One of those mornings…

2014-08-05 07.54.42

“Nic, you should know by now – nothing ever goes to plan!” ~ Ben Phillips. Husband.


So, we’re on our way to breakfast with cafe dog.

Later than usual.

Because it is raining. I slept in.

Worse, the cows got into the house paddock and were eating my garden.

My agapanthus!

My parsley!

My fresh not-quote-ripe figs I’d been so looking forward to eating myself!

We needed to chase those bad cows out!

Which meant we all got wet and muddy and needed showers.

And as I was sitting in the car, squished up beside Harry the cafe dog, I realised that in all the excitement I had forgotten to blog.


Then I remembered – I have this nifty new portable technology now, so I can action-blog on the go. How exciting!

Next thing I’ll have to try is a video.

But first I need a coffee and some nourishment.

Good morning. Much love to you xoxo

2015-12-05 07.56.05


9 thoughts on “One of those mornings…

  1. You need to start including headings under your food pictures telling us what it is you are eating, that looks so yummy

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  2. That is one beautiful looking breakfast you are having there.
    Think I am going
    out for breakfast 😝
    Enjoy your day 😘😘

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