Shhhhh….. Napping Happening here!

“Reading and naps, two of life’s greatest pleasures, go especially well together.” 
― Will Schwalbe

I love Boxing Day. I don’t cook a thing. We survive on the leftovers of the Christmas Feast. Which is no hardship, believe me. Leftovers! Such a magnificent word. I sometimes think the only reason I cook so much food for Christmas Day is for the days to follow where my fridge and pantry are laden with leftovers I don’t need to prepare.

Today I plan to nap. And read. Then nap some more.

Ben will listen to the cricket on his headphones as he drives around our house paddock on the ride-on mower.

Later we might swim, if it’s hot.

Or, probably, just nap some more.

I think this might be my favourite day of the year!

Wishing you some relaxation and self-care too today,

All my love, Nicole ❤ xx

2 thoughts on “Shhhhh….. Napping Happening here!

  1. I love it too..for few years Boxing day has been about tearing off to Woodford.But this year just going for the day.on friday .so napping and sorting boxes of collected shite so I can actually gett into the spare room and use it! Love and hugs.leaving quitly now so you can continue napping

  2. For you and your napping friends, did you know there’s a Facebook Group NannaNaps? And the website Napism.Info, for people who take their naps “religiously”. Enjoy!

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