Waves, Quiet, Prayers and Stones

Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven’t the answer to a question you’ve been asked, or the hush of a country road at night, or the expectant pause of a room full of people when someone is just about to speak, or, most beautiful of all, the moment after the door closes and you’re alone in the whole house? Each one is different, you know, and all very beautiful if you listen carefully.”  ~ Norton Juster

Hello, Lovelies!

I’ve been deeply moved by the emails and messages you’ve sent me, and the sharing you’ve made in response to my last two blog posts.

Just Tell One Person…
Chronic Illness? This is a Spiritual Retreat for you!

As I sat with the weight of your stories yesterday I spent time alone on the hill behind our farm in the bright sunshine, thinking about you all and our shared experiences and emotions, and then again I thought of you as I sat by the sea while the shadows grew long in the afternoon.

As the day drew to a close I began a crystal grid for you, to hold space for your unfolding, your healing and your soul journey.

I crafted the grid to help you come back to your own inner wisdom, to a sense of peace and belonging. And I infused every stone with love.

Tomorrow I’ll write more about what’s in my heart right now. Until then know that you are seen and heard, and deeply loved.
Bless. Nicole ❤ xx


Come to my Christmas Party – and other cool events!

Image from 123rf.com

Image from 123rf.com

“Be merry all, be merry all,
With holly dress the festive hall;
Prepare the song, the feast, the ball,
To welcome merry Christmas.”
~ William Robert Spencer


This Friday, December 11, I’m holding a pop-up shop and Christmas Party, and I’d love you to come!

The pop-up shop will open at 3pm, and we’ll have lots of lovely goodies for you: the most amazing and beautiful crystals and singing bowls, handmade pendulums, tarot and oracle cards, incense, prayer shawls, crystal jewellery and all manner of other spiritual tools and things for self-care and nurture. All chosen by me. They’ll make wonderful Christmas presents for you and your loved ones.

We’ll have tea and coffee available, and be ready for hugs and chats. We’d love to see you there!

From 7pm I am holding a Christmas Party. Well, a Christmas Party my style! I’ll be giving a talk about the energies of 2016, and running a guided meditation to help open you to these energies so that you can make the best of the new year. There may also be a channelled session with some of my guides if it feels right (and it probably will…)

I’ll  be launching my Year of Me 2016 – Planner at the Christmas Party, and there will be some awesome Lucky Door Prizes. There’s no cost for this event – it’s a party! We’d be grateful though if you’d like to bring a plate of party food to share for supper afterwards. Please come dressed in your favourite Christmas colours. 🙂

The address is

St COLOMB’S HAll, Victoria Street, Clayfield, Brisbane. Australia.


I’ll be at that same hall all weekend. On Saturday 12th December I’m holding two mini-workshops.

Making Friends with Fairies – 10am to 12pm $66

This is such a fun workshop, and it is suitable for adults and children over 9 years old. We’ll be learning who fairies are, and how they can help us and our pets. We’ll find out how to attract them into our homes and gardens and we’ll be making some special fairy attractors to hang in our homes and gardens. It’s a workshop filled with crafts, activities and information. You will go home with a Goody Bag full of good stuff, and a special crystal chosen for you by Sokli (Nicole’s fairy friend). Morning tea will also be provided.

Gridding with Crystals – 1pm to 4pm $165

This jam-packed workshop will teach you the basics of crystal use and care, and show you how to make energetic zones or rooms using crystals and sacred geometry. We’ll explore how to use crystal grids in our homes, bedrooms, offices, studies, meditation areas and healing rooms, and some common crystal cures for various energies and situations. You’ll also learn how to program healing stones and grids for specific uses. Sokli and Nicole will advise you of your best personal crystal and gridding stones for 2016, and you’ll receive a Good Bag of magical things. Afternoon tea will also be provided.

We need you to RSVP to these events by Thursday December 10, so that we can have your personalised Goody Bag ready for you!


Healing Practice Day and Sunday Pop-up Shop Sunday December 13 – 10am to 3pm

My Christmas Pop-up Shop will be open all day Sunday for you to come and browse.


Healing Practice Day – I’ll be running a Healing Practice Day at the hall on Sunday. Cost is by $20 donation. I’ll have my massage tables set up, and an array of pendulums, singing bowls and Tibetan prayer bells, crystals and essential oils on hand.

If you’d like to practice healing skills I’ve taught you in previous workshops or retreats come along. I’ll also be happy to show you some new techniques and practices that you can use on yourself and others.

Dana and some of my advanced students and healing team will be there, to guide you and help out. It will be a beautiful day for devoting time to your spiritual practice and well-being. I’ll be running a few quick guided meditations too, to help align you with these new energies.

If you’ve never had an energy healing, but are curious to learn more, this may be a good place for you to start.

Tea and coffee and snacks will be available, but please bring your own lunch.

RSVP to Dana for the Healing Day is essential as places are limited throughout the day. You don’t need to be there for the entire day, but do set aside an hour or two to make the most of this opportunity. Of course, if you want to stay longer you’re very welcome!



My wonderful PA, Dana, is handling all of our bookings.

Dana by email: nicolecodyinfo@gmail.com

Dana by phone: 0438 438 775 or 07 3256 0815

Please book early to confirm your space at the workshops, Christmas Party or healing room practice day. 10% discount available if you book both workshops.

Light refreshments are provided, but there are also plenty of cafes and shops close by if you need a more substantial meal. Once again, if you’d like to bring a plate to share for the Christmas Party we’d be so grateful!

