either. If you don’t provide an opportunity for birth, that soul will move on and find opportunity somewhere else.


There are also many babies and young children in care whose souls are searching for the right forever family. Children can come to us in many ways. If you’ve ever thought about fostering or adoption, now is a great time.

Another late-night psychic Emergency…

Image from

Image from

“But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I’ve come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current.” ~ Carre Otis

I’m on ‘Week On’ of my heavy-duty lyme meds til Thursday. So I’ve been in bed early every night. Last night I was asleep by perhaps 7.30pm.

What followed were crazy dreams I found hard to make sense of, and from which I kept waking up. I thought it was the side effects of the drugs. But then I woke up and clearly heard a voice say ‘This is not how I am meant to be born’.

I knew it was a psychic message, but from whom?

Eventually I hauled myself out of bed and into meditation. From there the next bit was easy. A baby, about to be born. The cord positioned so that if the birth proceeded it would wrap around this baby’s tiny neck and cut off the oxygen – possibly creating brain damage, or in the worst case even death. The unborn soul calmly said again to me, ‘This is not how I am meant to be born.’ I’d seen his mother several months ago, before she even knew she was pregnant, and it had been an interesting psychic reading. But what was her name?

I couldn’t for the life of me get a name, so I ended up on the floor in  my office rifling through Client Profile Sheets, looking for the one with the picture of her aura and the little bubble of her baby’s aura out to one side.

Found it!

Hurry, the unborn soul said. There isn’t much time.

So with a lump in my throat (I am always anxious about disturbing people’s privacy, especially late at night) I called the woman’s mobile number. Which was switched off.

Her home phone rang out too, and I sent an email even though that seemed pointless.

Then I remembered – her husband! I didn’t have any contact details for him, so I looked him up on Linked In, and from there found a corporate profile that listed a mobile number. I called him just after midnight.

They were already at the hospital. I hurriedly explained myself. And thankfully the father took note.

Their son was born two hours later by caesarean section – the cord looped around his neck, but no damage done. Hooray!

Their son had never intended to come into this work impaired, and he gets to start life healthy and hearty and raring to go.

So I’m going back to bed to grab a bit more sleep before my proper day begins – a few readings for some longstanding and much loved clients, and then into the truck and home to our farm for some R and R.

And I’m looking forward to meeting this child in person and giving him a hug sometime soon!

I really love my job, but it sure has some unexpected moments.

Much love to you all, ♥ Nicole xx

Royal Baby – Boy, you had some people fooled!


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 
~ Rumi

The world is abuzz right now with news of the Royal Baby. But today I’m not going to join the masses predicting his name, his future or speculating as to the man he may one day become.

I am not even going to boast that I won fifty bucks from my husband because I backed this child to be a son, and hubby was sure it was a daughter…

What I want to discuss is how so many people thought it this baby would be a girl.

I’m not talking about people guessing, or believing the old wives tale that ill-health early in pregnancy signifies a daughter rather than a son.

I’m talking about people who tuned and were SURE it was a girl. How could so many of these people, usually so accurate in judging the gender of an unborn child, get it so wrong?

Take heart. If you thought this baby would be born female, there are some unusual reasons why you may have intuited that…

Image from

Image from

Three interesting things happened in this pregnancy:

  1. Kate Middleton is psychically a very protective mother.  Her own aura is clear, powerful, and very shielding of this tender new life.  Many people simply couldn’t get past Kate’s own energy to accurately sense the energy of the soul she was carrying.
  2. This baby was shielded by Loved Ones who had already crossed over, and who obscured his own energy until he was able to birth into this world. Their energy was feminine, and easily sensed by those with psychic ability.
  3. The Royal Baby is a very old Soul. It’s been a long time between incarnations for this child.That can be quite disorienting. Imagine existing in a place where the world’s population is a fraction of what it is now – a life without electricity or cars, planes, televisions, computers or mobile phones. Part of the reason this baby was so strongly shielded was to allow him time to adjust to these busy, intrusive new energies. And my goodness, hasn’t he signed up for a life of intrusion, busy-ness and public attention!
Press Outside Hospital where the Royal Baby was Born - Business Insider

Press Outside Hospital where the Royal Baby was Born – Business Insider

As souls we may incarnate over and over.  Some souls choose to stay within a soul group or lineage, braiding each life back into the rich family tree of their wider heritage. The son of Prince William and Kate Middleton chose his parents, as we all do, and is strongly tied into this ancient family line he has been birthed into. Old Souls usually do not feel masculine or feminine in their energetic orientation. This child has a very balanced masculine and feminine energy; a heightened emotional sensitivity, keen intelligence, a sense of social justice, courage, a kind and loving nature, openness and gentleness. What better parents to nurture and support this soul?

