The baby who needed to speak…

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Okay, so I’m a psychic.  No secret there.  It’s an odd thing to be in our mostly rational and scientific world, but I’ve come to accept who I am and I live in a way that honours this energy within me. Does it define me?  Sometimes.  But I am also more than this particular skillset – and I certainly don’t foist my abilities on the unsuspecting. If people need me, I trust that they will come to me.

I can’t turn off this flow of psychic information, but I have learned to manage it, so that most of the time it is just background noise.

That’s why yesterday rattled my cage a little. During a break I went to a local cafe.  It was quiet and I was the only patron.  After a while a mother and father entered, with their baby in a pram. The parents were tired and fractious. I looked up only to see who had come into the room, and then went back to my pot of chai and my book.

Suddenly I had the feeling of being stared at.  I looked up, and into the intense blue eyes of a young baby boy sitting in a highchair – he had craned around to see me. I smiled and then kept reading.  He kept staring. After a while his mum became frustrated with him and kept guiding his attention back to their table.  He kept cranking himself around to stare at me.  It began to get a little weird.

Finally I left. As I stood at my car the family walked past me. As soon as the little boy saw me he began crying and reaching for me. A series of images flashed through my mind. The mother stopped pushing the pram and her child stopped crying.  She started walking and he began to scream, reaching for me, his face turning a mottled purple from his efforts. Help me, I heard his voice in my mind. Tell them.  His mum stopped again, distressed, and I walked the few steps over and took her child’s outstretched hand. He stopped crying and smiled at me.

“I don’t know what’s come over him,” said the baby’s mum. “He’s never behaved like this before.”

“I’m sorry, ” I said, although I did not know why I was apologising.  Before I knew it I’d opened my mouth again.  “Your husband’s having trouble sleeping.”  I said it as a fact, knowing I was right.

“Yes,” she said.  “For months now. Nightmares.  He won’t tell me what about.”

The images came to my mind thick and fast as her baby son clutched my hand.  Two young boys, barely more than toddlers. Tousle-haired twin brothers. A farm. A gun. A terrible accident.

“I’m a psychic, ” I said.  “Your baby is communicating with me.  He wants your husband to know that he is Jamie.”  It all came out in a rush.  “He’s Jamie and it’s all okay and he loves him enormously.”

“I wanted to call our baby James, but my husband wouldn’t let me,” she said. Her voice took on an edge of hysteria. “Did I call him the wrong name?”

Her baby began to scream. The woman slumped against my car, and her husband came running over. “Tell him what you just told me,” she said, in tears, trying to comfort her infant son, who was still gripping tight to my hand.

Now I felt beyond awkward, but I repeated what I had said.

“How can I believe you?” the man said angrily. I thought he might hit me.

This is why I don’t do this stuff, I was silently reminding myself, wishing I was anywhere but here…

I lowered my voice so only he could hear me, briefly explained the images I had seen, and gave him the words in my head – the name of the farm, the year, the make of the car and its colour, the checkered red and black wool rug on the front seat, his own name, and the name of his brother who died in the accident; James.

Now this big tattooed man began to cry. Through his tears he told me his story. Jamie was this man’s twin brother, killed twenty-six years ago when the boys found a loaded rifle on the front seat of their father’s car. The gun had discharged as they played with it. The man had begun having nightmares about the incident he barely remembered from shortly after his wife had conceived.  He thought it was because he somehow didn’t deserve to be a father – that he might put his child into danger, or fail to protect his child somehow. He had never told his wife about this tragedy from his childhood – the family had never spoken of it again.

“I always thought he had the same eyes as my brother,” the man said.  “Does he forgive me?” he asked.

I nodded. “It was an accident.  He wants to be with you now, he wants you as his Dad.  He chose you both. He loves you so much he did all he could to come back and be with you.”

“Hello mate,” said his dad. Then he gave the baby a big hug.

“He won’t remember,” I continued.  “By the time he can talk he will have forgotten who he is.  He’ll just know he’s your son. But he needed you to know.  He needed you to have peace.”

The baby stopped crying as I stopped speaking. He let go of my hand. Within a minute he was asleep.

The family walked off, arm in arm, peaceful. They didn’t say anything else to me. They didn’t look back. I stood lonely, depleted and shaken at my car for a moment, and then got in and drove home.  Message delivered.

