Best Coconut Ice Recipe ♥

This is my prize-winning Coconut Ice recipe, which made me almost as much of a Show Queen as my precious cow 767.  It has been entered in many agricultural shows, and won me incredible trophies. As well as the 22 Blue Ribbons and Prize Certificates, this recipe has netted me (among other things…) a tea-towel set, a glass cheese board, a clock set into the tummy of a plastic mouse, and the greatest one of all – a bottle of non-alcoholic sparking wine with a faux French Champagne label that made us all VERY excited. (None of us could read French and the label was tres` impressive!) It tasted so bad that it refreshed the droughty grass outside my kitchen window.

That’s okay.  I always got to eat all of the pieces that didn’t make it into the competitions, and that was the sweetest reward of all.  This is a lovely recipe – easy for non-cooks, and with great keeping qualities. Which is a stupid thing to say really, because it never lasts long enough to prove those qualities.  Make a batch of this and you’ll see what I mean.


500g icing sugar (4 cups of confectioners sugar for my USA friends), 250g unsweetened dessicated coconut (2 and 1/2 cups), 1/2 cup condensed milk, one egg white, 60g copha (1/3 cup of vegetable shortening), vanilla essence, pink food colouring.


Sift the icing sugar into a large bowl, and then add the coconut and gently mix through to combine.

Melt your copha and allow to cool slightly.

Whisk the egg white just a little, and add the egg and condensed milk to your dry ingredients. Then add your copha and a slug of vanilla essence ( a teaspoon or so should do it).

Mix until well combined into a firm, moist mass.  Divide the mixture in half, and colour one batch a cheerful pink with your food colouring.

Press the white mixture into the bottom of a baking paper lined tin.  Smooth out with the back of a spoon, and then gently press the pink layer over the top.  Smooth and press in well with your spoon and then refrigerate until set (about 2 hours).  Remove from tin and cut into bars or small squares.  It will only need to be refrigerated if you live in a hot climate.  Or you could just eat it all…

Perfect for gifts, or with a cup of tea as a happy-making treat.

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88 thoughts on “Best Coconut Ice Recipe ♥

  1. Hi, I just made the recipe. Loved it but the pink coloured coconut ice lost it’s colour and is now pale orange. What caused this. I used well known brand colouring

    1. Hi Andrew, I’m sorry – I have NO idea why this happened. I wish I could be more helpful on this one. I asked several trusted baking colleagues and none of them knew either.

    2. Just made this today. We don’t have copha over here so I substituted for organic coconut oil, low heat melted and added in. This was gorgeous, so much so that my wife who “does not like coconut ice, no why am I making that” absolutely loved it!

  2. This is the same as my recipe. I add a few drops of coconut essence to the pink as well. Makes lovely xmas gift in a fancy jar.

  3. This is the same recipe that my Mum used to make back in the ’60s. And yours looks the exact same in the photos. It’s the egg white that makes the difference I’m sure. She used to make it for fetes and gifts and everyone commented on how good it was. Whenever I bought coconut ice at stalls it was total disappointment as it never tasted creamy smooth like this recipe does. Thanks Nicole for posting.

  4. You are right! This is the best Coconut Ice I have ever tasted.Made about 100 pieces for my nieces engagement party and they were the first to disappear.Then again for my grand niece birthday and guests were asking for more! Love it, love it, love it. Making another batch tonight for my son’s birthday tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing, many blessings, love n light coming your way!😌😌😊

  5. Great recipe. My daughter just won 2nd prize at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney for Coconut Ice with this. And she took the leftovers to her Girl Guides group who also enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Ok so I am sitting here wondering why I entered into the show under the catagory coconut ice as I do not even have a recipe for it. after much searching I landed here and with all the amazing awards this recipe has won it has to be the one!
    So off to get the ingredients and have a practice run before I have to make it next weekend.

    Oh I just thought, hope you are not entering the same show as you would win hands down with all of your practice…

  7. Nicole, these sound and look delicious! I shall have to give them a try. Thank you! I must warn you however, I am not good at following a recipe, I must make them my own with variations.

    Thanks for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. Léa

  8. Hi,
    I am just about to make your recipe for my mum for christmas, but I am a bit confused
    the recipe says 60 grams of copha or 1/3 cup.
    but 60 grams is 1/4 cup .
    can you please clarify whether it is 1/4 or 1/3 cup
    Kind Regards

  9. it sounds SO delicious…I am just wondering if you know how it would work without egg white, or is there a substitute? My naturopath friend told me to not ever eat raw eggwhite…? Thank You x

    1. even though the egg white goes in raw, sugar actually cooks the egg white so you shouldn’t have any issues

  10. How long do you think this would keep? It looks like a great emergency work treat. Its very good of you to share rather than hoard your secrets!

    1. It freezes really well, Jackie, and I’ve kept it for about a month in the fridge (by hiding it or it would NEVER have lasted that long!) I make huge batches before Christmas, freeze them, then bring them back to room temperature and wrap them for gifts. There would be a riot if I forgot to make it one year 😀

  11. Hi there. How long have you kept these for before? Will they happily do a couple of weeks? Even with the raw egg in it? How hot is too hot to have them at room temp? Any thoughts would be a great help thx!

  12. Came across your blog whilst looking for a coconut ice recipe & have lost the last 3 hours reading through your blog posts, quotes & recipes. I will definitely make a return visit. 🙂 !

  13. i was wondering if it would be ok that i post this on my facebook page? midknytemunchies. i will leave a link for the page and everything. maybe minus the pics as i try not to post pics that way if it does not turn out as good as yours people will not be disappointed

    1. I’m happy for you to repost as long as you give links and acknowledgement. 😀
      I actually like pics so that I have a rough guide as to what it might look like. This one’s so easy – it is hard to stuff up if you follow the directions!

  14. I will definitely try these. I am wondering if using coconut oil which is solid at room temp would add more of a coconut taste instead of vegetable shortening. Have you tried it that way?

    1. Yes I have, but because I live in Australia which has a sub-tropical climate (where coconut oil is liquid or very soft at room temperature for at least half the year) it was hugely unsuccessful. Even under refrigeration it was not as firm as I would have liked. The vegetable shortening does not become liquid even on our hottest days, has a very mild taste, and is used in small quantities, so it works better down here. I find these to be very ‘coconutty’ anyway. But by all means try the coconut oil if your climate suits it! 😀 Let me know how you go…

  15. I wil try this but with organic shredded coconut and coconut oil instead of veg oil to get a better flavor, plus organic sugar which I will grind into powder to avoid corn starch . Let u know how it turns out

  16. Omg ! I’m eating these right now and they are TO DIE FOR ! Yurmy yurmy !!!!! Theyre supposed to be for a morning tea party tomorrow but i dont think they’ll make it through the night 😉 iihihihihi

  17. Wow! Such perfect looking coconut ice and the first one I clicked on in my search. Can’t wait to try it. They don’t know about coconut ice here in Canada unfortunately but I have great memories from fetes in Zimbabwe.

  18. It looks very tasty , yet simple to make. But is there any other way of making it without adding egg. Cz I am vegetatrian , for the time being (Wil change back to non-veg ofcourse). So can you suggest anything else vegiterian instead of egg plz??

    1. Thank you, will try it in a couple of days. Will surely, let you know how it tasted. I have had a lot of this from confectioneries from never tried it at Home. Thanks 4 the recipe n the tip. 😉

  19. Thank you Nicole – with Christmas coming up and my normal ‘Christmas Sweet’ baskets already in the planning this is well timed and I look forward to making use of this recipe. I normally use green food colouring to make it more Christmasy.

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