A Little Bert Update

hopeful puppy

“Good medicine always tastes bad.”
~ Ron Hall, Same Kind of Different as Me


Thank you everyone, for your love and well wishes for dear Bert.

The painful lump under his neck is in fact a very large and infected abscess. For now it has been partially drained and he has drugs. In a few weeks, if it has not resolved itself, there will be surgery. We think there may be a small foreign body, like a grass seed or a little bit of stick, from when he has been charging through the paddocks and shrubbery like a mad thing.

Bert loves cheese, and he was so hopeful that the magical cheese I made for him when we came home from the vet would be delicious.

Nope. It wasn’t.

But it is magical, being full of antibiotics…

Poor Bert! I’m making sure to give him lots of extra cuddles to help banish the misery…

Look at that little face. You can SEE the misery. 🙁
sad dog misery