Such is my life…

PS – I felt compelled to google the words ‘James’ and ‘reincarnation’ a little after writing this blog post and I found this. I thought you might find it interesting too. ♥

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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64 thoughts on “The baby who needed to speak…

  1. The story of James is one of the many stories I read many years ago. I’m delighted to find the name of the book again. I think I loaned it to someone and it didn’t come back. I can see why you have trouble maintaining any good health. Your work is exceedingly draining. We all hope and pray for someone else to give us answers to our struggles and are willing to compensate monetarily. But we sacrifice what you have to for those answers? I seriously doubt it. I’m reading these stories and hoping. Wishing you good health. Marlene Herself

  2. Came to this post from your recent one. I just attended a conference and past life regression was one of the topics. I never really gave it much thought before. What a fascinating story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What an incredible story of redemption, unconditional love, mercy, and the living truth of the twin doctrines, karma and reincarnation. Your gift is truly powerful, and what an incredible outpouring of merciful love that came thru your channel!!!! I just want to pick up that child and hug him so tightly….the little heart and soul crying out to you just tore me up inside…we know…we know inside that we always have been and we always will be and our fundamental urge is love and compassion…I could go on and on, you are just so inspiring…thank you, and thank you TW for posting this amazing story, allowing it to be woven into us….NAMASTE ALL!

  4. Marvelous. I’m delighted to have discovered your blog through Theosophy Watch tonight. I’ve spent the better part of the evening enjoying your posts and musings. Thanks for the good works you do. As a fellow writer, and an artist — and a bit of a reluctant psychic myself, (though I’m far less gifted than you), your stories and experiences inspire me. With blessings, yrs in the mystery, wendy

    1. Thank you, Wendy, and welcome. You’re among kindred spirits here. I was once a reluctant psychic too. Don’t limit yourself – who knows what other gifts and abilities may yet blossom for you? Love and Light, Nicole xx

  5. Reblogged this on Theosophy Watch and commented:
    “The highest order of clairvoyance — that of spiritual vision — is very rare,” explains William Q. Judge, trusted colleague of H. P. Blavatsky, who assisted her with The Secret Doctrine. Nicole seems to possess that rare gift in spades because of her altruism and compassion for others.

  6. Nichole. . . tears flow thru me here for whatever reason. . after reading the above. . . thank you. . . I would like to see you again sometime in a few months time. . . I ‘know’ these ‘spaces’ I also cant turn it off. . . the ‘seeing’. . . but hav managed it by avoiding most people for a long time. . .
    I LOVE you and what this Life is. . .

    Life is what it is. . . 🙂

  7. Great post, touched my heart deeply. Thank you for sharing this story and creating more awareness about re-incarnation..There is so much to life, that is swept under the carpets. Hopefully, we can collectively create a society where children can grow up naturally, embracing their inner soul…

  8. Important, heart grabbing experience, thank you for generously sharing. Posted to FB and twitter… please stay tuned in to your heart, that seems to be what others, especially children connect to. Warm regards, Odin

  9. I am psychic and sensitive too, which is why I avoid crowds when possible and spend a great deal of time alone. Similar to you, and your wonderful story, children are attracted to me and so are animals. When my nephew was less than a year old, he grabbed my finger and stared at me with adult eyes. Only my mother witnessed this. We believe in past lives, my nephews parents do not. Later, as my nephew grew older, (he’ll be 9 on 3-24), he has forgotten this connection and has been sucked into the matrix. Really, breaks my heart what parents end up doing to crystal children.

  10. When you share stories like this, it makes us easier for all of us to give voice to what we know and what we feel so that we can help others perceive and believe. I am so happy to meet you!

  11. WOW! Talk about jaw to the floor!!! Your experiences are incredibly heart-inspiring and soul-enriching… I could read them all day long, I feel incredibly blessed to know you. I read blogs like this and I am humbled by the unseen world that I am oblivious to, in most part… Reading that, and the tears flowed… Thank you… 😀

  12. Hi Nicole, I had goose bumps reading this and got all teary. Will be sharing it on fb and also passing on to a couple of my friends and students. A new student in my writing class last week came along because she’s been to a number of psychics and they all told her she must write a book. You have an amazing gift and have made a real different to these people’s lives and many others I’m sure.What an amazing experience for all four of you. Great writing material – hope you use it in a story someday!

