12 Signs You Are Having A Psychic Awakening

I suspect everybody has a degree of psychic ability, just as a everybody has a degree of athletic or artistic ability. Some people have special gifts; other people have a particular interest that leads them to develop their abilities. But the phenomenon itself is ordinary and widespread.” 
~ Michael Crichton

I’ve had many people asking me about the difference between Spiritual Awareness and Psychic Awakening since my post a few days ago. Spiritual awareness leads to an opening of our hearts and to a period of personal and spiritual growth. Psychic Awakening leads to an opening of our hearts, to personal and spiritual growth AND an unmistakable, unignorable call to a path of service.

Here are twelve signs that what you’re experiencing is an awakening of your psychic abilities. You may have experienced any or all of these:

1. Crowds become overwhelming, distressing and make you feel psychically battered and energetically drained.

2. Your dreams become increasing vivid and seem to contain messages, information and symbols that go beyond what your normal subconscious would put on the nightly view-screen of the inside of your eyelids. You remember these dreams and keep thinking about them during the day, trying to work out what they mean.

3. You become confused at what people tell you, when part of you knows that the words they are saying don’t match their emotions, inner thoughts or energy. You can’t put it into words, but you feel that conflict and find it disturbing. You have no way to prove what you feel.

4. You get feelings of heat in your palms and fingers, your feet, around your heart, on your forehead around your third eye chakra, or in the top of your head. You may also get a sensation of moving energy or tingling.

5. Your sleep becomes disturbed. You wake up at 2am, wide awake and waiting for something. But what? Weirdly, by about 4am you can get back to sleep again, and you don’t become tired from this crazy routine.

6. You become suddenly attracted to crystals, healing arts and metaphysical tools. You may feel energy in stones, places or people, or access impressions or information if you touch a person or an object.

7. You get a fullness or a choking sensation in your throat (or throat chakra) like something is stuck there, or you want to speak, but there isn’t anything you can think of to say.

8. Electro-magnetic energy, wi-fi and electrical fields make you feel fuzzy, off-balance or exhausted. You feel immediately better in nature, or out of cities.

9. Your sense of deja vu increases and you experience moments of having been somewhere before, reliving a conversation or performing an activity again, even if it really is the first time you have experienced this thing.

10. You know things about people or situations that prove to be correct, even though there is no way you could have consciously known about those things.

11. You have been compelled to make sudden changes in your life, such as giving up smoking or drinking alcohol, or leaving a long-term relationship. Or you haven’t done it yet but you’re seriously thinking about it and know it’s inevitable that you will.

12. You should be happy but… your life doesn’t feel like it fits anymore and you no longer feel like you know who you are, what you want or where you are going even if from the outside you look like you’ve got it all together. You’ll also feel like no-one will understand if you try to explain how you feel.

If this sounds like you, please don’t feel that there is something wrong with you, or that you are going crazy. Intuitive ability and psychic awakening is a normal part of our soul’s development. Modern western culture may no longer recognise the path you are taking, but it is very real, and you are not alone in this journey.

Trust that your time is now, and that you are very much needed in the world. Know that there is a place for you here in my tribe, and that I value you and all you are experiencing. Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s blog, where I’ll have all the details of my new Online Spiritual Mentoring Course for people who are going through Psychic Awakening.

Much love, Nicole xoxo

Need Help To Navigate Your Psychic Awakening?

“You can’t stop a teacher when they want to do something. They just do it.” 
~ J.D. Salinger

There’s a difference between ‘Spiritual Awareness’ and a full-on ‘Psychic Awakening’. Spiritual Awareness happens when we begin to understand that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye. It leads to such things as asking the Angels to find you an excellent parking spot right out the front of a crowded supermarket or deciding to learn Reiki. Spiritual Awareness is gentle and lovely and helps you feel connected, loved-up and curious about all kinds of spiritual and energetic things.

Psychic Awakening is a crazy ride, where your psychic and intuitive awareness becomes hyper-stimulated and hyper-alert, and where you cannot control how or when that happens. It leads to a rapid acceleration in your psychic and intuitive gifts and it can be so traumatic that it can tip people into mental illness or breakdown OR cause them to stall in their development or close off their intuitive abilities altogether.

