Would You Like Me To Include You In My Meditations?


“Through my love for you, I want to express my love for the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings. By living with you, I want to learn to love everyone and all species. If I succeed in loving you, I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth… This is the real message of love.” 
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation is the cornerstone of my life. It is the first thing I do when I wake up each morning. It is the last thing I do before I go to bed.

I don’t just meditate to find stillness and peace. I also use meditation for shamanic and mystical work. I use it to connect with and help my students, I use it to access healing, and to share and support energies.

This week I’m working on some very specific areas for emotional and spiritual healing that may also have an impact on physical well-being too.

For the next few days I am focusing on supporting you to move through and begin to resolve feelings of loss, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, emotional isolation and powerlessness. My aim is to find the places where emotion has become stuck inside you, causing you to become out of alignment. I am also looking for the old stories, traumas and memories which are subconsciously shaping you in opposition to your soul’s true nature. In my meditations I will dissolve these outmoded energies and stories, returning them to love and releasing their patterns from your energetic field.

As your energy comes back into alignment with your true nature, your vibration will rise and you will be more easily able to express yourself creatively and emotionally. It will increase your sense of self-awareness and self-trust.

I meditate twice a day, morning and evening. I also connect with some people during my night-flying practices. If you’d like me to include you or a loved one specifically in my meditations just let me know in the comments below.  And, of course, I love getting feedback about anything you notice as a result of my meditations.

Much love, Nicole xx

Back to Meditation Tomorrow!

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.” 
~ Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation


I’m sorry I missed posting last week’s meditation recording, but as most of you know, I had a friend in serious need of love and support, and that trumped blogging.

So stay tuned tomorrow for the next meditation in our seven week series – a guided meditation for orienting your conscious awareness to your beautiful Soul energy.

If you’d like to catch up on the meditations we’ve already covered click here.

Image from Mindful Dreaming

Image from Mindful Dreaming



Guided Meditation for Emotional Support

Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?
~ Richard Bach

Life is a glorious adventure, but sometimes the road is hard.  Sometimes we become overwhelmed by our troubles, we feel alone, and we think that we don’t have not enough strength to face even the smallest uphill journey.

I want you to know something. I want you to know that you are loved.  Even though you might not understand it, there is love all around you. You are never alone.  There is so much that supports you energetically.

Disconnection is a feeling we’ve all had, but it is truly an illusion.  Today I’ve recorded a Guided Meditation to help you connect back into the energies of love and support. All you have to do is sit back, relax, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of my voice.

You’ll need to allow about fifteen minutes for the entire process.  It’s a great way to start or end your day.  Just click on the link below to begin:

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for Emotional Support

You’re in my thoughts and prayers.  You’re in my daily meditations. From my heart to yours, I’m sending love across the miles.  ♥

Let the Teacher appear…

Image from wallpaper.net.au

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~ Henry David Thoreau

If you have a dream, chances are you’ll need help to get there. Whether you want to write a book, climb a mountain, win Olympic Gold, speak a new language or improve your health, your best bet will be to attract a good teacher into your life – one who will believe in you, and have the ability to help you to grow and to shine.

Sometimes the only thing that holds you back from success is not a lack of talent or good ideas, it’s a lack of knowledge, skills or techniques.  But that doesn’t have to be an obstacle – trust that there truly is someone or something out there in the Universe that can help you bridge that knowledge gap. Someone will have walked that road before you, and they’ll be willing to show you how to follow in their footsteps…

Image from personalexcellence.co

You might need a coach, a mentor or a teacher. Maybe a course or a book will help.  It might even be a job, a radio interview you just happen to tune in to, a magazine article or a useful suggestion from a stranger.

Know that the Universe is listening, and that it responds to your call.

Let the Universe know that you’re ready.  Ask for support.  Ask to be shown.  And then trust that the perfect person or information will show up in your life.

Image from thehiyL.com

I’ve created a short guided meditation to faciltate this process, and help you draw that teacher or resource to you.  All you need to do is listen, and stay open to the possibility of help turning up in your life:

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for calling Teachers into your life

 Believe in yourself.  Believe in your dreams.  Allow yourself to be magnetic to change and growth.  Now is your time to shine! ♥ xx

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Getting to know your Crystal – Day One

Now that you’ve chosen your crystal, using the suggestions we covered yesterday, you’ll first need to cleanse it before we start work.

Here are some tips on the care and cleansing of your crystals:

Crystals absorb energy, just as they project it.  When you first receive a crystal, or if you have been working with it for some time, you may need to cleanse it of unwanted vibrations from people or situations with which it has come into contact.

A simple way to cleanse a crystal is to hold it in your hand, say a prayer or dedication and then blow gently on the crystal, imagining that your breath is white light which will blow away all negative vibrations within that crystal.

You may also visualize a cascade of pure white light flowing into and around your stone, cleaning it and transmuting any negativity into light.

Image from heavenandearthessentials.com

Crystals may be placed on a bed of rock salt in a wooden, glass or pottery container, and left in a quiet place.

They can be smudged with smoke from fragrant timbers and herbs, or with the smoke from incense. The fragrant smoke clears the energy of people, places and objects.

This is a technique often used by Native American Indians and Australian Aborigines. To smudge a stone, just waft the smoke onto and around the crystal.  You might want to do yourself too, at the same time!

As with any cleansing process your intent that the crystal be cleansed and that any negativity be transformed into light is of the highest importance.

Other gentle ways to clean stones includes placing them in sunlight, in a garden or beneath a healthy potplant, placing them outside in moonlight or showers of rain, and washing them under running water.  Streams, rivers and the sea are ideal for this.  There are some stones that do not like water, including malachite and selenite.  Use your intuition, and be gentle with delicate stones.

Some stones may need to be left in nature for a long time if they have absorbed a great deal of energy on your behalf. (The stones above are from a crystal grid I made last year. If you look closely you might see a fairy!)

In some instances crystals may even break, indicating that they have served their purpose and are no longer needed in your life.  Burying certain stones or partially covering them with earth often helps stones to ‘ground’ and return to their true essence more quickly.  Hard working crystals often develop rainbows around their internal fractures, which is symbolic of release, healing and joy.  From difficult times something of great beauty and value can often come.

A simple introduction to your crystal:

Now, to begin your relationship with your chosen stone, listen to this simple eight minute guided meditation as you hold your stone in your hands:

Nicole Cody’s Working with Crystals- Day 1 Meditation

I hope you come to enjoy working with crystals as much as I do.  They are a magical gift, and a very beautiful, healing and joyful part of my life. ♥