Possibility and Completion – Monday Oracle 24 December 2018

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” 
 Thomas A. Edison

Hello, Lovelies!
December is a month for planning and dreaming, interspersed with fun, curiosity, friendship and celebration.  Keep that in mind as we look at the gifts of inspiration which the card Eight of Crystals brings us.

This week we are encouraged to pause for reflection as we look back and realise just how much we actually have accomplished this year. It wasn’t necessarily a year where we completed all the goals and dreams we identified at 2018’s beginning, but it has also been a year where we have attended to all manner of planned and unexpected events that have allowed us to solve problems, make decisions and identify issues that needed our attention – especially in relation to others.

Eight of Crystals encourages you to see the things you’d like to bring to a conclusion in 2018, so that you don’t carry their energy forward into the new year. In every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning so, even as you enjoy the end of year Festivities and Holiday Season spare a thought for any current activities and attitudes that would be better replaced with something more supportive of your bigger dreams in 2019.

You’ll also be able to make decisions about what needs to be a priority, now and into the future. You can only work on so many things at a time. This week what matters most or what will give you the best returns on your efforts will become clearer, showing you a direction for the coming year.

There is inspiration and understanding in the air this week. Eight of Crystals will show you projects, skills and interests that can be worked on in 2019 to lead to greater things. It might be something to complete, a skill to master, or a direction forward. Be open to insights and sudden clarity around what you’d like your focus to become in the year ahead.

2019 is a year rich with possibility if you are prepared to do a little work!

Finally, make sure you create the time and space to do something you truly love this week – something just for you. Something that makes you happy or that gives you deep satisfaction. Let that be your gift to yourself!

Supportive crystals this week?

Petrified Wood promotes compassion, wonder, curiosity and benevolence. It is a stone for healing old hurts and allowing hope back into your heart. Amazonite helps you to live bravely and from your heart, especially in regard to your creative projects. It will boost self-confidence and self-worth.  Red Jasper (pictured)is a stone for mental, physical and emotional rejuvenation. Deeply grounding, it helps us connect to our heart and our truth and encourages a sense of safety. Green Aventurine supports us to be playful, joyful and optimistic about life . 

Helpful essential oils?

For Clarity and Direction:  Patchouli essential oil grounds you and opens you to your Higher Self and intuitive wisdom in a gentle and reassuring way. 

For Fun and Flow:  Geranium is brilliant for helping you relax, unwind and get connected to your creative and intuitive essence. It will uplift you and stimulate creativity, self-confidence and emotional flow – all energies that are great for shifting you into a more positive space. If you’re an over-giver and your tank is dry, Geranium oil will fill you back up again. Apply it to your pulse points at wrist, neck and over heart like a perfume. Place a few drops in your bath water. Diffuse it. One of my favourite uses is as a centering and inspiring pick-me-up. Put a drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and then inhale the aroma.

I’m passionate about essential oils and their capacity to support our wellness journey and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to know more or want to source the oils I recommend and trust visit this site or contact me at channelnc@gmail.com

A space to learn and grow

The next four years 2019 – 2022 are significant for our personal and spiritual evolution, as well as for the evolution of our planet. I thought long and hard about the best way to support your growth over that time and have decided that beefing up the content in my YOM membership area was the best way to help you grow, adapt and step more fully into your authenticity and the life-path you chose for yourself pre-birth. You’ll see this membership group evolve into an Academy of Learning over the next twelve months so that my team and I (human and energetic) can serve you the best way I know how.

My membership space is a place where I can walk you through the year, explain all the aspects of the month ahead and the crystals we’ve chosen, where I do special webinars with my tribe to teach you new skills and share important information, and where I channel with my guides in live webinars, and answer your questions and provide general support. I often jump into our private Facebook group to pull cards and bring through messages for our members too. And did I mention what an incredible, loving and supportive space our YOM Community is? There is real friendship and belonging there. It’s a safe space, a heart space, and a place for great personal transformation. I totally heart it!

The format of YOM is constantly evolving. In 2019 you will have access to the foundation YOM online course as well as twelve free additional mini-courses and live events over the next year as well as our wonderful private Facebook group.

There are yearly subscription and monthly subscription options. Our Planner and a range of physical support materials and packs and online courses are available too. Everything you need is available through our store.

Want to experience our membership space and community? With every YOM Planner sold between now and December 25 I am offering you a one-month trial and a chance to win a full year’s membership. More details here.

And if you’re ready to connect to your calling in 2019, my February Retreat has been tailor-made for you! I’ve kept just one spot, because we’ve been waiting for you. More information here.

Holding you, as always, in my thoughts, prayers and meditations, and intending for you a life of abundance and joy, where you are no longer limited by your doubts.

All my love, Nicole  ❤ xx

PS: Monday’s oracle card, ‘Eight of Crystals’, is from the Inner Child Cards – A Fairy-Tale Tarot. I use any cards shown as a prompt for channelled messages and my own own intuitive wisdom, so my take is sometimes quite different to the meaning found in a book. 

