Why This Teacher Is Still A Student

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“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
~ Albert Einstein


I first discovered meditation when I was eleven. My dad worked for a book company, and he’d bring home boxes of books which I was allowed to trawl though. Some of them were about meditation, working with the subconscious mind and developing ‘mind power’. These were things I’d already been playing around with on my own since my earliest memories, but here they were all laid out in a book. I was hooked. Each day I would shut the door to my bedroom and practice focusing my mind, doing breathwork and other meditation methods.

Soon I was meditating every day.

Meditation soothed my anxiety, and helped me to study better. I was able to think more clearly, and to sleep more soundly.

Eventually I found that meditation was a doorway to inner knowing.

Inner knowing led to more profound intuition.

Intuition led to a deepening psychic ability.

Journalling was my other self-exploration discovery. Years later I would add crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, oracle cards and runes to my toolkit too.

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Now I aid others to connect to and use their intuition. I show them how to meditate. I help them find connection with their Higher Selves, their Guides, the Akashic Records and many more journeying and self-work techniques. I teach channelling and psychic development.

But I never stop learning.

I am no guru. I am a fellow journeyer, walking that same path toward self-knowledge and more.

Every time I run a course or a retreat I learn something. When my students sit down to do the activities I set, I do them too. There are always new insights to glean. Deeper perspectives. So many times I have been humbled by the wisdom of one of my students, and the way they have propelled my own journey forward.

And twice a day, without fail, before and after sleep I meditate.

The more I learn, the more there is to share with others. I delight in learning and in sharing. It fills me up to be able to grow and evolve. To truly create or find a new understanding.

Most of all, though, I practice. I work on one thing to gain a level of skill and proficiency before moving to the next. Some things, like meditation, will always have more for me to explore and master.

I highly recommend creating some space in your life for spiritual practice and self-reflection. Even one hour a week will help you to know yourself better, and to awaken your metaphysical abilities.

What do you need to start?

Meditation. Maybe a little journalling. A little time for quiet self-reflection. It doesn’t need to be difficult, or expensive. All you really need is you!

Image from quotesvalley.com

Image from quotesvalley.com

If you’d like some support for your journey try these posts:

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The Love In Every Detail


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
~ Confucius


I’m putting the final preparations together for my Beginners Channeling Intensive Retreat this week.

It’s called an ‘intensive’ for a reason. It’s a big course, and it takes a lot of commitment – from me, and from my students. Potential participants must submit an expression of interest, and then I hand choose each person for the course, based on their talents and skills, their aura, and their readiness for what will follow.

Participation really begins for each student from the moment they set the intention to come. And then a month before the course they all get homework – simple dietary and lifestyle changes, meditations and other activities that turn their focus inward.

For that last month, twice a day, I hold space for each participant in my meditation. I work on them energetically in each sixty to ninety minute session, and help them to become clearer and more open – more ready for this work we will do. I have a mala I made with a bead to represent each of them. I wear it daily and then keep it by my bed while I sleep. For the month before, the week of the course, and the week after, I hold this space for them – I am connected to them.

2015-05-27 06.10.24

It’s hard going at times for me, this big time commitment on top of everything else I do. But somehow, I don’t care. I immerse myself in the course in the same way that my students will. I love diving into that energetic space and exploring where they are at, and how I can support them. I thrill to see them grow and change.

In fact I’ve shed a few tears already this week, as I watch people I have waited on for years finally being brave enough to step into their intuitive and psychic abilities.

Meanwhile, the course prep goes on.

I’ve made customised essential oil blends just for this course. I do this for every retreat, and each blend will be different.

2015-06-22 11.38.31I’ve chosen and programmed channeling crystals for each participant, based on their energetic needs, and the future work they will do.

2015-06-14 18.04.39I’m preparing lots of extra crystals as working tools, channeling each stone’s specific purpose and attributes, and putting together crystal grids.

2015-06-22 16.07.53I’m packing bags for everyone, to hold the tools they’ll need. And of course, I’ll add a few extra surprises.

2015-06-22 16.06.09I’ve written twenty-five love letters, one for the front page of every participant’s journal, with a little extra information about their personal stones and crystals.

2015-06-22 16.05.43My house is filled with boxes of oils, oracle and tarot cards, singing bowls, working stones, and other delights, all waiting to be spirited away to our retreat venue.

The caterers have planned our beautiful organic menu from fresh seasonal ingredients.

My support crew of healers and helpers are all organised.

We have spreadsheets and checklists, and more lists.

And I’m working round the clock, and will keep working until a week after the workshop is done, so that I ease my students back into the world with full support and care.