    1. I often wonder if I will ever use all of these happenings in a book, Pamela. To be truthful, I never really imagined people would be particularly interested. I’m glad your new student chose you to help her build confidence and skills with her creative writing. She’s in good hands! Hope your classes are going well. Much love to you xxoo

  13. Thank you for sharing this story. I’m all shaking because of the emotions it gave me. I wish I can get the help that man had from you. I wish I can find an end to my sufferings too.
    Thank you.

  14. i was in tears as I read this post….the trauma experienced by all involved (including you!). What a wonderful gift Jamie gave by wanting to be the son of the brother responsible (in part) for his death…basically saying that he trusted his brother enough to raise him from a child. I hope that point was not lost on the father.
    This gift that you have been given was not a mistake and surely you understand that gratitude from these participants is not important when you have the gratitude of the entire celestial chorus. It takes strength and courage to fulfill the responsibilities that come with your gift. I honor you for that, for I too understand what this takes out of you .People like you and the others who commented are paving the way for the next generation, if only by cracking the window a little bit, to let the light begin to shine through. Thank you so much for sharing that story!!

  15. what a beautiful and moving story, Nicole. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all ♥ I’ve been in similar situations and wasnt always sure whether to communicate these things to people or not as i feared their reaction. You’re a very brave soul and of great guidance to me. Blessings and Light ~

  16. Nicole, your story, and the video (awesome!) both took my breath away. I have no doubts about reincarnation, as I have ‘memories’ of several past lives that I have lived – some remembered more vividly than others – and I’ve always known about them. I just don’t talk about them, else people think I’m totally crazy, lol. Nor do I tell them that I communicate with ‘angels’ – not the famous ones, but the unknown ones that walk with each of us on our own life journeys. On the very few occasions that I do angel card readings for really good friends (I refuse to do it for the ‘general public’) that won’t laugh at me, the cards are simply an introduction to that person’s own personal angels … and I realize how impossible that sounds … but somehow I think you understand. Bless you for who you are, and thank you for keeping me in your prayers. ~ Julie (As I read this, I hesitate to even hit the post button, but I’m going to anyway.) xoxox

    1. That doesn’t sound impossible! That sounds like my daily life. There is so much love around us, and we need more people in the world like you to act as that bridge between the isolated hearts and all that support, goodness and love. Bless xxooxx

  17. This is an amazing story Nicole and I am so glad that you shared it. You are truly a very special person. I know that this episode really rattled you, but my goodness…it made me feel so happy! I feel so happy that this is the amazing and incredible world in which we live. It makes me feel happy that this stuff actually happens. It actually gives me comfort, so for that I thank you <3 Xx

    1. In the end it IS a comforting tale. (And I am still grateful that the big angry man never walloped me, and that I somehow managed to find the words to crack him open and defuse that bomb inside his chest!)

      Herbal tea and an early night for me. I am weary to my toes LOL xx

  18. so i’m sitting in a cafe with my beloved this morning over a latte and big breakfast we discuss the reading you did for us recently and i’m sitting listening to my partner explain “but it’s not rational, i’m skeptical, scientific and i need to understand how it works! there’s nothing in there that a sensible life coach wouldn’t say to you”. In exasberation i pick up my phone and open my emails, sitting there is your morning blog, read this i say, read this… thank you,

    this gift does come at a price though doesn’t it? you are appreciated and touch many souls, i honour you and learn much from your guidance! sx

    1. Maybe it would help to tell your beloved that I would like to know how it works too, and that my mind is just like his!!!

      What gift doesn’t come at a price? It’s one I’m more than happy to pay. Thanks for your beautiful words and energy xx

  19. Oh Nicole, I got absolute goosebumps reading this – and I dont do goosebumps!
    Wow, what an amazing thing – and how all of their lives have changed for the better in that moment. How awful for that man having all that guilt and grief bottled up inside him for all those years – not even being able to tell his partner. They are forever changed – what a weight must have lifted from him, how much more understanding will his partner now have of the man she loves and where maybe he would have distanced himself from his son because he feared not being a good enough father and that he was undeserving of a beautiful son. he will now embrace him knowing that he is the brother he’d lost. An uncomfortable situation for you Nicole no doubt – but how many of us can affect positive change for three people, that will alter the path of their lives, in a few short minutes. You are amazing Nicole and this is only one example of the way you have improved the quality of so many people’s lives by using your wonderful gift. So much love to you xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Wendy. The more I think on this, the more I am appreciating how this man will now be able to connect with and love this child, and feel worthy of that journey of fatherhood. Aren’t we just the most amazing and loving and forgiving and complicated souls? It is so affirming to me that this love keeps crossing between lifetimes, that our souls really do continue to exist, that we find each other again and again. Such is the power of love. It sure does put things into perspective. Love to you too! xxooxx

