Simple Meditation for Connecting With Your Guides

"Sun and Flowers" by Alice Mason

“Sun and Flowers” by Alice Mason

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” 
William James

“We begin to see that we are spiritually linked with people halfway around the world, and with those who lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago. We begin to see that we emerge from, and are the expressions of, a single consciousness that is limited by neither time nor space.” 
Hal Zina BennettSpirit Guides: Companions & Mentors For Your Inner Journey


A little while ago I had a request for a simple guided meditation to help you to create and strengthen a conscious connection with your Spiritual Guides, those Beings who watch over us and guide us from afar.

This meditation is suitable for even the humblest of beginners on their spiritual path. All you need to do is find ten minutes where you won’t be disturbed, sit or lie comfortably, and follow along to the sound of my voice.

I recommend that you have a notebook handy so that, afterwards, you can write down anything important.

It’s fine to do this meditation more than once.

When you’re ready just hit the play button below:

Nicole Cody’s Meditation for Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Sending lots of love your way, Nicole xx

PS: Do let me know how you go with this meditation!

The Connection Hour – Or, Why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night?

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“Sleep is the best meditation.”
~ Dalai Lama

Are you waking up in the middle of the night?  Does it happen on a semi-regular basis?

I don’t think it’s insomnia.  I diagnose this as a psychic connection issue.  If you’re reading this, in fact I’m sure it’s a connection issue. And I know just what to do about it.

For many years (and sometimes even now…) I woke up at around 2am.  It was especially prevalent while I was going through Spiritual Awakening – that whole process of becoming actively more psychically and spiritually connected.

At first it drove me nuts.  I’d wake from a deep sleep, lie in bed uselessly, eyes wide open and fully alert, and by around 4am I’d drift back off to sleep again.

It was my Guides who finally explained to me what was going on…

Somewhere between 2am and 4am, when we’ve had some sleep and are rested and relaxed, is the easiest time for spiritual Guides and other energetic BEings to connect with us psychically.

At 2am we are free of mental clutter.  At 2am there is much less ‘noise’ from other people’s thoughts, from electromagnetic energy or from life in general.  It’s a little like driving your car down an empty freeway in the middle of the night – it’s a safe, fast trip, with no interruptions.

When we are first connecting energetically, it’s always easier to do this in the early hours.  After the connection is made, and we become practiced at it, we’ll find that we are no longer woken up, and that psychic or spiritual knowing and energy become a natural part of our waking hours.

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So, what can YOU do if you wake at 2am?

Here are some suggestions based on my own experience, and on the advice of my Guides:

  • Drink some water – hydration always enhances connection
  • Ask to be ‘connected’, and then lie back and relax.  Be aware of any images, names, impressions, ideas or information that comes to you.  You may also find that after inviting connection, you are suddenly sleepy again, and return to the sleep state. (you’ll still be connecting, although it will no longer be a conscious act).
  • Write. Many people find that their best ideas come to them in the middle of the night like this – it’s a form of channelling.  These ideas may be aligned to your talents and skills, they may be creative ideas, or it could just be information that’s relevant to your life right now.  You can keep a pen and paper beside the bed, or get up and go sit at a table – but do use pen and paper rather than a keyboard.
  • Move into meditation for a while.  You can do this in bed, or get up and sit somewhere quiet where you are warm and comfortable.  Once again, be open to any messages, images or impressions you might receive.
  • Do some simple hands-on healing for yourself by channelling energy through your hands and into your body.

Back in your normal life, adopt some spiritual practices, such as a regular meditation time, or time in spiritual reflection.  Yoga, tai chi, exercise and other forms of moving meditation are also good.  So are creative hobbies, and hanging out with like-minded people.

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There is an increase in consciousness right now, and enhanced opportunities for conscious connection.  So if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night for no obvious reason, maybe it’s the Universe, tapping you on the shoulder, and reminding you that it’s time.

You’re here for a reason! Trust in Divine Timing, and in your own ability to connect. Who knows what wonderful energies and ideas you might bring forth…

Much love to you. Bless ♥ xx