How to nurture your Spiritual Connection

“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”  ~ Joseph Cambell


Have you seen the bumper sticker that says ‘We are all Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience’? If you’re reading this, chances are that you are awakening to your own Spiritual Self. I remember when I first began to be aware of my own Spirituality. It was an exciting and difficult time in my life. It was also confusing, because I had little direction and did not know where to begin.

We are spiritual BEings, and when we begin to understand this and to discover and honour this connection to Soul and to Source, miracles begin to happen. There are many ways to nurture our Soul and to develop our Spiritual and Psychic gifts.

We don’t become Spiritual, because we already are. Acknowledging our spiritual aspect is actually just a step towards balance and wholeness in our lives. But how do we do this?

If you want to get fit and healthy, you change your lifestyle and start to exercise. As your body becomes accustomed to these changes it responds by being able to do more, by replacing fat with muscle and by energising you. There’s not much difference with developing spiritual “fitness”. It involves lifestyle choices and committing to exercises that help you to find and strengthen your spiritual and psychic self. Here are some to get you started:

  1. Wake up happy.  If you are not happy keep working on feeling good.  Don’t get out of bed until you are in a better head-space!!!  Stretch in bed, feel good, and surround yourself with white light, drawing it deep into your body. Then seal your aura with a layer of colour, like putting a shell around an egg. Choose the colour you are most drawn to, and know that this will have a benefit for you.
  2. Meditate – meditation is the act of mindful awareness, and it can take many forms.  Here is a simple meditation to try:
  3. Time in nature – Stand with your bare feet on the ground, and feel the energy of the Earth anchoring and grounding your body. Feel the sun, sky or moon and stars above you, radiating cosmic energy that enters from the top of your head.  Sit leaning against a tree and feel its wise energy nurture you. Watch birds or animals and seek wisdom and messages from them.
  4. Journal – Daily writing helps to create a space for self-knowledge, healing and contemplation. More tips on that here.
  5. Daily card or rune – Choose some runes or a deck of spiritual or inspirational oracle or tarot cards. Each day close your eyes, offer up a prayer for guidance and then choose one card and let its wisdom enrich your understanding by giving you new perspectives.
  6. Eat to lift your vibration – The fresher the food, the higher its vibration.  Favour organic, seasonal, minimally processed and cruelty-free.  Drink lots of water too! 
  7. Get plenty of rest – When we are rested we are calmer and more able to hear our inner wisdom.
  8. Say no to drugs, and limit consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and any form of chemical additive.Things that alter your consciousness or hype you up also disconnect you from clarity, reality, soul wisdom and Spirit.
  9.  Be discerning about your choice of sexual partners. Sexual intimacy opens up the energy fields of the parties involved, and there is great transference of energy between you. People who lead a lifestyle of lack of regard for their physical and emotional well-being, who take drugs, consume lots of alcohol, and indulge in promiscuity, negative and violent thinking will have unbalanced energy, or worse. When you have sex you open yourself up to all of this. Is this what you want to knowingly expose yourself, your home and loved ones to?
  10. Call on God, your Ancestors, Angels and Guides. None of us is ever alone. There is love and wisdom all around us, and all we ever have to do is ask, and then stay open to that guidance.  
  11. Trust your intuition – it’s like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets!
  12. Live in the moment – Here is where your power is. Not in the past. Not in the future. Be present in the here and now.
  13. Be brave – love deeply.
  14. Ask for teachers to come into your life – this might be in the form of books, friends, workshops, mentors.  Go with what you are drawn to and discard the rest.
  15. Love and accept yourself as you are NOW! 

Sending you much love for your journey. Know that you’re in my thoughts, prayers and meditations, Nicole  xx

PS: If you want to learn in a more hands-on way come join me for a one-day workshop in Brisbane in May. Details below:

Saturday 26 May – Full Day Workshop 10am to 4.30pm

Foundation Spiritual Practices – This one day workshop will help you wake up your natural psychic and intuitive abilities by developing a strong practice of regular habits to incorporate into your daily life. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been working with your spiritual gifts for years you’ll find tools and techniques here to help accelerate your growth. More importantly, these practices will help you to reclaim your mindfulness, sense of self, inner calm, good decision-making, peace within, and a strong connection to guiding energies.

These are the techniques I used to build my own intuitive and psychic abilities. They are tried and tested with over 35 years of my own personal practice. If you’re busy, stressed, anxious, time-poor and longing for a way back to that safe and tranquil space of connection and communion, or if you’ve gotten out of the habit of regular spiritual practice this is the workshop for you!

We will be learning:

  • What a spiritual Journeymaker is and why it’s time for you to make that journey!
  • How to use tarot and oracle cards to find your own answers and to go deeply into a space that gives you purpose, direction and perspective. (Even if you have NEVER done this before I will have you working confidently within a short space of time!)
  • How to use crystals for deep soul work.
  • How to use journalling as part of your regular spiritual practice – done properly, journalling can open doors in your life you’d never thought possible! I’ll show you how to frame your questions, how to spiritually connect and how to go deeper to create a sacred journey of self-enlightenment.
  • How to easily connect with your Guides and Higher Self in meditation, and how to access these energies for direction and guidance.
  • How to give yourself and others energetic healing to revitalise the body, clear blockages and promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Creating a sacred space in your home, and the fundamentals of crystal gridding, space clearing and energy work.
  • Some sacred and powerful breathing and energies techniques taught to me by my Aboriginal Aunties that I have never shared before.
  • Some simple quick spiritual rituals to start and end your day connected, balanced and in a good place.