Psychic Awakening is an unstable and often scary time. It’s lonely too because there’s usually no-one to talk with who’ll understand what you are going through. But I do, because I’ve been there. One of the things that led me to the work I do now is that I never wanted another person to have to find their way through a Psychic Awakening on their own and without a teacher – which is what happened to me all those years ago.

Once you’re through your Psychic Awakening you’re open to your intuitive gifts and you can use those gifts to support you in whatever you came to do in this life. Because EVERYONE who goes through Psychic Awakening has come here to this life to be of service in some way. You’ll all have a Calling, a reason for being here, and using your psychic and intuitive gifts will support you in your Calling.

I was sitting with a client yesterday, doing a Life Direction Reading with her. Before we started she told me about why she had come to see me.

‘I was in Bali and it came through in my meditation that I needed to see you. I got your name in my meditation and I googled Nicole Cody and then I made a booking. That probably seems crazy to you!’

‘No,’ I said. ‘It doesn’t sound crazy at all. There’s a certain group of people who find their way to my door because they need my help with a specific thing – their Psychic Awakening. That’s why you’re here.’

We had a great session together, but to navigate a Psychic Awakening you need more than ninety minutes. It just wasn’t enough time for me to give her everything she needed. And that bothered me because she left still needing my help.

My client was the fourth person I’ve seen in the past few weeks who is sitting in full-blown Psychic Awakening, and one of several I’ve talked with who feel that they are in some kind of strange feedback loop or go-slow with their psychic development after stepping into the initial stages of Psychic Awakening.

Which is why I’m posting this today. You see, I’m noticing this huge upswing in Awakening as we move toward 2020, and I know it’s the beginning of a major shift in consciousness.

So, I am considering creating a pilot ‘online spiritual mentoring course’ to help people cope with their Awakening and to teach them foundation skills for using their psychic gifts. Keeping it online means you’d be able to join in from wherever you are.

The format would be me leading a group of you through live teaching webinars and Q and A sessions, as well as giving you access to workbooks, videos, weekly activities and a private forum. I’d be mentoring you and showing you everything I’ve used to open up my own gifts to a place of stability, connection and flow. It’s the stuff I usually only teach on retreats, and some of it is stuff I’ve never taught to groups before. But it’s time, and I know you’re ready.

I’m thinking of an 8-to-10-week format, and for the course to start in mid to late August this year. If enough people are interested.

So, if this sounds like something you’re interested in you need to let us know.

Leave a comment below or contact my PA, Trish Lyons, at nicolecodyinfo@gmail.com

Lots of love, Nicole xx

Acceptance – A Short Documentary about Owning Who You Are


“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”  ~ A.A. Milne

“You are always welcome at my table.” ~ Nicole Cody


Last year I invited my friend Kerry Warnholtz to come spend some time with me as I prepared for and then ran my Chakra Wisdoms retreat.

Kerry is a talented photographer and videographer who sees the world through soulful and ever-watchful eyes. I hoped that she might be able to capture some footage and a few stills for my new website. My brief to her was that I wanted her to somehow show the love and care I put into each event that I run, and how precious each of my students is to me – how much I take that teaching and mentoring responsibility into my heart.

Kerry didn’t just capture that – she captured me – a little snapshot into my life, and the struggles I have had in coming to a place of self-acceptance. This short film speaks a lot to my WHY – why I do what I do – and I thought many of you might relate to the struggles I had in my earlier life to accept myself as I am.

What I want you to know, more than anything, is that I believe in you and that I want you to be who you are and be true to yourself. Being you is the most important thing you can do, and it’s time. The world needs us to stop pretending to be who we are not or to represent ourselves in the world as less than we are. It’s time to embrace ourselves and each other in all of our glorious diversity and similarity.

So, watch this little documentary. Come meet me at my farm, and in my life, and know that you are always welcome at my table.

You are among friends here.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me,

Nicole <3 xx


PS – If you want to see more of Kerry’s wonderful work you can find her at www.tsi-multimedia.com

Calling in Rain

Image from Wallpaper Seek
Image from Wallpaper Seek

“Rain drops are not the ones who bring the clouds.” 
~ Sorin Cerin, Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

The next installment in my Kimberley Story

Before I tell you about the Fairy Mound, I need to give you some more back story.