  20. Wow Nicole I am gobsmacked with your story and the story of the little boy reincarnated. Have you seen the movie Hereafter??? If so you may relate to the role that Matt Damon played as a pyschic, he said it was a blessing and a curse!! Even though those people didn not show you gratitude I am sure you must know that you have given them such a gift and bought them peace. Amazing xxxx

    1. No, I haven’t seen that movie but now you’ve mentioned it I shall go look for it. I would never go so far as to say that being psychic is a curse, but I will admit that I often pray for the strength, courage and wisdom to be worthy of the responsibility of this gift. There is never a day that I take it for granted. xx

  21. That’s incredible, Nicole. What an amazing gift to have. Sometimes I feel like I’m tuning in to you, but I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not. Just the odd moment here and there where I feel you are meditating or thinking my way. Have you always had images, words, in fact–whole scenarios flashed to you in your life? I think I read on your website once that your grandmother had the psychic gift also. Is that right? Amazing and so happy that you have such a blessed ability, Nicole. I think of Anna in the Bible–a prophetess/psychic who predicted about Jesus. You’re like that. P.S. I’m sharing this on FB because it’s such a powerful story. Joanna x <3

    1. Dunno if I’m like Anna 🙂
      Yes, I’ve had images and knowingness about people and places and things as long as I can remember. There’s quite a psychic line runs through the matriarchal side of my family.
      You may well feel me tuning in to you in my prayers and meditations. I’m glad if you do.
      Much love to you, Joanna xxoxx

  22. You know what? As disturbing as it may have been, you actually helped that family! That man will no longer have the disturbing nightmares and he will have such a special relationship with his son. What a special gift you have, and after your walk you are going not going to feel disturbed any longer, you will feel relieved and happy. Xx

    1. Thanks Margot. I felt so much better after a walk and some time beside the river. I was trying to work out what disturbed me so, and it came down to two things.

      The first is that I have mostly managed to control the way I interface with this psychic energy – like having a light switch with a dimmer control. When these sorts of unexpected encounters take place it is as if I have both hands on a live power cable and this incredible energy surges through me. Afterwards my heart is still racing, and I feel physically ill and disoriented. It takes a long time to settle back into a normal energy again.

      Secondly, I find it difficult dealing with those graphic images of violence and the deep emotional pain and distress. That poor man had been tormented by this trauma for years and years, and the anger and guilt within him was immense. I feel it all as if it is happening to and within me. And often I am haunted by that afterwards. It takes time for me to clear that out and come back to equilibrium.

      I feel good that I have helped them to come to a place of healing, and I’m grateful that I was able to be there for them. Hopefully tonight I’ll get a good night’s sleep. ♥ {{{HUGS}}} to you, my friend xx

  23. That is a truly incredible gift you have, but quite a weighty responsibility too. I can imagine how deflated you must have felt when the family just walked away and left you, it must be emotionally exhausting to go through such a thing. At what age did you realise you had psychic powers? I watched the video too, quite amazing!

    1. It is an incredible video, isn’t it! I guess I knew I had some sort of psychic gift in childhood, but it wasn’t until my early twenties that I really began to embrace it. I consider it an honour and a privilege, but it is also an incredible responsibility, and it can be very draining work. Still, I’ve signed up for it, and I love what I do. Mostly. The one thing this ability has shown me is that the world is so much more complex and connected and miraculous than we could possibly imagine. I can’t help but be hopeful and joyful in light of that.

    2. What a very positive and optimistic outlook you have, it’s inspiring. It is very interesting how complex and interconnected things are, and I’m sure most of us never realise a fraction of it. It seems a shame that we miss out on greater depth and understanding, but it’s nice to know that there’s still so much more to learn.

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