Violet’s New Baby

2013-12-02 13.52.23
Violet’s new baby calf takes its first steps

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.” ~ Mae West

One of our cows, Violet, gave birth yesterday morning. But instead of a snowy white calf, she produced a deep burgundy baby with blotches of white all over its head.


That baby didn’t come from our bull.

Earlier this year, during bad weather, Violet went missing. We drove down to the river looking for her, and when we called we could hear her distinctive moo. We kept yelling and suddenly she appeared on the other side of the very swollen river. Thinking we had some kind of tasty food treat she ran down the hill towards us.

To our horror she launched herself off the edge and into the water, a drop of about six feet. It looked like a very inelegant cow belly flop. The flooded river carried her rapidly downstream and past the bend, where we could no longer see her, but about half an hour later she turned up back in our bottom paddock again, mooing loudly for some hay or molasses.

Naughty Violet!

Three years ago her very first baby, Blackie, was by that same neighbour’s bull. Here’s a picture of them, being watched by another young Murray Grey calf. Can you see the resemblance between Blackie and this new baby?

Violet’s very first calf, in 2010, was also an unusual colour – black with a white head. Her baby should have looked like the little white one who is looking on.

Violet had only just given birth when I took these latest pictures. The little calf had just stood up for the first time, and been licked clean by mum. Violet is now busy eating the afterbirth.

The calf is a girl. In the final picture she is licking her lips after her very first drink of milk. Cute, huh?

So, we need a name for this new girl too. She’s got a very independent, feisty kind of nature. Incredibly brave and outgoing. Mum kept trying to stash her baby in long grass to keep her safe yesterday, but this little calf ran after the herd all day on her wobbly new legs.

I’m looking forward to spending some time with her today.

If you have any suggestions for a name, let me know!

2013-12-02 13.53.14
Baby, licking her lips after her very first drink of milk!
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18 thoughts on “Violet’s New Baby

  1. Abigail means “joy”, or “joy of the father” (because Violet went looking for a special Dad), or Bernadette means “brave as a bear” (because the little one is so plucky). I thought they both sounded like lovely cow names 🙂

  2. how about Calysta (cow-the-star, call is star, cah-list-ahhh) ?
    what a story! especially the way Violet launched herself off the cliff and into the water. she needed that to cleanse and purify herself, i think 🙂

  3. I too first thought ‘Mae’ but then no. Black or White, Good Girl or Bad Girl, it’s really all just an illusion. In Sanskrit ‘Maya’ means “illusion, dream”. I guess Dear Violet was dreaming of better things in the moment when she crossed that swollen river. And thus Maya was born. Blessings to all.

  4. How about Mary Poppins …she’s one feisty woman and is constantly on her travels lol
    She is so cute …i’ll blow her a kiss .
    Cherry x

  5. i was thinking Maeve, an irish name of a celtic goddess, she’s a feisty feminine sexy lady 😉 Mae West is cool too! How gorgeous, I can’t wait to live on a farm & have this kinda thing happening… xx

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