Big Brave Bert And The Terrifying Fly!

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“Courage is found in unlikely places.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien


Summer is fast approaching here at our little farm, and with summer come the March flies. March flies are big flies. Big. Did I say big? Some people call them horse flies too. Besides being big they are also bullies. They bite, and their bites hurt. A lot. 🙁

The first I knew of them this year was one of my cows running down the hill with her tail in the air, as if escaping from a predator. They do that whenever a March fly bites them.

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Bert is particularly terrified of March flies. He’s been known to race inside the house, tail between his legs, and hide behind our bedroom door at the first sound of their buzz.

Yesterday he braved the outdoors by coming to lie beside me on the day bed on the veranda. Bert was sure I would protect him from those awful flies, and I did! Armed with my trusty $1 pink plastic fly swat (that my Nana bought me twenty years ago) I made short work of any pesty fly’s attack.

Bert felt much happier after that. But he stayed closed to us all day, just in case…

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5 thoughts on “Big Brave Bert And The Terrifying Fly!

  1. Don’t you adore the little mite . A little connection with mum is sure to the baddies at bay . Such a serious little face that means business .

  2. Poor sweet Burt. I sure do understand. My little Schatzie once swallowed a bee and it made her so sick. I think it stung her mouth. The vet bill was $400. After that, every time she heard a fly buzzing,she ran and hid, terrified. They scared her till the end. I got good at killing the flies I couldn’t relocate. It’s good to know Burt is doing well otherwise and taking good care of you. I know what you mean about horse flies. Lots of parts of our countries have them and they ARE mean. 🙁

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