Shhhhh….. Napping Happening here!

“Reading and naps, two of life’s greatest pleasures, go especially well together.” 
― Will Schwalbe

I love Boxing Day. I don’t cook a thing. We survive on the leftovers of the Christmas Feast. Which is no hardship, believe me. Leftovers! Such a magnificent word. I sometimes think the only reason I cook so much food for Christmas Day is for the days to follow where my fridge and pantry are laden with leftovers I don’t need to prepare.

Today I plan to nap. And read. Then nap some more.

Ben will listen to the cricket on his headphones as he drives around our house paddock on the ride-on mower.

Later we might swim, if it’s hot.

Or, probably, just nap some more.

I think this might be my favourite day of the year!

Wishing you some relaxation and self-care too today,

All my love, Nicole ❤ xx

Hopefully, this is me today…

“What hath night to do with sleep?”
~ John Milton, Paradise Lost


It’s been another one of those nights. Those sleepless up-all-night-helping-people-in-crisis kind of nights.

So my plan today involves naps.

Lots of naps. Threaded together with cuddles, and then more naps.

See you tomorrow xoxo


Home In My Own Bed!

2015-10-10 12.17.20

“I live in my own little world. But it’s ok, they know me here.”
~ Lauren Myracle


There is something so sweet and good about sleeping in your own bed after a long time away.

It’s a little crowded just now though. Harry and Bert refuse to leave my side. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

The two weeks of rest is going well. I have napped and ready many books. I have sipped cups of tea from bed, and coloured picture books as a mindful meditation. Or just for fun.

My mind, free to roam, has surprised me with little extra treats and ideas for my end of year retreat, and for all kinds of other wonderful offerings. I love being able to be in a space of dreaming and creativity – and for me that process seems to work best when I am in my pyjamas. (Hooray for no more breezy hospital gowns!)

I’m doing really well, and the trick now is to keep resting and not overdoing it. (This is always the hard part for me. Do you find resting hard too?) Mind you, it’s challenging to overdo things when you are pinned to the bed by two loyal dogs, and you have a husband and a personal assistant who lovingly growl if I even look like doing anything workish.

Today I’m working on my pirates and fairies story, mapping out adventures and filling in some details about important things for this world I’m creating in my head. Of course that will be interspersed between more naps and cups of tea and cuddles with my boys. Probably my most important story development will happen in my dreams!

Please know that I’m sending you all lots of love. Of course you’re included in my healing meditations each morning and night. Thank you too, for all the healing, love and well wishes you’ve sent me. It has helped heaps!

Hugs and love and all that good stuff, Nicole <3 xoxo

Terrible Horrible Good

2015-05-16 17.03.22

“You can avoid having ulcers by adapting to the situation: If you fall in the mud puddle, check your pockets for fish.”  ~ Author Unknown


Suddenly it’s cold again here at the farm.

Yesterday we dressed Harry in a dog coat. Last year he was so cold in winter, but there was no coat to be had. So we’re ready for the cold this winter. This new coat’s great! It’s soft on the inside, and has a waterproof covering on the outside. Perfect for keeping doggies warm, no matter what the weather. It fits snugly with a strap under his tummy and one across his chest.

And he hates it.

As soon as we put it on Harry decided that it was impossible for him to walk anymore, or to move at all. All he could do was squeak.

Eventually he managed to gingerly climb up onto the lounge, where he collapsed in a pile of misery.

He’ll adapt.

Bert was exactly the same when we first put a coat on him. “I hate it! I can’t walk! I’m a prisoner in a straight jacket!”

But now, Bert loves his coat. Perfect for snuggling in when the weather is chilly. When we put Bert’s coat on yesterday he grinned happily and then leapt up onto the bed to Harry’s usual spot (poor Harry being coated and unable to walk at all, let alone leap onto a bed…) for a cosy nap.

We can all learn to adapt to change. Sometimes the things we resist turn out to be not so bad after all.

2015-05-16 17.04.27

The Benefits of Napping

Napping Buddha by toth-and-ali

Napping Buddha by toth-and-ali

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.” 
~ Charles M. Schulz, Charlie Brown’s Little Book of Wisdom


Rest is so important for my healing journey right now that one of my doctors actually wrote ‘daily nap’ and ‘one complete rest day each working week’ on a prescription pad for me.

But naps are actually good for everyone. Here’s why:

  1. Getting all our sleep in one hit is a fairly recent concept. Humans evolved to be biphasic sleepers – having one long sleep period and one shorter one, often taken during daylight hours. This is where the concept of the siesta came from, and it extends back at least as far as early Roman times.
  2. Napping improves health. It has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and to increase human growth hormone, immune function, digestion, sexual function and sex hormone levels. It boosts our ability to heal. Napping makes you healthy AND sexy!
  3. Taking a short nap increases our post-nap alertness. NASA studies show that a forty minute nap was a more effective boost to cognitive function that caffeine or other stimulants.
  4. Napping downloads and clears the buffer in our brain, creating space for faster synaptic patterns and associations. After naps that tangle of thoughts in our head is gone and we feel refreshed and are able to think more clearly.
  5. Naps help us hold and assimilate new information, enhancing our capacity to learn and retain that learning. More sleep, rather than less sleep, is the key to learning complex tasks or information.

    Image from Fast Company

    Image from Fast Company

  6. Taking a nap enhances our mood, giving us elevated serotonin and a more relaxed and positive outlook on life.
  7. Napping prevents burn-out. Short sleeps help us to cope mentally, physically and emotionally by allowing us time to tune out from stress, giving us a break and rebooting our coping mechanisms.
  8. When we nap our subconcious and unconscious mind are free to work on problems, helping to boost our working creativity and problem-solving ability once we wake.
  9. Napping enhances memory. Exhaustion does the opposite. Short sleeps glue our brains back together when we’re frazzled, stressed and broken.
  10. Naps reduce sleep deprivation and can help us get by with less overall sleep.

Most importantly, naps are not only good for us, they make us FEEL good. A nap refreshes, soothes and restores.

If you can’t fit a nap in during the week, at least shoot for one on the weekend. Don’t fight that urge to nap. Especially if you’re tired, stress or unwell. It might be just the thing to get you feeling brighter again.


Image from wallpaperpin