Morning and afternoon tea, and a delicious lunch will be provided.

All participants will receive a crystal grid to construct at home and MP3 recordings of our guided meditations after the event so that you can follow along with them at home until you are confident enough to do them by yourself.

Bookings Essential!

Cost: $330 adults, $220 children under 17. For more information on our other May events, for VIP options or to book your place visit our Store here on the blog or contact Dana at 


OMG! One Million Views!!!

Image from

Image from

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” ~ Maya Angelou

A little over two years ago I began this blog with a humble post about my recipe for Ice-Cream Plum Pudding. (If you never tried it I do urge you to – it’s delicious!)

I truly had no idea that as I sat here in the early hours of the morning – pouring out my heart, blogging recipes, sharing images of walks around my farm, offering my stories and meditations and little self-growth activities – that somewhere out there I would connect with so many of you, and come to grow a beautiful community of like-minded souls.

Yesterday Cauldrons and Cupcakes hit one million views.

Screenshot 2014-02-18 09.46.03


What a cheerful little moment of upliftment in an otherwise not-so-fantastic week.

I celebrated with a cupcake, of course!

Thank you, from my heart to yours, for reading my blog. For supporting me. For sharing the journey. For being my friend.

Bless ♥ xoxo


My first Blog Award – ‘The Versatile Blogger’

I received a nomination for my first ever blog award.  A bit of a shock considering I’ve only been blogging for a fortnight, but what a wonderful way to start 2012.

I was nominated by the writer of Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars, a blog that celebrates two things dear to my heart; the restorative act of writing, and someone finding the courage to walk a difficult path with honesty and awareness. I recommend a visit, and I want to thank them again for this nomination.  It made my day!

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

So here goes!  Seven things about me:

1.  I live on a farm that is sandwiched between a creek full of platypus and wild ducks, and a river where I like to picnic and barbeque with my neighbours.  The river is filled with fish and eels, and I have found many beautiful crystals there.

2.  One of my best friends is a fairy.  No, really.  Her name is Sokli, and she has a cheeky sense of humour, and a great love of life.  Angels are well received, and widely believed in, but poor fairies are still considered mythical.  I can assure you this is not the case!

3.  If I could have any pet I wanted it would be a dragon, or a unicorn. For now I content myself with two dogs, and a paddock full of cows.

4.  I love to cook, but more than anything I love to cook for others. I believe in real food; fresh, seasonal, organic and home-grown if possible. I often wonder when farmers and corporations will realise that if it poisons something in the food chain, it’s also going to poison us!

5.  I write endless lists, thoughts and plot developments on the backs of envelopes.  Writing is a not-so-secret obsession.

6. A giant carpet python lives in the roof, directly above my writing desk.  I have become used to his bumps and hisses, and his daily routine of sunning, sleeping and slithery adventures which always start by him snaking his way down the frangipani tree that tucks up against the gutters.

7.  I live to dance in my gumboots to radio music from my ute as I check the paddocks.  Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.  My cows appreciate it, I’m sure…

Recently discovered blogs:

(In no particular order. You’ll see my interests undressed here – writing, soul, writing, life, food, writing…)

  1.  bruises you can touch – poetry from the heart.  I love the raw honesty and bravery of this blog by the talented Carly-Jay Metcalfe.
  2. Zenquill – writing, illustrating and a big dose of heart from Lynn Priestley
  3. Flying Pony – Pamela Cook’s helpful blog about writing and creativity
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  5. Christine Bongers – an Australian writer with a huge generosity of spirit, and a toolkit of helpful writerly advice
  6. Trent Jamieson – Trent’s funny, warm and a wonderful writer – he mentored me at the 2011 QWC Hachette Manuscript Development Program
  7. Michael Gerard Bauer – another Australian children’s and young adult writer who engages, makes me laugh and feel and believe…
  8. Four Ravens – heartfelt musings on life, art, grief and writing
  9. Heather Blakey’s Soul Food Cafe – the beginning of my journey – I love you, Heather Blakey and your mystical midwifery of would-be writers
  10. Artist Jen Lester – spiritual and visionary art with a side of intelligent writing.  Her pictures never fail to uplift me  ♥
  11. Until it kills me… – Sarah the mortician’s delightful musings on death.  And life.
  12. Hexebart’s Well – Official blog of Kim Wilkins/Kimberly Freeman, an awesome writer and an equally awesome teacher of the craft of writing
  13. Cody Phillips – Writer’s Life – an up and comer, with a quirky Aussie bloke-humour.
  14. mamaguilt – crime writing, confessions and much more from one of the my true she-roes, Meg Vann
  15. The Witches Kitchen – Linda Woodrow’s delicious blog on sustainable living, gardening, permaculture and REALLY good food