Clearing Sales – and their special charm

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“A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.”  ~ Franklin P. Jones


I had quite the romantic outing yesterday. It started with the Lismore Farmers Markets and their Saturday auction in the showgrounds, where we enjoyed an excellent coffee and perused the wares. We came away with a bargain lawn mower, and ran into neighbours who bought ducks, baby chickens and a rooster. Hoorah for country life!

We then popped over to a cattle property where they were having a clearing sale, which is the farm equivalent of a giant garage or yard sale, but run as an auction. The crowd follows the auctioneers up and down the rows of items laid out on the ground, and bids for the bargains. It was a great turn-out, and the farm’s front paddock looked like a used truck and ute lot with all of the visitors to the sale.

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There were so many great excellent dooverlackers and thingummiebobs and such that you might never know you’d need. Rows and rows of them in fact. Ben had many in-depth conversations with people about the various whatsies.


I spent most of my time watching the kids running around in the sunshine, climbing and jumping off things, playing chasey, and dropping stones into puddles to see who could make the biggest splash. That they all got covered in mud and filth was a negligible matter, seeming to only upset mothers.



Sad to say, despite the excellent array of useful items, the only thing we bought was lunch.

2013-05-18 10.35.53

My love takes me to nothing but the best of restaurants…

I have to admit, the food was nothing short of delicious. And probably the genuine bargain of the sale.

2013-05-18 10.34.32



These little cowgirls stole the show with their cuteness factor. And a good day was had by all!



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4 thoughts on “Clearing Sales – and their special charm

  1. Dooverlackers!!! Gosh that made me laugh – I haven’t heard that word in years. I love country life and miss country life, particularly country people. Thanks for showcasing this snapshot Nicole. xx

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