Qigong and the Old Hoop Pine

There is an old Hoop Pine outside my back door, next to the wooden shed that will soon become my new library and office.  It is the first tree that greets me each morning. When I moved here four and a half years ago I hadn’t yet begun to see auras around plants, animals and places. But I knew that tree had a special energy.

On my fortieth birthday I woke up and I could see colour all around me, in everything living thing, and many more besides.

One thing I noticed straight away was the old Hoop Pine. It had a small energy for such a big tree, and was predominantly pale gold.

I often practice qigong at dawn, after my morning meditation, and I do this on the grass just outside my back door.

One day during my practice I noticed the Hoop Pine’s auric field begin to pulse. It grew a little brighter.

It was still brighter the next morning.

I did some more qigong. The Hoop Pine pulsed.

The tree’s auric field still seems small for such a big tree, but it is so bright, and when I walk close to it, I feel its shimmery energy. I have often drawn on that energy when I have most needed it, and to me it smells like fresh pine needles as it surges through my own aura.

It is the favourite haunt of the black cockatoos, even when the tree is not fruiting.  They fly in and sit awhile in its branches until their auras too start to glow more brightly.


Several times I have seen this Hoop Pine shoot golden energy out from its crown into the world.  It reminds me of a bomb going off – that rapid ballooning and surging of energy that goes BOOM and then is gone. It often coincides with the lunar cycle, but not always.

I have begun to see the sentience in the world around me.  Not just humans, not just animals, but plants. And as with us, some animals are elders of their tribes, and some plants hold that space too.

I met an elephant once, who had the most amazing aura I have ever seen, including a psychic channel.  She looked right at me as though she knew me, and reached out her trunk to stroke my cheek. But that’s a whole other story. Maybe I”ll tell you one day…

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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24 thoughts on “Qigong and the Old Hoop Pine

  1. Omg I’m so excited to read this, and am also in happy tears!!
    We have just bought our dream property, as in we heard a “yes” for our offer like half an hour ago!! We only saw it yesterday, and knew it was “right” we couldnt access it with our 4wds as it was just too wet, so we walked. we just got carried away and we drawn to to a certain part, and much to my astonishment, we discovered a stand of about 10 Hoop Pines!! All in their natural splendor and glory! I was just so drawn to them. Apon approaching I discovered many, many babies below one, about 1 meter tall 🙂
    So I have just jumped on google to find out some more about them, and discovered this post which has made my freakin day 🙂
    3 years ago my wonderful psychic described this property, but we just shrugged it off as at the time there was no way we could afford such a place. Well guess what. The stars have aligned!! Wonderful, beautiful hoop pines, mummas comin! Lol

  2. Huge fan of nature! The tree sounds like a soul-mate ;-). I’m watching a cubby robin eat his dinner our of the back yard now. He should be chubbier, but the season is early.

    ALSO, i’m so excited about your new office/library. That is on my list of WANTS/NEEDS … my own corner of heaven, and maybe a gorgeous tree to boot. so melis

  3. Many years ago Nicole I thought something was going wrong with my eyesight! LOL.. I had my eyes checked and all was fine…. then I realised that the shapes of the ‘haze’ around the trees and plants was their energy and aura. When I realised this I felt soooo hot and then was soooo excited … because I felt such a connection with the magnificence and wonder of the Universe.

  4. I Love this!
    I have seen the energy of plants for as long as I can remember
    it gets me following it especially in the morning from plant to tree, to the deer, geese, cats ect…roaming around my place…I have a beautiful Burr Oak, that is my favorite place to sit with …
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Gift..very special energy within You…
    Take care…

  5. Love this Nicole and even though I know it too be true I have never been lucky enough to see this energy. Please teach us all how!! Much love as always (I just love reading your daily blogs and it has become something that I look forward to each morning…thank you <3) Xx

  6. This got me thinking…does your awareness of the tree’s increased pulsing occur because it is responding to your Qigong, or has the tree always pulsed this way but Qigong is opening your aperture wider each day to see the pulsing that is always there? Hmmm….I’m going to ponder this down the rabbit hole for a while. Beautiful post, lovely girl xx

    1. I have seen the tree pulse during lightning storms too. It also sometimes makes a ringing sound. Even a non-sensitive friend of mine has heard it when he placed his ear against the trunk. I have no answers, and so many questions on one level. Yet on another level I am happy with What Is, and accept it as a normal and natural part of this amazing cosmos. I have done a lot of energy work on my farm, including making some big crystal grids over certain points, and that has also affected the tree’s energy, and the energy of all the other trees. I feel like this tree plays an important part in our world somehow.

  7. I LOVE THIS, it makes me feel soft and excited on the inside. I’m so happy you experience this ‘cos its a gift for the depth of the psychic overload you carry. This is such a joyful post I want to travel to your land. love xxx

    1. Ah, William, you made me cry! I have been a daily meditator for over twenty years, and identify very strongly with buddhism, especially Tibetan buddhism, although I have never practiced or studied it in this lifetime. A wonderful article. Thank you xx

  8. You are awesome…I have goosebumps especially in my calves…I feel like crying…what is happening? No need for an answer I know that all is well…you are just another blessing in my life each morning…and the birds sing all around me…big hugs…XX

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