If you are coming to the healing practice day please wear shoes that are easy to slip off, and loose comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring your own singing bowls or bells, pendulums, crystals or any other tools you love. I will also have a huge array of working stones, essential oils and other healing tools available for your use, and myself, Dana and some of my advanced students and healers will be there all day to lend a hand and to share tips and guidance.

I so look forward to your company! Come celebrate, play and hang out!!!

Big love and hugs, Nicole  xoxo

Working with Crystal Grids – Day Four

Crystals have their own energetic field, just as humans do, and one of the great things about crystals is that you can also use them to create geometric shapes within which you can create an energetic room or field big enough to exert energy and influence over a wider space.  This technique is known as gridding.

Today I’m going to show you the basics of creating simple grids at home.

 How a Crystal Grid Works

Crystals each have their own particular vibration, and an electromagnetic or auric field around them.  All living things also have a unique vibration, and auric as well as etheric fields (This is just the energy field emitted by a living thing).  When a crystal is introduced to a human’s auric field, there is a shift of vibrational energy.  The crystal may be able to accept and transmute the lower or negative vibrations within that person’s auric field, allowing that person to move to a clearer or higher vibration.

Crystal energy can be used to restore order to a chaotic vibrational field, or to increase vibrational level, which helps to move you to a more positive and lighter energy.  Crystals may impart a vibration particular to that type of stone which can help, heal or impart particular vibrational qualities and strengths. Gridding with crystals involves amplifying the vibration of a crystal by using it in conjunction with others.  This is a bit like turning up the volume on your radio, while adding additional radio towers to strengthen the frequency.

Gridding Basics

Gridding involves using a number of similar or complimentary crystals, placed in a configuration.  The most common shape is a square or oblong, but triangles and circles are also common.  Circles are fun to make, and I often make one during equinoxes or full moons. It recharges my stones and when I sit in it, it recharges me!

The grid below, which was made in my backyard for an eclipse, was big enough for several people to lie within.  It was a great place for a nap and I couldn’t keep my dogs out of it!

More intricate grid shapes involve using a larger number of crystals.  A generator crystal can be used in the center of the configuration to amplify the energy of the outer crystals, and to strengthen the vibration.

I have made grids to go in the foundations of houses, and one of my favourite configurations is a Fibonacci Spiral. But that is a fairly complex process, and today I promised I would keep things simple.

A grid of crystals can be placed near you in a room where you work or rest.  However, for maximum effect it is best if you can actually sit or lie within the grid itself.  Common ways to place a grid are to lay the stones out around a chair, bed, meditation space or desk.  You can also grid a room by placing crystals in the room corners, or grid your house by placing crystals at the extreme corners of that house.  (You may need more than four to cover every corner).

Another effective technique is to grid the perimeter of your house, placing the crystals along your fence line.  Larger, more robust crystals are often best for this, and they will be self cleansing and generating.  However, do not judge the energy level of the crystal by size alone!  Some of the most powerful stones can often be no bigger than a pebble.

Additional Gridding Uses

Grids can be used to aid sleep, healing and mental alertness.  They can be used to help with Meditation and for connecting with Higher Self, Guides, and Past Lives.  Grids can assist with creativity, abundance and manifesting and maximizing your natural talents.  They can provide protection and wisdom.

You can use grids to help your garden grow, to vitalize herbs, fruits and vegetables.  Pets often benefit from a grid placed in their sleeping area.  Grids can be discretely placed to encourage harmony, healing or honesty within a situation.  They can also be used to absorb the negativity of others without this energy being passed to you.  People who have experienced problems with psychic attack can often be greatly assisted in this way.  In fact, whatever the natural vibrational properties of the crystal, they will be passed to you.

A Rose Quartz Grid has greatly enhanced my strawberries and tomatoes!

To Build Your Own Crystal Grid:

We are going to work with the most basic shape – a square whose corners are anchored by a crystal. So you will need four crystals to build your grid, and you may like to select a fifth one to hold as you sit in the centre. Use this grid to raise your vibration, and enhance your own energy field. (This is also great done around your bed for helping heal you while you sleep!)

This exercise is based on the principles of sacred geometry.  It will facilitate health, healing, clarity and connection.Set your intent by offering up a prayer or energetic intention that this exercise be for your Highest Good.Set up your Crystal Grid, using the four  crystals, by laying them out in a square.Visualise a pyramid of White Light extending up from the crystals, and one extending down into the floor, creating an energetic three dimensional diamond shape. It should look like this:

Sit, lie or stand inside this Light Grid.

Bring Light in through your Crown Chakra.  Use your intuition as to what colour Light to use.

Flood your body with Light.  On every inhale, draw Light into your body. On every exhale, see wispy grey energy leaving your body via your lungs or Base Chakra, and being drained through the bottom of the Pyramid.

Continue until your body feels light and calm.

Enhance this meditation by holding crystals whose characteristics or properties you wish to assimilate into your energetic field.  Women hold the crystal with hands cupped left on the bottom and right on top, palm upwards.  Men reverse this position, so that the left hand is on top and right underneath.

You may also like to use one of my Guided Meditations from the past three days. Links here, here and here. Then simply rest and relax in this delicious energy, until you feel restored.

Image from fanpop.com

Recharging your Grid

Crystals need to be cleaned and re-energised from time to time, unless they are outside, planted in or on the earth, where they will be self charging.  With practice you will know when your crystals need attention because you will feel their energy decreasing.  There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals.  If you are using your crystals regularly, take care of them and cleanse them often.