Feeling Wiped Out?

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.” 
~ Deng Ming-Dao

Hello, Lovelies!

I just wanted to send a little reassurance your way this morning. You see, my inbox is overflowing with panicked messages from people who are suddenly exhausted, smashed, so stupidly tired that they can hardly function. For no apparent reason…

Have you checked out that big moon above us?

It’s super close right now (cos, Supermoon!) and we’ve also just had a very big lunar eclipse.

Add to that some extreme weather and the fact that most of my readers are sensitives, empaths, intuitives and psychics. It’s your nature to be affected by the energies around you, and the energies around you right now are HUGE. Also, you’re composed largely of water, which is the very thing over which the moon exerts her powers.

So it’s only natural that you’re suddenly tired.

It’s okay. It will pass. Right now rest and stay well hydrated. Use this quiet time for sleep, journalling, meditation and soulful connection. Expect insights and answers. Expect clarity and direction.

Embrace your sensitivity. See it as a strength rather than a weakness. Explore this energetic connection and the feelings it brings up for you.

Moon Goddess by Josephine Wall

Guided Meditation Bundle

Need some support to work with the current Lunar Eclipse energies? I have a free meditation and some rituals here.

I’ve also bundled together four powerful guided downloadable meditations and created a companion workbook to support you as you work with these celestial energies. The Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle will help you to connect with and explore Earth Energies, Ancestor Energies, your Solar Plexus energies and personal power, and the Stardust Energies. There is over an hour’s worth of Guided Meditations and a 38-page workbook. The workbook holds specific instructions for using the four guided meditations, as well as journalling activities and reflection/awareness exercises.

The material in the Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle can be used at any time over the next four years, and beyond. My intention with this bundle is to help you become confident in your direction, your intuition, and your contribution to the unfolding history of the world and humanity. To access the bundle or to learn more about it go to my store or click on this link.

Go gently this week, simplify where you can, and remember to take some time for yourself and what matters to you.

Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xoxo

The Owl and the Moon by Christy Patino

Full Moon Supermoon Ritual – August 29, 2015

“Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.”
~ Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe


A super moon is a perigree full moon – a full moon that occurs at the moon’s closest approach to earth. The moon will appear brighter and larger in the night sky than usual. The supermoon on August 29 is in Pisces. It’s known as the Healer’s Moon and it has a special significance for spiritual seekers and all forms of healers.

Many sensitive souls will have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed recently by the current circumstances of the earth, and within their personal lives. Healers, empaths and activists may feel that they can never do enough, or be enough, or work fast enough to affect a change. You may be completely emotionally or physically drained and wondering how you can continue to give.

That’s why this supermoon is a blessing. She brings a restorative energy to remind us that we are all one, and that none of us works alone. Through the supermoon we can access the energy of universal oneness and universal healing to replenish and heal ourselves, and to sustain us for the times ahead.

The energy of this supermoon also provides a short energetic window that will heighten our spiritual and psychic perception, enabling us to see and know ourselves more clearly. You may well be feeling this pull already, and it shall last a few more days. This heightened ‘knowing’ helps us to shift our consciousness, so that we become better aligned with our own truth. If we’re open to it, ideas come. Inspiration visits. Past life understanding and cycles of knowledge unfold. Solutions and possible paths of action become visible. Clarity finds us and guides us out of the fog in which we’ve been lost, perhaps for decades. We will be easily able to let go of what no longer serves us. We’ll feel guided to clear our emotional, energetic and physical clutter so that energy can flow better in our lives.


The following ritual for healing and replenishment can be done at any time around August 29 where the full moon is in the sky above you. Day or night. It does not matter if the moon is obscured by cloud. Her energies will still be available to you.

If you are drained, disheartened or lost, let the Supermoon bring you healing and fill you back up with love, hope and purpose.


(These are not necessary but can help to amplify both the moon’s energy, and your connection.)

  1. A crystal. Choose a clear quartz if you are looking for direction and clarity about major decisions or your life path. Choose an amethyst if you seek deeper intuitive and psychic connection. Choose a citrine if you desire greater flow and abundance in your life. Choose a rose quartz if you need emotional support and nurture. Choose an aventurine if you desire a greater connection to the earth and her healing powers. Choose the stone that most resonates for you. If another crystal feels best for you, then happily select that stone. Be guided by your own intuitive wisdom.
  2. A glass of water. Use water only. Tap water is fine. Make sure that the water is in a cup made from glass, china or metal. Avoid plastic.
  3. Your journal and a pen. This will enable you to write down any insights or deeper understanding you may receive during or after the ritual.