When Souls first reincarnate we pick up on who they have recently been – we feel that energy and sense that history, character and connection. As the Soul settles into this new life that old connected energy fades and they have the chance to remake themselves and to grow and develop in new ways. Tune in again now to this young child and see what you may notice about him!

No matter what has gone before, the our youngest Royal Prince is a sensitive soul who has an unwritten future ahead of him, a mother and father who love and cherish him, and a world of possibilities to explore.

Let’s gift him and his parents some privacy, some time to rest and come together as a family, while we wish only the best for them.

May this young boy grow up to be healthy, well loved, kind, compassionate, with a grounded sense of self, good humour, self-worth, strong values and integrity.

Uncanny Harry!

2013-05-06 15.24.27

Young Harry, a fine pup!

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” 
~ Rumi


Harry, our young pup, continues to astound and delight us. For those of you who’ve been following his journey, you’ll know that Harry joined our family late last year, after the death of Charlie, our much loved old cattledog.

Right from the first moment, Harry seemed to know who I was.  When I brought him home as a six week old pup (Harry came from the same breeder and the same bloodlines of Charlie dog) he knew his way around the house – where the water bowl was, the bed, the place outside where Charlie used to favour for his toiletries.

There have been many more similarities over the past six months.  But two stand out for me.

An old friend came round recently.  Marlene had known our old dog Charlie very well, and they’d had a special connection.  She would sometimes look after him when we were away, and take him running with her. When Charlie died she rang us in tears.

Our beautiful Charlie Dog

Our beautiful Charlie Dog

Marlene lives interstate right now, and we haven’t seen her for months, but she came to visit last week.

Harry is a naturally friendly pup, but when Marlene came into the house he was beside himself. He wriggled himself into a frenzy.  He jumped up on the couch beside her and wouldn’t leave her alone, licking her and nuzzling her and making ecstatic little squeaks of joy. He had to sit with his paws touching her once he’d finally settled down, all radiant smiles and happiness. We’ve never seen him behave like that for anyone else.  It brought tears to our eyes.

And then last night I was in the kitchen, chopping up pink lady apples to make an apple crumble for dessert. As I finished chopping I felt a paw on my leg.

Pink Lady apples - Charlie's favourite

Pink Lady apples – Charlie’s favourite

“Here you go, Charlie,” I said, handing down the apple core.

It was a ritual we had.  Bert, our other dog, has always loved fruit but Charlie never did.  Except pink lady apple cores. Each time I would cut one up he would sit right at my feet, waiting.  When he couldn’t hear the sound of chopping anymore, he would put his paw on my leg, and I would pass down the core which he would munch on as happily as if it was the finest of bones.

Last night was the first night I’ve used pink ladies last winter. But here was Harry, right beside me, like Charlie always had been, and the moment my knife stopped meeting the cutting board, there was the paw.

It wasn’t Charlie of course, it was young Harry.  And he took the apple core, just like Charlie used to, and went into his ‘cave’ under the table to chomp it up.

There’s a wisdom and an ‘old dog’ energy with Harry.  Everyone comments on it. He’s a real watcher and observer.  Harry’s measured and thoughtful in his actions, as much as he can still run around the yard in play like any demented puppy would.

If ever there was an argument for per reincarnation, Harry is it.

But whatever is happening, or why, we’re just glad he’s part of our family!

And if you’re interested in the topic of reincarnation, you might find this post interesting – it’s not about pets, it’s about people, and it’s quite compelling.

The baby who needed to speak

(this gorgeous image by Michelle Meiklejohn)

(this gorgeous image by Michelle Meiklejohn)

The baby who needed to speak…

(this gorgeous image by Michelle Meiklejohn)

Okay, so I’m a psychic.  No secret there.  It’s an odd thing to be in our mostly rational and scientific world, but I’ve come to accept who I am and I live in a way that honours this energy within me. Does it define me?  Sometimes.  But I am also more than this particular skillset – and I certainly don’t foist my abilities on the unsuspecting. If people need me, I trust that they will come to me.