Dealing with Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” ~ Spencer Johnson

One little discussed aspect of becoming more intuitive, more psychically or spiritually aware, is that you begin to realise there are a lot of mixed messages and mixed signals in the world.

I recently received this email, and thought it was worthy of a blog post.

Hello Nicole,

I have a question that I was wondering if you may shed some light on. I am an intuitive person and sensitive as well and I am wondering if being that way makes me highly aware of how others feel about me. Sometimes I can tell whether there is jealousy, insecurity or dislike from another person around me ~ is that part of being an intuitive type person? I often find it draining and find it hard not to take personally…

Have you had any experience with this in your life?

Can you relate to this as well?  It was one of the most unsettling aspects for me all those years ago, as I stepped more into energetic clarity and psychic awakening.

Yes – an aspect of being intuitive or sensitive is that you pick up on people’s emotions and thoughts – and sometimes, confusingly, what you’re sensing will be at odds with a person’s words or behaviour.

You aren’t going to be able to turn these impressions and insights off, so the big question is, what do you do about it?

Firstly, it’s good to appreciate that most people live with a level of incongruency in their lives.

We tell ourselves that we are happy with our marriage when we’re not, we tell ourselves it’s a good job, or that we like the sofa we just paid $2000 for which is actually too big for the room and a huge disappointment…

Image from www.interiordesignhq.com

Image from www.interiordesignhq.com

Is that lying? Maybe. But over time I’ve come to be much less judgmental – I know that sometimes we tell ourselves these things out of stubbornness, sometimes out of habit, sometimes out of desperation. Sometimes we are so deeply in denial, or in our ‘stuff’ that we don’t even realise there is an incongruency – we’ve been telling ourselves that thing for so long we’ve come to believe it. It’s a very human coping mechanism.  The world is a complex and difficult place, and at times the best we can do is tell ourselves a story to help us get through the day, and avoid confrontation or unpleasantness.

Secondly, from the outside looking in, we can never be sure what’s going on in someone else’s life, no matter what outward appearances may tell you.

Being sensitive, or psychic, just means that you are getting an extra stream of data coming into your awareness. Another piece of the puzzle, another aspect to be interpreted. And where it usually goes wrong for us is in the interpretation.

Most sensitive people are… sensitive.

And we try and make sense of the world from the standpoint of us at its centre.

When our boss sees us in the carpark and grimaces, and we intuit that he is upset, we can so easily conclude that it’s about us.  He doesn’t like us. We never get anything right. (Hmmm – is that a story WE keep telling OURSELVES?)

Image from www.shutterstock.com

Image from www.shutterstock.com

What if the truth is that he IS upset (his wife is leaving him – nice pickup on his emotional state!) and he was grimacing because he was passing wind (farting) just as you walked by. He never even saw you, but from his facial expression you interpret it as him not liking you.  It colours every interaction you have after that. And you modify your behaviour based on your assumption.

Part of the challenge of becoming more sensitive and psychically attuned is learning that random information you become aware of will often be just that – random – and not enough for you to put all the pieces together in an accurate way. When people are preoccupied with worries some of that energy leaks out, even when they think they’ve got a lid on those deeper emotions, and sensitive people like you pick up on that stuff.

The best advice I can give you about that is to stay aware, and be open to what you feel and ‘see’, but try not to take it personally and don’t try to figure it out.

Instead think to yourself ‘John’s upset about something’, or ‘Sally is very insecure about her looks’. Treat people kindly. Don’t overthink it, or make it personal.

Remember that emotional states are fleeting too. What you feel in the morning is unlikely to be the way you feel in the afternoon. You know how it is: when you’re tired and worried, petty things get to you; when you’re in love, or on top of the world, you never even notice that same annoying thing.

Looked inside the average person’s brain recently? It’s a mess in there!

Image from www.neurogadget.com

Image from www.neurogadget.com

So you’re sensitive, and you’re realising that things aren’t quite what they seem, that people aren’t quite what they seem, and it’s all a little exhausting?

Welcome to my world. But don’t panic. It’s a beautiful world, and humans are the most intriguing and fascinating of creatures. Let this new information wash over you. Let it become part of the flow of the river that you’re in.  You’ll adjust. You’ll learn to see the world through more focused lenses, and it will just be a little brighter, or a little darker at times.

I promise you it will also be richer. And your heart will grow bigger.  Your mind will begin to lose its need to criticize or judge. You’ll see love everywhere. And it will be worth it.

Embrace your sensitivity. Get out of your head and live from your heart. Feel deeply. Smile often. Practice kindness and compassion for self and others. That’s my best advice.

And if you need a little more guidance on this new-found sensitivity, try this:

Living as a Sensitive Soul


Image from www.meredo.com

Image from www.meredo.com