A Little Bert Update

hopeful puppy

“Good medicine always tastes bad.”
~ Ron Hall, Same Kind of Different as Me


Thank you everyone, for your love and well wishes for dear Bert.

The painful lump under his neck is in fact a very large and infected abscess. For now it has been partially drained and he has drugs. In a few weeks, if it has not resolved itself, there will be surgery. We think there may be a small foreign body, like a grass seed or a little bit of stick, from when he has been charging through the paddocks and shrubbery like a mad thing.

Bert loves cheese, and he was so hopeful that the magical cheese I made for him when we came home from the vet would be delicious.

Nope. It wasn’t.

But it is magical, being full of antibiotics…

Poor Bert! I’m making sure to give him lots of extra cuddles to help banish the misery…

Look at that little face. You can SEE the misery. 🙁
sad dog misery

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32 thoughts on “A Little Bert Update

  1. I use essential oils with my chickens/chicks to calm them down when i have to handle them. Young Living “Stress Away”. You can go to their website to get the ingredient list if you want to concoct your own mix. I just happened to buy this from a chicken supplier and it works like a charm! You just hold the bottle by their nose and you can see them visibly relax! Then I take a sniff myself because I usually need to calm down too after stressing out the girls! All my best to dear Bert…..your faithful and wonderful boy! Big kiss Bert! I wish for you big gobs of antibiotic free cheese in your future!

  2. Oh my word!! That is the cutest sad face ever. Fingers crossed the special cheese works and surgery not required …. big hugs Bert xxx

  3. Just a spoonful of cheeeeese helps the medicine go down the medicine go down . Poor forlorn Burt lots and lots of hugs coming his way x xxx

  4. When my old dog was very sick I made her chicken broth..it was the only thing I could get her to drink for a few days.. We thought she was a goner , but she rallied to live a few more months.. She was 15. I have been currently giving Suzy ( mischief maker and lady of the LOUD bark) her medication in bit of foul luncheon meat/Devon . I toss them too her and she catches them. Gone. She has generalized Anxiety disorder and we are trying to ease her fears with training , and now drugs,in an effort to prevent her being declared dangerous with all the drama that involves.

    1. Have you tried essential oils with Suzy? They’ve made a huge difference with my dogs. Bert has bad eyesight and can get very anxious with unfamiliar places and people. Using essential oils on him has really calmed him down. Let me know if you want more info. Much love, Nicole xx

    2. Just discovered this reply to my comment on poorly Bert! No we haven’t tried essential oils.What can you recommend.?Especially after the weekend she has had and me taking till Sunday pm to work out that it was probably the seismic activity that was driving us all crazy..


    3. Wendy, I use Young Living’s Lavender, Frankincense, Valor or Peace and Calming on my dogs with great effect. When I use essential oils on them I rub a few drops into the palm of my hands, let the dogs smell them on my hands and then rub the oil down their spines. Then I give them a little energy with one hand on their chest and one on the base of their spine above their tail. They always press into my hands wanting more. It really calms them down. Works on humans too! 🙂

  5. Poor Bert, sending much love, xxxx I grew up with dogs, and now I have my own little one who is my little shadow. I am still amazed at the depth of their emotions, and their “knowing”. Poor Bert’s face, it really is miserable! xxxx

  6. Another day or two should see a less glum face ! Think dogs are like kids, always into something so they come off second best sometimes. Hugs to Bert and his Nurse xxxxx

  7. Oh he’s definitely got the hang of THAT face, bless him. Hope the meds do the trick. Poulticing with green clay can help encourage foreign bodies out, as well as providing a nice breathable layer over the abscess area. Will be sending nurse Bert lots of good wishes now that he’s the patient. X

  8. In this crazy dog house, if someone is feeling very poorly like dear Bert, a little bbq chicken works wonders !!! Sending you lots of love Bert from me and all my K9 family xxxxxx

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