Terrible Horrible Good

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“You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation: If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.”  ~ Author Unknown


Suddenly it’s cold again here at the farm.

Yesterday we dressed Harry in a dog coat. Last year he was so cold in winter, but there was no coat to be had. So we’re ready for the cold this winter. This new coat’s great! It’s soft on the inside, and has a waterproof covering on the outside. Perfect for keeping doggies warm, no matter what the weather. It fits snugly with a strap under his tummy and one across his chest.

And he hates it.

As soon as we put it on Harry decided that it was impossible for him to walk anymore, or to move at all. All he could do was squeak.

Eventually he managed to gingerly climb up onto the lounge, where he collapsed in a pile of misery.

He’ll adapt.

Bert was exactly the same when we first put a coat on him. “I hate it! I can’t walk! I’m a prisoner in a straight jacket!”

But now, Bert loves his coat. Perfect for snuggling in when the weather is chilly. When we put Bert’s coat on yesterday he grinned happily and then leapt up onto the bed to Harry’s usual spot (poor Harry being coated and unable to walk at all, let alone leap onto a bed…) for a cosy nap.

We can all learn to adapt to change. Sometimes the things we resist turn out to be not so bad after all.

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8 thoughts on “Terrible Horrible Good

  1. This one made me smile. My dog hated her raincoat but not as much as getting wet. Putting the boots on her led to more hilarious antics but she loved that she didn’t get mud between her toes. And the coat meant a walk and she loved her walks. Small sacrifices for so much fun.

  2. Bless their hearts . When we have Oscar clipped for the winter on goes his tartan coat he loves it .

  3. So love your beautiful dog – but I couldn’t imagine getting a coat anywhere near our Blue Heeler – he was a mountain dog but still a bit of a sook and would have definitely sulked if we’d tried to make him into a softy! I’m not sure if cattle dogs aren’t a bit like me in my menopausal state – cold one minute and uncomfortably hot the next – as they can find it hard to lose heat.

  4. Can imagine the abject misery of it all. What terrible parents !!!! reminds me of a friend’s little poodle who used to get his coat out of a box and take it to her to put on him if he got cold. As you say, he will adapt 🙂 xx

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