Find a quiet place outside. If it is not possible to be outside, position yourself near a window or door. Trust that you will still be able to connect with the moon’s energy.

(Note: if you are bedridden or for any reason cannot perform the physical parts of this ritual know that you can do this with your mind’s eye – seeing yourself as whole and healed and acting out the ritual in your imagination) 

Place your crystal on the ground at your feet. Place your glass of water down where you won’t knock it over. Bring your hands to your heart and place them palm down on your chest.

Image from yoffielife.com

Image from yoffielife.com

Now say, either to yourself or out loud if it feels right, Sister Moon, I am hollow. I am weary and lost. I give and I give and there is not enough of me left. I call upon you to fill me up again, and to flow through me with energy and grace. Take a moment and truly feel the truth of the words. Connect to your own heart. Feel your fatigue, overwhelm, loneliness or whatever else is happening for you.

When you have connected to your emotions, raise your arms up to the sky and close your eyes. Say I call down your energies to replenish me. Be the giver that gives through me.

Image by Youra Peshkin

Image by Youra Peshkin

Stand quietly, and imagine drawing the light of the moon down into your body through your hands and the top of your head. You might see this light as white, silver, blue or gold. Trust whatever colour you get as the perfect one for you right now. Draw that light deep into your body, feeling yourself fill up just like a battery would take a charge. When you feel full, bring your hands back down to your heart again and stand for another minute to let the moon’s energy integrate into your own.

Still standing with your hands over your heart now visualise moonlight entering and charging the crystal and the glass of water. Do this until they feel ‘done’.

When you are ready give thanks to the moon and then open your eyes. Pick up your crystal, and then drink the glass of water.

Take your journal and sit holding your stone. Ask for any insights or wisdom to help you to understand yourself better at this time. Write down whatever comes to you.

When you go to bed, sit for a minute holding your crystal. Ask to be shown through dreams, or in signs that are clear to you, what you most need to know . Place the stone beside your bed or under your pillow before you go to sleep. Do this for up to one week from the full moon, and then journal whatever you are shown.

Image from pinterest.com

Image from pinterest.com

PS: The full moon is also a great energy for recharging any of your crystals and stones. Remember to lay them out in the moonlight overnight.

And if you feel like a little Supermoon dancing, here’s some soulful music by Sophie Hunger, with her song Supermoon

2014 – Guidance for the Year Ahead

“Was it you or I who stumbled first? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first, must help the other.” 
~ Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration


Happy New Year and welcome to the energies of 2014!  It’s a glorious new year, birthed with the energy of a New Moon in Capricorn, which is also a SuperMoon. The Moon brings her own energies to the dawn of this year, and colours the entire year ahead.

I have one tarot deck that I use only for the first day of the new year.  For over 20 years I have worked with this deck as a touchstone to set the themes of my year ahead so that I might live with greater awareness and understanding.  I don’t use the cards as a predictive tool – rather I use it for reflection, and to seek guidance about qualities, actions and perspectives that might benefit me over the next twelve months.

Just after midnight I asked for one card for you – to give YOU guidance over the year ahead.  This is my personal interpretation of that card for you.  I have combined the qualities of this card with the energies of tonight’s SuperMoon.

Take what resonates as truth for you, and discard the rest.

STRENGTH/LUST – Insights for 2014


In 2013 our focus was on change and understanding our personal power. A time to tidy up the old energies from 2012, and to begin planning and dreaming a new and better world for ourselves and the planet. For many it has been quite the rollercoaster.

2014 will fall differently for each of us, depending on our stage of the journey. I urge you to think carefully about where you wish to position yourself this year – you are not without choice, but in order to make that choice you must come from a place of awareness.

Take a moment now, breathe deeply and sit in your heart. Then ask yourself which one of the following three paths most resonates for you. You can also use this information to help understand where others are at in this next year. Know that wherever we are is where we need to be – there is no right or wrong.

The Three Major Life Paths in 2014:

1. Re-Cycling. We have not learned what we needed – travelling through life asleep, unaware or ignorant. Or perhaps we just weren’t ready to make that change. This year we can learn very fast – choosing to face the lessons head on, or cycle back to the very beginning of our pattern or our story and start the whole learning cycle over with the new cycle then lasting many years. It can be a pattern-breaking year, and a major turning point or a bend in an endless loop. The choice is yours.

2. Reprieve. For many of you who have worked hard, focused on self-awareness and self-growth and who’ve done the homework, 2014 is about rest, consolidation and recovery. You get a chance this year to slow down and catch your breath. You’ll draw to you the right helpers and healers, life’s flow will be gentle and supportive and at year’s end you’ll still be able to look back and realise how far you have travelled in 2014. It’s a year for easing rather than fighting, and for allowing yourself that precious recuperation time.

