Melt ‘n’ Mix Sultana Slice Recipe – Easy!

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Yes, I DID sneak a bite out of one before I took the photo! Verdict? Yum!

“When I observe Gram, I see how fragile the notion of tradition can be. If I take my eyes off the way she kneads her Easter bread, or if I fail to study the way she sews a seam in suede, or if I lose the mental image I have of her when she negotiates a better deal with a button salesman, somehow, the very essence of her will be lost. When she goes, the responsibility for carrying on will fall to me. My mother says I’m the keeper of the flame, because I work here, and because I choose to live here. A flame is a very fragile thing, too, and there are times when I wonder if I’m the one who can keep it going.”
~ Adriana Trigiani


We have a farm full of men here today! Ben and his mates are trenching and laying cable for underground power and water to our outlying sheds (including the one that will become my office!) and big generator before summer storm season.

I know I’m still supposed to be on bed rest til the end of this week, and honestly I AM taking things quietly, but I can’t let them all go hungry. And also, I miss you and I miss blogging. 🙂

I’ve whipped this very easy slice up for morning tea. It is so simple to make, and it takes about five minutes to throw together.

The recipe originally came from my paternal great-grandmother, Ada Cody (nee Nelson) who lived from 1887 to 1956. She passed this recipe to my grandmother because my pa (her son) liked a piece of slice or two with his afternoon cuppa. It’s a tasty slice – quite plain with a crunchy top and a moist, slightly chewy texture underneath. Lovely with a glass of milk or your favourite hot beverage. My nana used to make this for us as an after-school treat. It’s great for lunchboxes, and it’s so simple that children or beginner cooks can make it with good results every time. Sadly, we kids used to call this classic ‘dead fly slice’ or ‘fly cemetery slice’. Sorry, Nana!

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1 and 1/2 cups self raising flour (self rising for my USA friends!) , 1 cup of desiccated coconut (unsweetened), 1 generous cup of sultanas, 1/2 cup  soft brown sugar, 1/4 cup (60 grams) butter, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ginger, 1 egg lightly beaten, 2 tablespoons golden syrup

I like this recipe because it’s a very versatile slice. You could use chopped dates or mixed dried fruit instead of the sultanas. From time to time I’ve jazzed it up with half a cup of chopped nuts, glace ginger, or a little candied citrus peel. You can substitute honey for the golden syrup, or castor sugar for the brown sugar. Served with warm custard or a little ice-cream or pouring cream it is also a yummy simple dessert.

This also bakes up well using gluten-free flour, although you may need to add an extra tablespoon of butter to stop it being too dry.


Use baking paper to line a 20cm by 30cm slab tin ( 8 inch by 12 inch). Preheat your oven to moderate (160 degree celcius fan-forced or 180 degree oven – 350 degrees fahrenheit).

In a small saucepan heat golden syrup and butter until melted. Allow to cool.

Combine dry ingredients and mix well together. Add beaten egg and cooled butter mixture and stir well with a wooden spoon until all of the ingredients are moistened and looking like big crumbs.

Tip into the paper-lined tray and press down with a  clean hand.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown.

Cool completely in tin before slicing.

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3 thoughts on “Melt ‘n’ Mix Sultana Slice Recipe – Easy!

  1. Taking it easy is one thing, making something luscious for people you care about falls right into that category. It will sweeten the soul and get you back on good ground sooner. If it brings you joy, it will bring you health. Thank you kindly for the recipe. I had to look up sultanas. 🙂 My mind said soda crackers and I thought that must not be right. Have it all worked out now. I’m wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Lovely to hear from you again. …as long as you are pacing yourself…. Exciting news of your construction going on at home! Fly cemeteries – now that takes me back 🙂 our ‘fly cemeteries’ were plain pastry base and top with a thick layer of currants. Top pastry layer had sugar sprinkled on top. My nan had a currant grape vine on a trellis en route to the wash house and toilet. We weren’t allowed to eat them as they were dried and then used for cooking. The remaining grape vines were ours (and the bees which used to get drunk on the old grapes and fall on the ground). Happy memories. sending you love xx

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