Have You Seen The Night Sky Lately?

“Before we invented civilization our ancestors lived mainly in the open out under the sky. Before we devised artificial lights and atmospheric pollution and modern forms of nocturnal entertainment we watched the stars. There were practical calendar reasons of course but there was more to it than that. Even today the most jaded city dweller can be unexpectedly moved upon encountering a clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars. When it happens to me after all these years it still takes my breath away.” 
~ Carl Sagan

We’re on retreat right now, and one of the many activities we do are channelling nights where I bring my guides and energetic friends through to speak to the group.

There are always plenty of interesting new perspectives and new information and I thought I’d share one of them here this morning.

Silith shared with us the importance of moonlight and starlight for the human body. We are all aware of the need for sunlight and how this creates Vitamin D. Now Silith has reminded us that once upon a time humans had regular time under a night sky too, and that we have evolved needing these energies which are particularly important for our hormone production, mental health and eye health. Both moonlight and starlight are essential to our wellbeing.

How long has it been since you stood under a night sky?

Sending much love to you,  Nicole  xx


Before we get back to Owls, let’s talk Fairies!

Image from flora phone

Image from flora phone

“There are things 
that make no sense,
that seem unreal,
that can’t be grasped, 
or understood,
or explained,
that maybe don’t even exist…
And still, somehow, those wonderful things touch and change our lives.
Isn’t it strange?” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich, Secrets of a Noble Key Keeper


I present this information to you only as story, as interesting background. Although it might be more…

In modern times we often think of fairies as tiny winged creatures, flitting through the flowers, drinking from tiny tea sets and amusing animals and children. But once, fairies were considered to be a race all their own, some larger than humans, some human sized and similar in form, and some quite small, perhaps just a few feet high. They were closely associated with nature and the supernatural, and were considered to have ‘magical’ powers.

When you track back into ancient Irish, Norse and Scottish genealogies the lines start to become blurred between legend, mythology and fact. This is especially true once you start to weave in the fairy folk to these ancient lines.  It was once accepted that fairies walked among us, lived in certain places, and married into the lines of the Ancient Norse, Irish and Scottish Kings.

When a death or an important change was imminent, the Fairies sent owls as messengers to herald these deaths or changes.

Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

It is also believed that a handful from the ancient family lines, whose blood shares fairy energy, reincarnate over and over, maintaining the ability to connect with the ‘fey’ – the fairies and other creatures of those ancient times – creatures not human, and in their own way, magical.

Each ancient family had its own fairy or fairy clan, and these fairies (as my friend Sokli would say) are geographically specific.

Owls are strongly connected to the Fairy Realms, and often act as messengers for the Fairies.

When I lived in the Kimberley, a vast ancient part of North Western Australia, my aboriginal friends would tell me about the Owls, and how they come as messengers of the Wanjinas, the Sky People who are Spirit Ancestors.  Owls are the children of the Wanjinas…

Aboriginal art - source Australian Museum

Aboriginal art – source Australian Museum

Qigong and the Old Hoop Pine

There is an old Hoop Pine outside my back door, next to the wooden shed that will soon become my new library and office.  It is the first tree that greets me each morning. When I moved here four and a half years ago I hadn’t yet begun to see auras around plants, animals and places. But I knew that tree had a special energy.

On my fortieth birthday I woke up and I could see colour all around me, in everything living thing, and many more besides.

One thing I noticed straight away was the old Hoop Pine. It had a small energy for such a big tree, and was predominantly pale gold.

I often practice qigong at dawn, after my morning meditation, and I do this on the grass just outside my back door.

One day during my practice I noticed the Hoop Pine’s auric field begin to pulse. It grew a little brighter.

It was still brighter the next morning.

I did some more qigong. The Hoop Pine pulsed.

The tree’s auric field still seems small for such a big tree, but it is so bright, and when I walk close to it, I feel its shimmery energy. I have often drawn on that energy when I have most needed it, and to me it smells like fresh pine needles as it surges through my own aura.

It is the favourite haunt of the black cockatoos, even when the tree is not fruiting.  They fly in and sit awhile in its branches until their auras too start to glow more brightly.


Several times I have seen this Hoop Pine shoot golden energy out from its crown into the world.  It reminds me of a bomb going off – that rapid ballooning and surging of energy that goes BOOM and then is gone. It often coincides with the lunar cycle, but not always.

I have begun to see the sentience in the world around me.  Not just humans, not just animals, but plants. And as with us, some animals are elders of their tribes, and some plants hold that space too.

I met an elephant once, who had the most amazing aura I have ever seen, including a psychic channel.  She looked right at me as though she knew me, and reached out her trunk to stroke my cheek. But that’s a whole other story. Maybe I”ll tell you one day…