3. Rocketing On Ahead. For some of you, life will pull out all the stops this year. Because of the set-up and foundation work you’ve already done toiling away in previous years, this year will propel you forward in many aspects of your life where you have felt previously stuck, unrecognised or thwarted. You may also feel overwhelmed at times this year as the pace will not always be of your choosing, and you’ll need to simply hang on and go for the ride. At year’s end you’ll be far, far from where you now stand. It’s a big year, with lots of work ahead, and you’ll need to embark on a regular regime of self-care and support to ensure that the year’s growth is sustainable.

Monopoly Cat Token by David Miller

Monopoly Cat Token by David Miller

2014 is a consolidation year – a year to anchor our dreams, to chart progress and to make lasting change that is supported by our core values and innermost desires. It is a year where we can be rational and logical, while still being supported by a heightened perceptiveness and intuition.

What matters most in 2014 is that we stay grounded in our own strengths, and honest with ourselves about what we really want. It will no longer be enough to live to please others, or to make our life a quest for external acknowledgement and approval. 2014 requires us to be authentic and to live from our hearts, in a way that reflects our passion and interests.

In 2014 we can draw on and cultivate tremendous self-discipline and inner strength. It is a year to make the changes we’ve been dreaming about – the ones we know we will benefit from – even if doing them may initially be harder than staying where we’ve been, safe in our comfort zone. Whatever we can do to support ourselves in being whole and integrated will enable us to make profound progress this year. We must honour our own needs. We must do all we can to come from a place of balance and wholesomeness. The following quote sums up this energy nicely:

“Lust comes from the root lustre. We cannot be in our lustre and radiance if we are not also in our strength. People who exhibit strength also exhibit an inherent lustre or radiance. Strength and lustre are two qualities that are often inseparable.” ~ Angeles Arrien

2014 is a year for overcoming our fears and doubts, and for investing in ourselves – our dreams, our talents, our gifts. It is a year for putting ourselves first, although not in a greedy or selfish way. It is a year where we are advised to become clear, and to live with focus and passion.

It is a year for championing our abilities and our needs, and owning our own strengths and individuality. It is a year for polishing ourselves and our skills, all the better for us to shine our light in the world.

2014 requires us to have a creative vision, and to honour the life force within us. We are being called to make changes, to heal and grow, to become bigger somehow.

It’s a time for us to drop the masks, end the games and be brave enough to stand open and honest. It’s a time for us to be strong, even in our vulnerabilities. There is great beauty in that vulnerability. Great humanity. Great strength.

This is a year, that if lived well and mindfully, shall deeply define us for the rest of our days.

This is a year, that if lived without mindfulness, shall deeply define us for the rest of our days.

We have a choice. Do not be afraid of your own power. Be brave, and make this a year of blossoming and becoming. Imagine how different the rest of your life could look, if you chose to make 2014 a year of heart-centered and values-oriented living.

If you’d like more information on living a heart-centered year, click here.

I’m wishing you an aware and positive 2014, that makes you glad to be alive.

Bless ♥ Nicole xx


Meditating with the Super Moon

Super Moon 2013 - Image from www.lalal,com

Super Moon 2013 – Image from www.wallpaperzip.com

“May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.” ~ Irish Blessing

Tonight, Sunday 23rd June, 2013, we will experience a supermoon.  A super moon is a perigree full moon – a full moon that occurs at the moon’s closest approach to earth.  The moon will appear brighter and larger in the night sky than usual.

What does that mean for you? Well, if the skies are clear you’ll be afforded a pretty spectacular sight.

And if you’re interested in connecting more deeply to your natural spiritual, intuitive and creative gifts you’ll find that the energies of a super moon greatly facilitate this connection.

I’ve recorded a simple guided meditation you can use tonight to take full advantage of the super moon.  It’s not necessary for you to be able to see the moon, but if you can then why not sit or lie where you can be bathed in moonlight!

If you’d like to hold a crystal during the meditation I recommend clear quartz, moonstone, labradorite, celestite or rutilated quartz.

Set aside ten minutes to complete the meditation, and you may like to have some consolidation time after that.  I also suggest some journalling time, to record any messages, insights or breakthroughs you may receive.

(PS – Please forgive my breathiness in this meditation. My fat old heart is still playing up a little… )

Nicole Cody’s 2013 Super Moon Guided Meditation

If you would like to work with a Full Moon Ritual tonight for creating positive and intentional change you may also find this post useful:

Full Moon Becoming Ceremony

Moon Goddess by Josephine Wall

Moon Goddess by Josephine Wall