I can’t turn off this flow of psychic information, but I have learned to manage it, so that most of the time it is just background noise.

That’s why yesterday rattled my cage a little. During a break I went to a local cafe.  It was quiet and I was the only patron.  After a while a mother and father entered, with their baby in a pram. The parents were tired and fractious. I looked up only to see who had come into the room, and then went back to my pot of chai and my book.

Suddenly I had the feeling of being stared at.  I looked up, and into the intense blue eyes of a young baby boy sitting in a highchair – he had craned around to see me. I smiled and then kept reading.  He kept staring. After a while his mum became frustrated with him and kept guiding his attention back to their table.  He kept cranking himself around to stare at me.  It began to get a little weird.

Finally I left. As I stood at my car the family walked past me. As soon as the little boy saw me he began crying and reaching for me. A series of images flashed through my mind. The mother stopped pushing the pram and her child stopped crying.  She started walking and he began to scream, reaching for me, his face turning a mottled purple from his efforts. Help me, I heard his voice in my mind. Tell them.  His mum stopped again, distressed, and I walked the few steps over and took her child’s outstretched hand. He stopped crying and smiled at me.

“I don’t know what’s come over him,” said the baby’s mum. “He’s never behaved like this before.”

“I’m sorry, ” I said, although I did not know why I was apologising.  Before I knew it I’d opened my mouth again.  “Your husband’s having trouble sleeping.”  I said it as a fact, knowing I was right.

“Yes,” she said.  “For months now. Nightmares.  He won’t tell me what about.”

The images came to my mind thick and fast as her baby son clutched my hand.  Two young boys, barely more than toddlers. Tousle-haired twin brothers. A farm. A gun. A terrible accident.

“I’m a psychic, ” I said.  “Your baby is communicating with me.  He wants your husband to know that he is Jamie.”  It all came out in a rush.  “He’s Jamie and it’s all okay and he loves him enormously.”

“I wanted to call our baby James, but my husband wouldn’t let me,” she said. Her voice took on an edge of hysteria. “Did I call him the wrong name?”

Her baby began to scream. The woman slumped against my car, and her husband came running over. “Tell him what you just told me,” she said, in tears, trying to comfort her infant son, who was still gripping tight to my hand.

Now I felt beyond awkward, but I repeated what I had said.

“How can I believe you?” the man said angrily. I thought he might hit me.

This is why I don’t do this stuff, I was silently reminding myself, wishing I was anywhere but here…

I lowered my voice so only he could hear me, briefly explained the images I had seen, and gave him the words in my head – the name of the farm, the year, the make of the car and its colour, the checkered red and black wool rug on the front seat, his own name, and the name of his brother who died in the accident; James.

Now this big tattooed man began to cry. Through his tears he told me his story. Jamie was this man’s twin brother, killed twenty-six years ago when the boys found a loaded rifle on the front seat of their father’s car. The gun had discharged as they played with it. The man had begun having nightmares about the incident he barely remembered from shortly after his wife had conceived.  He thought it was because he somehow didn’t deserve to be a father – that he might put his child into danger, or fail to protect his child somehow. He had never told his wife about this tragedy from his childhood – the family had never spoken of it again.

“I always thought he had the same eyes as my brother,” the man said.  “Does he forgive me?” he asked.

I nodded. “It was an accident.  He wants to be with you now, he wants you as his Dad.  He chose you both. He loves you so much he did all he could to come back and be with you.”

“Hello mate,” said his dad. Then he gave the baby a big hug.

“He won’t remember,” I continued.  “By the time he can talk he will have forgotten who he is.  He’ll just know he’s your son. But he needed you to know.  He needed you to have peace.”

The baby stopped crying as I stopped speaking. He let go of my hand. Within a minute he was asleep.

The family walked off, arm in arm, peaceful. They didn’t say anything else to me. They didn’t look back. I stood lonely, depleted and shaken at my car for a moment, and then got in and drove home.  Message delivered.