If I don’t none of what I write after this will make much sense, so forgive me if I jump back in time again to my days living in the Kimberley.

It was about four months after Little Auntie’s sorry business and I was working back on that Outback property in the middle of the remote Kimberley. The isolation and lack of female company was getting to me, and although I was trying, my relationship was less than fulfilling. I felt depressed and alone, confused about who I was and where I was meant to be going with my life. All of this psychic stuff was unfolding for me, whether I wanted it to or not, and there was no-one I could talk to about it.

The wet season was well and truly over, the tall green grass long ago burned golden brown. There was no rain forecast. From here on in it would become drier and drier still. The mud had turned to dust and the smaller rivers were shrinking to a series of chained waterholes. The dry heat parched everything it touched.

I was alone in my room one hot still Sunday morning when a familiar old red truck rattled up from the river crossing and stopped near the machinery workshop. I peered through the curtains of my room, not feeling like engaging. A group of people tumbled out, talking and laughing, and the Aboriginal stockman and the Station’s mechanic came out of the shade where they had been drinking beer to see what was going on. It seemed the truck needed something welded.

“Where’s dat girl?” I heard a familiar voice saying. It was Auntie. The stockman waved a lazy hand in the direction of my room, and the old lady started walking over.

For a moment I considered ducking out the back door and hiding down in the lee of the riverbank. What was wrong with me? Instead I pulled my hair back off my face and caught it up behind my head with an elastic band, rammed on a hat, dragged on my boots and went outside into the baking heat to meet her.

“Plenny hot, hey?” Auntie laughed when she saw me, all red-faced and sweaty. “Come on. Dey gonna take all day fix dat truck. Get a water bottle and you come along me.”

I really didn’t want to go, but I didn’t know how to say no. I figured we’d be going down to the river to sit in the cool and look for rocks and fossils like we’d done a few times before.

“Alright,” I said reluctantly. I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and met her at the gate. Auntie immediately set off at a steady pace, walking not towards the river, but away from it. I was dragging my feet before I’d even left the homestead.

We walked for over an hour, not following any particular track. The land was just gibbers (small stones), dust and small flowering grasses and shrubs. There was no shade. I could feel the air sucking me dry. I guess you could have called it pretty if you’d been in the mood. I was not in the mood.

“Here good enough,” Auntie suddenly pronounced, and she sat down in the dust.

I sank down beside her, slurping greedily from my water bottle. I offered some to her and she drank daintily before handing it back.

“Gonna show you sumping. Sumping you can do. Sumping already inside you.” She smiled at me cheekily and patted my leg, leaving a faint orange dust mark from her fingers.

“Why did we have to come all the way out here for you to show me?” I asked. I’m sure I sounded ungrateful. Cranky in fact. Did she even notice?

“Gotta get the feel of dry. Gotta get the feel of hot.”

“Well, we’ve got those alright.” The sun was beating down mercilessly, and I was regretting having come.

Auntie leaned forward, cupping my sweaty face in her hands. “When you gonna stop fighting dis?” She pinched my cheek gently. “Dis one feel good. Special kind of magic. Your old Grandmothers, they knew this magic too. Dat’s why I show you. Cos now all dem family of yours forgot.” Auntie chuckled heartily at this.

She pushed me gently, so that I fell back in the dust. Giggling, she lay down beside me. Then she put a hand over my heart. “Let dat anchor you, strong into the ground. Feel your body close with dis land. Feel it right in your heart. Feel dis place. Feel the power of country. Your country now too. ” When she took her hand away I could still feel a burning heat, different to the rays of the sun.

I tried. I lay there and tried. But I felt stupid and awkward. I was worried someone would see me, although I KNEW there was nobody who would see me.

Auntie clicked her tongue. “What happening in your head? Relax!” She smacked my arm gently. “Try.”

Slowly I calmed down. Eventually all I could feel and think about was the sun.

Auntie started laughing. “You got dat sun?” she said. “Got dat big ball of fire?”


“Bring him down inside you, right in your chest. Feel him spinning, all powerful. Feel him moving in your heart. Golden. Everything golden.”

