Working with Crystal Grids – Day Four

Crystals have their own energetic field, just as humans do, and one of the great things about crystals is that you can also use them to create geometric shapes within which you can create an energetic room or field big enough to exert energy and influence over a wider space.  This technique is known as gridding.

Today I’m going to show you the basics of creating simple grids at home.

 How a Crystal Grid Works

Crystals each have their own particular vibration, and an electromagnetic or auric field around them.  All living things also have a unique vibration, and auric as well as etheric fields (This is just the energy field emitted by a living thing).  When a crystal is introduced to a human’s auric field, there is a shift of vibrational energy.  The crystal may be able to accept and transmute the lower or negative vibrations within that person’s auric field, allowing that person to move to a clearer or higher vibration.

Crystal energy can be used to restore order to a chaotic vibrational field, or to increase vibrational level, which helps to move you to a more positive and lighter energy.  Crystals may impart a vibration particular to that type of stone which can help, heal or impart particular vibrational qualities and strengths. Gridding with crystals involves amplifying the vibration of a crystal by using it in conjunction with others.  This is a bit like turning up the volume on your radio, while adding additional radio towers to strengthen the frequency.

Gridding Basics

Gridding involves using a number of similar or complimentary crystals, placed in a configuration.  The most common shape is a square or oblong, but triangles and circles are also common.  Circles are fun to make, and I often make one during equinoxes or full moons. It recharges my stones and when I sit in it, it recharges me!

The grid below, which was made in my backyard for an eclipse, was big enough for several people to lie within.  It was a great place for a nap and I couldn’t keep my dogs out of it!

More intricate grid shapes involve using a larger number of crystals.  A generator crystal can be used in the center of the configuration to amplify the energy of the outer crystals, and to strengthen the vibration.

I have made grids to go in the foundations of houses, and one of my favourite configurations is a Fibonacci Spiral. But that is a fairly complex process, and today I promised I would keep things simple.

A grid of crystals can be placed near you in a room where you work or rest.  However, for maximum effect it is best if you can actually sit or lie within the grid itself.  Common ways to place a grid are to lay the stones out around a chair, bed, meditation space or desk.  You can also grid a room by placing crystals in the room corners, or grid your house by placing crystals at the extreme corners of that house.  (You may need more than four to cover every corner).

Another effective technique is to grid the perimeter of your house, placing the crystals along your fence line.  Larger, more robust crystals are often best for this, and they will be self cleansing and generating.  However, do not judge the energy level of the crystal by size alone!  Some of the most powerful stones can often be no bigger than a pebble.

Additional Gridding Uses

Grids can be used to aid sleep, healing and mental alertness.  They can be used to help with Meditation and for connecting with Higher Self, Guides, and Past Lives.  Grids can assist with creativity, abundance and manifesting and maximizing your natural talents.  They can provide protection and wisdom.

You can use grids to help your garden grow, to vitalize herbs, fruits and vegetables.  Pets often benefit from a grid placed in their sleeping area.  Grids can be discretely placed to encourage harmony, healing or honesty within a situation.  They can also be used to absorb the negativity of others without this energy being passed to you.  People who have experienced problems with psychic attack can often be greatly assisted in this way.  In fact, whatever the natural vibrational properties of the crystal, they will be passed to you.

A Rose Quartz Grid has greatly enhanced my strawberries and tomatoes!

To Build Your Own Crystal Grid:

We are going to work with the most basic shape – a square whose corners are anchored by a crystal. So you will need four crystals to build your grid, and you may like to select a fifth one to hold as you sit in the centre. Use this grid to raise your vibration, and enhance your own energy field. (This is also great done around your bed for helping heal you while you sleep!)

This exercise is based on the principles of sacred geometry.  It will facilitate health, healing, clarity and connection.Set your intent by offering up a prayer or energetic intention that this exercise be for your Highest Good.Set up your Crystal Grid, using the four  crystals, by laying them out in a square.Visualise a pyramid of White Light extending up from the crystals, and one extending down into the floor, creating an energetic three dimensional diamond shape. It should look like this:

Sit, lie or stand inside this Light Grid.

Bring Light in through your Crown Chakra.  Use your intuition as to what colour Light to use.

Flood your body with Light.  On every inhale, draw Light into your body. On every exhale, see wispy grey energy leaving your body via your lungs or Base Chakra, and being drained through the bottom of the Pyramid.

Continue until your body feels light and calm.

Enhance this meditation by holding crystals whose characteristics or properties you wish to assimilate into your energetic field.  Women hold the crystal with hands cupped left on the bottom and right on top, palm upwards.  Men reverse this position, so that the left hand is on top and right underneath.

