What’s up with this crazy End-of-2014 energy?

Image from Chris Morton

Image from Chris Morton

“If you lack the humility to go back and tie up the loose ends in your past, then be prepared to forever be haunted by her ghosts, all of whom will come into your present and your future – staining everything and everyone with their leftover emotional and mental garbage.”
~ C. JoyBell C.


“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ~ Martha Graham


Have you been feeling it?

There’s been some crazy, messy and wild energy around these last few months. And of course, it has been exacerbated by the planetary energies and eclipses we’ve experienced lately.

If you are a sensitive soul, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

2015 is fast approaching, and right now we have a perfect opportunity to bring patterns and issues in our life to a place of completion. From now until early February 2015 is a terrific time for endings, closing doors, finishing things up and stepping away from relationships, habits, beliefs and environments that no longer support us.

Tidy up those loose ends. Make the small and the big decisions. Know that sometimes completion is about cleaning up the mess, simplifying, downsizing or choosing to walk away before the job is done, knowing you don’t need what you leave behind.

It’s also a powerful time for karmic clearing of ancestral patterns. We can choose to break family patterns of thinking and behaving, and choose new ways of being in the world.

Don’t be surprised if things you thought you’d dealt with suddenly come back one more time. If you’re given seductive choices that would lead you back down roads you said you’d never walk again.

Be strong now. Get clear. There is so much power available to you in this moment – so much energy that supports positive change.

There’s also a quickening right now. It’s a fore-taste of what’s to come next year.

Expect that some days may feel insanely busy and pressured. That you might feel called to make choices or decisions when you don’t feel there’s enough time to really think about things and to reflect.

It’s likely that you’ll feel like things are moving too fast, that there’s not enough time, that you’re walking through a strange land with none of the usual guideposts….

Image from Adventurer Pics

Image from Adventurer Pics

That’s okay. If you’ve done the work, if you’re ready (and most likely you’ll still be in a place of doubt about that, my dears) that river you’ve jumped into is going to rocket you along. The Universe knows. Your heart knows. Your soul knows. It might just take your brain a little time to catch up.

We need you in this changing world. We need your passion, your commitment, your individuality, your unique perspective.

We need you to be YOU. To walk your path, to share your gifts – whatever those may be. Not sure what you have to offer? Don’t worry. Just pay attention. In this place of quickening, ideas and inspiration will come. It might not be what you’d expected.

Good. Say yes anyway.

Right now a sense of humour, a spirit of adventure, kindness towards self and others, an open heart and an open mind will serve you well. 2015 sees an expansion – an opening out of energies, the birth of so many possibilities. It’s almost here. Can’t you feel it?

Onwards, my lovelies!


Strengthening Intuition Week 1 – Tools for Intuitive Connection

Image from thepsychedelicshack.com

“It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us.” ~ J K Rowling
~ J. K. Rowling

Welcome to Week One of the Strengthening Intuition Program!

Please immediately purchase or find the following things:

  • a deck of tarot cards
  • a big crystal ball
  • various small crystals of your choice
  • a unicorn horn
  • a cape made of black velvet
  • a book of spells
  • an owl, versed in Wizardry and all things Hogwarts
  • a selection of candles

Just kidding. (And my apologies if you are now disappointed.  Even I feel a little disappointed about the lack of owls… )

That’s better!  A particularly wise and spooky-looking owl.  Image from googleimages.com

Over the next eight weeks all we are going to work with is what we were born with – our own inner guidance system!

So, what are the real tools of Intuitive Connection?  For the Beginner I would suggest:

  • Awareness
  • Sensitivity
  • An open mind
  • The capacity to think, feel and reflect
  • Breathing, relaxing and observing

You were born with a capacity to sense and gather information beyond what your five senses can glean.  You were born to be able to tune in to energy fields around people and places. You were born with with the ability to listen to your heart’s wisdom, and your soul’s, as well as to the thoughts and musings of your conscious mind.

Yes, we can use divination tools, crystals, cards and so on, but then we’re relying on things outside ourselves. It’s always best to start with the basics, don’t you think?


This week, we are going to focus on paying attention.  Mostly, we live in our heads.  Our thoughts are a constant chatter that distracts us from hearing the deeper wisdom within us. I want you to move past that sort of chatter this week.

Image from planetoutreach-asd.blogspot.com

Think of it as like diving into a lake. Our thoughts are the surface – in constant motion, and affected by wind and tide and whatever passes across the top of the water.  But when we go below the surface, things become quiet and calm.  It’s a whole other world.

This week your role is to be an Aware Observer. I highly recommend carrying a small notebook or journal to record your insights and observations.  Be open to any messages, insights, ideas or hunches you have.

  1. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  Notice when it tenses up or when it relaxes.  Even pay attention to the feedback it gives you about diet, sleep and exercise.
  2. Notice your emotional state in various situations. Don’t judge it – explore it!  Ask yourself what’s going on, and then let ideas and answers just float into your conscious awareness.
  3. Pay attention to your choice of words, your body language and your physical and emotional energy levels. What sparks this? Why? What’s going on?  Keep asking questions, and once again just be open to whatever comes into your awareness.
  4. And finally, don’t edit yourself.  Let the ideas, feelings and emotions flow and don’t censor or try to control what comes up.  Your only job is to be an observer.  The more you are able to sit as an aware observer in your own life, the more your natural intuitive energies will be strengthened.

A Final Note:

No owls in this video, but it’s still really cool… These starlings fly in incredible formations, all without a single crash or mishap.  What guides them? Intuition.

It’s a force available to us all.

Just for a moment, imagine that you could move through life like that; with such freedom, trust and connection.