That was easy.

Image by Sakura Chrno
Image by Sakura Chrno

I felt as if I was entranced. My limbs were so heavy I couldn’t move them. I’d lost the definition of my body. All I could feel was the earth and the sky, and the sun inside me.

Auntie spoke again, but now it felt as if we were both on a hill, looking down on that spinning sun.

“Let that spinning fella drag the whole sky into you. Keep feeling, and wait a bit. Let me know when you feel lil bit moisture.”

I had no idea what she was talking about.

And then I did.

I got the smell of rain. I got the taste of rain. Not a raging storm. Just a hint of wet. A lick of moisture on a hot breeze.

Inside me I could see the whole sky swirling, like a whirlpool in my chest. Every kind of weather; sun and hot and dry in the middle, but at the edges rain and wind and night sky. Beyond that stars and moons and planets and all kinds of mystery.

Whirlpool Galaxy by Adam Block
Whirlpool Galaxy by Adam Block

I didn’t feel strange. I felt the deepest calm, and an all-pervasive love.

“Go on now. Call dat rain in. Feel it in your body and make it bigger. Grow it real big til rain is all you have, rain is all you see.”

I knew Auntie was doing the same thing, calling in that rain. Her presence lent me a steadiness. With her beside me I was capable and strong.

I called that rain until my entire chest, my body, my mind was filled with the idea of rain. All I could feel was rain. I was rain.

And then I wasn’t. Just like that the feeling shifted, and was gone.

Disoriented I sat up and opened my eyes, expecting raindrops on my skin.

Instead, the sun beat down. I felt so betrayed. So stupid.

“Where is the rain?” I asked dumbly.

Auntie thought this was hilarious. “Girlie, you so impatient. Dat fella rain, he come far, far from here. He gonna take some time.”

I didn’t believe her.

We walked home in silence. Well, I was silent. Auntie laughed, and talked to the birds and the trees, grinning at me any time I looked her way. She was certainly having the last laugh.

Back at the homestead I excused myself and stood under a long cold shower for so long that my skin pruned and my feet became soft and spongy. By the time I emerged the truck had been repaired and Auntie and the others had gone home.

It was stiflingly hot, and the evening brought no reprieve.

About two in the morning I was woken by an unsecured French Door to the veranda banging in the breeze. A change had come through. You could smell the dampness in the air, and the promise of rain. A little over an hour later it bucketed down, and I fell back to sleep to the sound of rain on the tin roof.

When I woke at dawn the skies were clear and my world had been washed clean.

To be continued…

Zebra Finch 84a

Zebra Finches by Richard Waring

Pushing Boundaries

Image from watcombeb1.wordpress.com

“Sometimes there’s just no way to hold back the river.” 
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

When I was younger, and just starting out on my spiritual journey, I longed for a teacher to show me the way. But there was no teacher, so I stumbled my way forward, helped by my sister and some friends, and my wonderful Guides.

Now I’m all grown up, it’s my great joy to be that teacher and mentor for others.

Today I begin a five-day Channelling Intensive Retreat in Byron Bay, with a hand-picked bunch of students. I’ll be teaching them some high level metaphysical skills, and mentoring them to use their natural psychic abilities to find clearer direction for their personal and professional lives. And I know that they are all feeling excited and terrified in equal measure.

That’s as it should be.  It’s always scary when we try something new, no matter how much we want that thing. Over the next few days I’m expecting lots of breakthroughs!

Of course, I’ve also timed our retreat to coincide with the Full Moon, which will provide us with abundant energy for change and growth.

I’m going to make sure that my students really push their boundaries, and in the process they’ll find out what I already understand – that they are capable of so much more than they ever dreamed of.

It’s a great time right now for changing direction, for reaching beyond your current perceived limits, for stepping into the energy of your dreams.

So, if I could ask you one question today, it would be this:

What do you want, more than anything?

Go on.  It’s 2012! Take a little step towards your dream this week. No grand parade, no sweeping announcements – instead breathe in, breathe out, commit and just begin.

Life is too short to live small.

Wishing you a week of tiny steps, breakthroughs and soul magic ♥ Live from the light of your heart! xx