You may also like to use one of my Guided Meditations from the past three days. Links here, here and here. Then simply rest and relax in this delicious energy, until you feel restored.

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Recharging your Grid

Crystals need to be cleaned and re-energised from time to time, unless they are outside, planted in or on the earth, where they will be self charging.  With practice you will know when your crystals need attention because you will feel their energy decreasing.  There are many ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals.  If you are using your crystals regularly, take care of them and cleanse them often.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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37 thoughts on “Working with Crystal Grids – Day Four

  1. I am living with Lyme disease and just thought about trying to heal/detox more with stones/crystals. Thanks for these posts. They are a great starting point for me to learn more about the healing properties of stones and crystals.

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  3. I just found out about crystal grids about an hour ago. I am building a new home with my boyfriend and two young sons and would like to grid crystals beneath the foundation.Any advice for our soon to be South facing home?

  4. I have recently moved to a piece of land where my cabin is basically on top of a natural formation of quartz. The quartz is varied in development of clarity and my garden is full of them ( my husband and I jokingly call it our rock garden ) what health/spiritual benefits can we expect from living on this amazing property?

  5. Wonderful post! I’m new to crystals my Dr told me to get some Black Tourmaline to protect me from sources of electromagnetic smog esp from my cell phone. I live in an apartment (combo LR&DR, 2BR, 2baths) and have electronics in just about every room. How would I set up a grid to protect me while at home? How many would I need? Thank you!

  6. We are looking to buy a house this year, can you please tell me how do to a crystal grid to purchase house? Thank you, Love Light and Blessings!

  7. I have a question. How about making a grid on the property boundaries. Lets say I place four black obsidians and four pyrites in between….total of 8 crystals. All placed evenly. Do I have to place one more crystal at the top of a house? Just thought I’d ask as I am prepared to try it soon. But need more information from people who do grids often.

  8. LATE LATE LATE. i have to reread everything. But i’m so intrigued by the power of crystals. I have a boat load of “processed” Swarovski … sparkly. So attracted to sparkle and light, reflections and glitter … must have a Unicorn in my soul somewhere 🙂

  9. Your tomatoes and strawberries look amazing!!!! Before you started working with crystals, did you ever think of setting up a control patch of un-gridded tomatoes an strawberries to compare? I am curious to see what the difference is!

    1. I did a control patch last year – wish I’d had the good sense to snap pictures. The growth in the gridded section was more vigorous and the fruit was sweeter. I used several types of crystals too, and strawberries and tomatoes really did prefer the rose quartz grid.

  10. Another wonderful and beautiful post – and just lurvve the amethyst crystals – I sooooooo’ want them – they look delicious and I’m so drawn to that beautiful dish of purple spheres of gorgeousness ♥♥

  11. Thank you Nicole <3 Xx Would you please be able to briefly explain a simple way to cleanse crystals and stones? As you know I have your beautiful throat chakra healing necklace which I adore and I wear everyday since receiving it. Because of this though it has become a bit dirty and I been feeling for a while that it is need of a clean, but I didn't know what was the best way and I certainly didn't want to damage it in any way. It has become like a little friend! and I receive great comfort from wearing it <3 Xx

  12. Thank you Nicole. Have really enjoyed the series on crystals and learning how to connect and use them. You know me… just makes me want to ask more questions, have more information and knowledge and to go away and apply it and self discover. I look forward to reading your blog each morning, it is a perfect start to my day! Thank you.

  13. Really nice, clear, and precise instructions on gridding, and some really great ideas on practical uses. I love the idea of gridding to help sleeping. I’m a generally happy person, but I often have very disturbing dreams. Any suggestions for a good generator crystal?

    1. The best one for you would have to be rose quartz or selenite. Otherwise you’ll be over-stimulated.
      Or smoky quartz, if you want to ward the bad dreams off. Wonderful for protection and for lifting your vibration.

  14. Nicole, thank you so much for this series on crystals. It is wonderful and just what I needed.
    I have been collecting and wearing crystals for many years without much thought. Just thought I liked them. Recently I found a ring I had bought years ago but hadn’t seen for a long time. It is silver with a chunky rough amethyst and I am loving wearing it now as I go through a transformation.
    I am a really bad sleeper so I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for stones to use in a grid to help me sleep at night.
    Thanks and blessings

    1. HI Suzy, you want crystals that will calm you down and that will ground you. I’d recommend any of the jaspers, angelite, selenite, mangano or other pink calcite, moonstone or bloodstone. Go with what feels right for you, and what you’re attracted to. Much love to you xx

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