It’s truly a labor of love. There is nothing more precious to me than this work. It helps me fulfill a promise I made to myself many years ago when I was going through my own psychic awakening, with no one to guide me.

For this group, I know that I have given 200% and then some.

Some people think I’m mad for doing things this way. It’s not a very practical way to run a business, they tell me. But they don’t understand. This isn’t a business. It’s a calling. It’s doing what I love. It’s waking up every day feeling honoured and humbled to be of service. It’s being front and centre to lift others up and to stand beside them until they feel into that energy of their own wings, and fly the nest to go work their own brand of magic in the world.

I’m so looking forward to Saturday,when our retreat begins in person!

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PS – I have two more retreats planned this year, both of which are filling very quickly.

There is the Working With Intuition Retreat in mid September and our women-only Soul Sanctuary Retreat in late November/early December.

The theme of this year’s Soul Sanctuary is the Self-Nurture Tool Box. It will be a full week devoted to self-care, fun, and learning about how to truly look after yourself and make space for your dreams, no matter where you are at in your life. You can go here to read about the 2014 Soul Sanctuary Retreat, or contact us to be placed on the mailing list for this year’s Soul Sanctuary.

My wonderful PA, Dana Hartnell, will be able to help you with more information about my retreats and courses. You can reach her at nicolecodyinfo@gmail.com or drop by our facebook page and say hi.

If you can’t make it to one of my retreats, I will soon have some self-paced study programs and short workshops available. Stay tuned for more details!

One More Sleep ’til Retreat!

Enchantment by Josephine Wall

Enchantment by Josephine Wall

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”
~ Gloria Steinem


It’s only one more sleep until I head off to run my Advanced Channeling Retreat. I’m so excited I could just about bust! 🙂

For the last eight weeks I have been readying myself. I have crafted, created and selected tools for each of my students. I have worked through rituals and meditations to help me prepare, so that I can best serve those who will be joining me.

The old and ancient trees around my farm have been hosting specially chosen Australian crystals that have been charged up by the energy of the tree (variously Hoop Pine, Ghost Gum, Bunya Pine, White Cedar, Teak, Tallowood, Magnolia), the moon, the Super Moon transit, the stars, the sun, the earth, and the various creatures wandering around the wild spaces of my home. I’ve gathered them in now, ready for my students.

2014-09-10 06.48.33

For the past month I have held my students in my meditations twice each day. I have held them in my heart, and they have been constantly in my thoughts.

In this past month I have set my students homework, and given them guided meditations to follow. We have all been working towards this time together.

So now it is down to this. One more sleep and we shall all be together, working and learning and sharing. One more sleep and my students will begin creating a solid metaphysical foundation on which to build the strong manifestations of their dearest dreams.

It’s such sacred work. I pour my everything into this time before, and then during our retreat, and then after, when I will continue to hold my students in twice daily meditations for another month.  I feel so honoured to walk this path, and to guide them, in the way that my Aunties guided me.

I’ll still be blogging from our beautiful sanctuary at Sangsurya in Byron Bay, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure there’ll be some magic happening.

Big hugs and much love,

Nicole xx

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*PS – I’ll be running the Beginners Level Channeling course in June, 2015, and there are still a few spots left. If you contact my wonderful PA, Dana at info@nicolecody.com she can send you the information. But be patient. She’s coming on retreat too, so she won’t get back to you for a week or so.


Let the Teacher appear…

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~ Henry David Thoreau

If you have a dream, chances are you’ll need help to get there. Whether you want to write a book, climb a mountain, win Olympic Gold, speak a new language or improve your health, your best bet will be to attract a good teacher into your life – one who will believe in you, and have the ability to help you to grow and to shine.

Sometimes the only thing that holds you back from success is not a lack of talent or good ideas, it’s a lack of knowledge, skills or techniques.  But that doesn’t have to be an obstacle – trust that there truly is someone or something out there in the Universe that can help you bridge that knowledge gap. Someone will have walked that road before you, and they’ll be willing to show you how to follow in their footsteps…

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You might need a coach, a mentor or a teacher. Maybe a course or a book will help.  It might even be a job, a radio interview you just happen to tune in to, a magazine article or a useful suggestion from a stranger.

Know that the Universe is listening, and that it responds to your call.

Let the Universe know that you’re ready.  Ask for support.  Ask to be shown.  And then trust that the perfect person or information will show up in your life.

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I’ve created a short guided meditation to faciltate this process, and help you draw that teacher or resource to you.  All you need to do is listen, and stay open to the possibility of help turning up in your life:

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for calling Teachers into your life

 Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Allow yourself to be magnetic to change and growth.  Now is your time to shine! ♥ xx

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