Making a Cosy Nest

ww4“The bird, a nest; the spider, a web; man, friendship.” ~ William Blake


There’s a cold change in the air. Autumn is well and truly here at the farm. That means stoking the fire each night, and digging out our jumpers and extra blankets for the beds.

A few weeks ago I sat on the veranda, discussing the Bluesfest program with my neighbour, and how fabulous our Easter was going to be. As we sat, drinking tea, I combed my hair to get the knots out of it before I washed it. To be tidy I put the hair that got caught in my comb into a plastic tub, ready to go in the compost.


While we sat drinking tea and talking, a cheeky Willie Wagtail (a small fantail bird) came clicking and clucking and chattering on the veranda rail beside us.

To our surprise it darted down to my tub of hair, grabbed a strand and flew off with it.

My neighbour and I then decided to take a tour of our orchard. Autumn is a great time to prune fruit trees, so that they are well shaped and become strong bearers. We trimmed a few trees, and talked music for the rest of the afternoon. When we came back to the veranda, to get our empty cups and bring them into the kitchen, almost all of the hair had gone. There were just a few strands left in the bottom of the tub.

2014-04-20 11.52.07

Yesterday morning I followed the very chirpy Wagtail down to a corner of the woodshed.

Miss Willie Wagtail had taken my hair to build her nest, all cosy for winter, and ready for babies in Spring. It seemed to me an ultimate act of recycling.

I hope the nest is comfortable for her. And that she’s blessed with a healthy, happy family!



11 thoughts on “Making a Cosy Nest

  1. That is one of the most enchanting magical things I’ve ever heard!! :D:D:D

    {ps: making another bone broth since yesterday ala Nicole Cody 🙂 we find it very nourishing}

  2. Wonderful! I love birds and how their knowing guides them to construct and find the mete rials they need to make a perfect home to produce new life! Love to you. Xx

  3. What a beautiful story. And the bird has such a stylish nest with your gorgeous strawberry blond hair!

  4. Every time I brush my hair on my balcony, I like to think the loose strands are being spirited away by the wind to a birds nest! 🙂

  5. My great grandmother always used to say to take the hair from brushes and combs and leave it in the backyard for the birds. I still do it to this day! <3 We have so many birds in our trees it's not even funny. Same goes for dryer lint! It's soft and recyclable too. :]

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