Such is my life…

PS – I felt compelled to google the words ‘James’ and ‘reincarnation’ a little after writing this blog post and I found this. I thought you might find it interesting too. ♥

Old Souls in New Bodies

(Image by Clare Bloomfield)

Ever wondered why many children being born now seem so sensitive, or a little ‘different’?  Notice that today many more children have some form of  ADD, Autism, Aspergers, allergies and intolerances?  Have you realised that many of today’s children have a much greater awareness of the environment, social justice and world events?  These children are old souls in new bodies.  Perhaps you are the parents of one of these children, or perhaps you are one of them yourself!

Many of the children who have been born since the 1970s (and a few trailblazers before that time) are old and wise souls who have deliberately chosen this lifetime in order to bring about change upon this planet.  A soul is not ‘old’ just because of the number of lifetimes they have had!  A soul is considered ‘old’ when they have reached a certain level of knowledge, clarity and self awareness.  Some souls take their learning from the place ‘between’ lives, as well as from actual incarnations.  Many of today’s children are souls who have not been incarnate on this earth for a very long time, or perhaps not at all.  They can find the transition from spiritual to third dimensional reality a difficult and confusing time.

Our world is now a crazy, fast paced, polluted and energetically frenetic place, packed with a cacophony of souls.  Most of today’s children knew an Earth that was quieter, and slower, with more natural environment, far fewer people, and much deeper social and personal connection.  It can take some time for them to adjust to their new environment.

Most people have heard of Indigo, Rainbow,Crystal and Star children.  I’m not going to use those labels. Labels usually end up limiting a child, or a parent’s perception of a child.  Instead, let’s look at some of the many energies these children are bringing to our planet.


Some of our children have incarnated on the earth to contribute to massive change in our society, environment, education system and economy.  These children may not fit the mould.  They may have advanced verbal and emotional skills, and be confident and mature from early childhood.  They will gravitate to leadership roles and hate being treated like children. These children need responsibility, accountability (strong, clear rules and consequences that are fair), boundaries and encouragement.

(image by Clare Bloomfield)

Or they may be the reverse – shy with poor social skills. They may be obsessed with electronics, technology, and sciences.  NASA is full of kids like these!  They won’t usually care what other people think of them.  Some of these children can be labeled with Autism and Aspergers.  Not all of them will want or need relationships outside their immediate family, but many will grow up to settle into relationships and families of their own after they have their feet firmly on their path.  They often have excellent senses of humour, although a little off-beat.  These children may need help to learn how to socialise and interact. They usually understand systems, so teaching social etiquette will give them a framework to handle most situations with good manners, helping them to build friendships and to fit in with others. Don’t speak down to these children, and practice patience.

(image by Chris Pokorny)

Some children coming to earth right now have the intention of helping to raise the world’s vibration.  They seek to develop our interconnectedness, psychic and intuitive abilities, and to help us to stop fighting and start loving each other.  They are full of joy, love, laughter, playfulness and understanding.  These souls love healing and helping.  They have a deep affinity with vibrational energies – hence their love of crystals, nature, music, reiki and so on.  With this heightened emotional sensitivity they can often be upset, or have their feelings hurt, and they worry about upsetting others too.  There is a sense of magical wonder about them, and they have may have impressive telepathic abilities.  Even before they are born they may start communicating with you. These children need to be encouraged to have personal space and boundaries, and will benefit from pets and gardening, and non-competitive things like music and team-based service.


All of these beautiful children are often labelled and judged, both positively and negatively.  That’s really not much use, to us, or to them.  Instead these children need what we ALL need: love, reassurance, acceptance and the opportunity to develop their own personalities, talents and ideas.

If you are thinking about having a child, then detoxify.  This goes for Mum and Dad.  These old souls have a high vibration, so raise yours as much as you can with good preconception care.  Also try crystal healings, acupuncture/acupressure, reiki, a healthy diet, meditation and other energetic and natural therapies to make your body clear, healthy and balanced.


Reassure and encourage these children, and then keep doing that, no matter how old they are!  Feed them healthy food, free of chemicals and additives, and get them out into nature often.  Help them manage stress, and reduce stress in your own life.  Remind them often how much they are loved.  Support your child to choose their own path, and nurture and encourage their talents.  Celebrate the diversity that these children bring to our world, and reach out to include them in the wider family to which we all belong – humanity!