20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth

20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth

‘Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.
And I say the sacred hoop of my people was one of the many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy…
But anywhere is the center of the world.’

~ Black Elk, Holy Man of the Sioux Nation

20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth

We cannot separate ourselves from the Earth. She provides for us in so many ways; the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the materials from which we house and clothe ourselves. We have forgotten that we are part of her. What we do to the earth we are also doing to ourselves.

Over time many of us have become distant friends with our planet. We no longer hear or understand her.  Some of us don’t even visit her in her natural spaces anymore.  And yet she continues to love and nurture us.

20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth

These ideas might help you reconnect with the Earth, and all she has to offer us. The energy can be used for healing, balancing and grounding us, and for opening us up to higher levels of awareness.

  1. Sit under a tree and become consciously aware of that tree. Introduce yourself to it. Open to its energy.
  2. Go for a walk by a river or creek. Sit for a while and just watch nature.
  3. Swim in the ocean.  Let the water cleanse and revitalise you physically, emotionally and energetically.
  4. Collect some interesting stones that you find on your walks.  Perhaps you’ll be blessed with a feather or a pretty leaf too. Place them somewhere in your home or workplace where they can remind you of the outside world.
  5. Place some cut flowers in your house.  Flowers heal and nurture us with their colour, scent and energy.
  6. Play with crystals – wear them, put them beside your bed or on your windowsill, and hold them!
  7. Sit at a look-out on a hill or mountain. Let peace wash over you.  Feel the Earth breathing in and out.
  8. Plant a garden, even if it’s just a few herbs in a pot.  Nurture those plants. Let their tending be a meditation on mindfulness and nature.
  9. Dance in the rain.
  10. Play with a pet. Animals are wise, loving souls with so much to give us.
  11. Celebrate each season. Enjoy the heat of Summer, eating watermelon and swimming, enjoy Autumn and the falling leaves – the refreshing change in the air, enjoy Winter with slow foods, short days and cold nights, and then celebrate Spring, when new life emerges, leaves and flowers burst forth and the sun begins to sparkle again.
  12. Pay attention to the cycle of the moon and how that makes you feel.
  13. Take a picnic to a favourite park or nature place. Take some friends, a pet or a book, but leave your phone, laptop and worries at home.
  14. Visit a Farmers Market and buy some fresh, seasonal organic produce to nourish yourself and your family. Understand more about where your food comes from, and how it can heal you.
  15. Meditate and consciously connect into the grounding, healing and stabilising energies of Mother Earth
  16. Go outside at night and look at the stars and Moon. If you can’t see them from where you live, consider taking a weekend away in nature to reconnect with the night sky.
  17. Sit by a campfire and listen to the crackle and dance of the flames.
  18. Watch an insect, bird or small animal going about its day. Allow yourself to become quiet and calm and open to any lessons that the creature shares with you.
  19. Visit a wild space. A place where there is only nature. Let it fill you with peace.
  20. Sit in the sunshine and let the warm rays of the sun enter your body with their healing light. Feel yourself relax and unwind.
20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth
20 Ways To Strengthen Your Connection To Mother Earth

Riding Out The Heatwave

2015-11-18 06.43.49

“Dawn, then, was a time where things changed element for element. Air ran like hot spring waters nowhere, with no sound. The lake was a quantity of steam very still and deep over valleys of fish and sand held baking under its serene vapors. Tar was poured licorice in the streets, red bricks were
brass and gold, roof tops were paved with bronze. The high-tension wires were lightning held forever, blazing, a threat above the unslept houses.
The cicadas sang louder and yet louder.
The sun did not rise, it overflowed.”
~ Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine


We’re in the grip of a heatwave just now, down here in Australia. It’s our third straight day of wretched temperatures. It reached 44ºc yesterday (111ºF) and already this morning the air is thick and warm as soup.

So I’m keeping this short, because there are jobs to do. Everything is limp in the heat. The fruit trees all need water, to help them hold their budding fruit. My pots and vegetable beds are parched. All of the bird baths need filling too.

2014-11-26 13.55.04

We’ll drive around and check the cattle troughs. Not just for our cows. The local wildlife all rely on them in this heat too, so even in the paddocks which are pasturing (that means no cows while the grass grows back) we need to be sure that the watering points are all in working order.


When we’re done we’ll go help a couple of elderly neighbours who themselves are struggling as the mercury rises. They have horses and cattle and orchards to attend to, and the only time in the day worth doing anything outside is now, in the early morning when the air still has some faint reckoning of cool.

Meanwhile, all my friends in America keep sending me photos of their snowfalls!

2015-11-20 17.03.49

At least I have this to send in return! Okay, gotta go.

Lots of love, Nicole <3 xoxo

2015-11-18 06.35.20

2015-11-18 06.35.14

The Return of Bandit


“Now they return home, their bones bruised and their spirit slightly broken, but they’re still alive, and they will be well sometime soon.”
~ Hannah Nikka Bryan, Soldier’s Descent


It’s been blowing a gale all night. The wind chimes have been ringing furiously, and the rustling of the leaves sounds like an orchestra.

Add to this mix the occasional crack of a breaking tree limb, or the thump of something large crashing to the ground. It has been an especially noisy night.

As I sat in meditation in the early hours, I head a new sound. It reminded me of a joke we used to tell at primary school. Q: What goes ninety-nine thump? A: A centipede with a  wooden leg.

Out on the roof I heard step step thump, step step thump. It sounded like a possum with a wooden leg. In fact I was sure it was a possum. This possum was tottering all round our roof in the storm like a drunken sailor on a sinking ship.

When my meditation was done I took a torch and went out to investigate. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Bandit!

Bandit is a big male brush-tailed possum. He used to live in our roof a couple of years ago, and then one day he wasn’t here anymore. We thought that he had either been eaten by Cedric, the twelve foot long carpet python who also lives in our roof (up the other end, over my desk in the front room – Bandit always favoured a spot at the opposite corner of the house, in the kitchen, right above a nice warm downlight!), or he had been killed in a possum fight or taken by a wild dog on one of his nocturnal ramblings.

No! This old soldier lives, and he’s come home to rest his weary bones.


I chopped up a ripe pear for him and passed it up using the long barbeque tongs. I watched him walk towards me. His right back leg is stiff and clunky. He uses great effort to move it, just like a wooden leg. But if he was wounded, his wounds are long healed. When he’d finished his pear he waddled over to the impossibly small hole under the eave and squeezed himself through. Time for bed!

As I sit here at the kitchen table, typing this in front of the fire, I can hear Bandit in the roof, snuggling down above the pantry. When he scratches himself it sounds like a miniature dog banging away in the ceiling.

I wonder where he’s been and what adventures this old possum has had?

Anyway, I’m glad he’s home!

bandit 2

Safe Haven


And now for another update via my magical iphone…

It has been cyclonic here at the farm the past few days. Trees down everywhere, extensive flooding, wild winds…

There is still no power, but this morning the wind has died down and the sun is out although big black clouds are building up behind us.

All I can hear is the drone of insects and the whine of chainsaws as Ben and our neighbours tackle the downed trees, blocked roads and smashed or washed away fences. So much work to do.

Of course I am not out there helping. Instead I am resting on the veranda with our latest houseguests.


The poor things have been buffeted and bewildered by the maelstrom so they have taken up a cosy position above the bathroom until things get back to normal. I have counted 22 so far.

Our carpet snakes are sunning themselves on a dry bit of
concrete near the back door. The wallabies are feasting in my waterlogged vegetable garden.

Quite the guesthouse we have here. But don’t bother visiting yet. Unless you have a canoe or a helicopter…