Fog and Woodsmoke


“Gee it’s foggy, Ben.

That’s not fog Nic, it’s low cloud.
How can you tell the difference?
I’m just messing with you, babe. Fog and cloud are the same thing. The only difference is their altitude.” ~ Ben Phillips


It’s Autumn here at the farm. Perfect burning weather.

The local farmers all build burn piles during the year – mounds of fallen and chainsawed timber and branches, palm fronds and old fence posts. When Autumn comes with its still nights and heavy morning dew the piles are lit in the late afternoon, they burn fiercely and by morning they are rendered into ash and black wet piles of old camphor stumps and logs too heavy to burn completely.

The Byron Bay hinterland is rainforest country. Everything grows prolifically. (Think Day of the Triffids.) So now that it is burning season we wake to the smell of camphor-scented wood smoke and fog most mornings.

We were up early today to add more material to our own burn piles before we light them up this afternoon or tomorrow. Bonfire night is one I always look forward to. We have a few big piles this year, so a few bonfire nights before we go and perhaps even after we return from holidays.

But now? It’s Friday Farmers Markets. So off we head. Perhaps I’ll stop in at the shops too and get a bag of marshmallows. A sensible girl is always prepared. 🙂

bonfire front paddock