Monday Morning Oracle Card – 22 August 2016

Deep Knowing Oracle Card - from Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Deep Knowing Oracle Card – from Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

“Commandment #1: Believe in yourself. Commandment #2: Get over yourself.”
~ Kristan Higgins

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”
~ J.K. Rowling


Every Sunday I conduct my own little mini-planning session for my week ahead. My Sunday Session allows me to go into the week ahead with awareness and a plan.

Lately I have been choosing an oracle card for my Year of Me year-long course, to give them a perspective for the energies of the week ahead. It’s a bit like a weather forecast for the coming week, but from a spiritual perspective.

It’s such a good idea that I’ve decided to share that information with you too.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!


Deep Knowing

This week’s card is ‘Deep Knowing’ from the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck.

If you go back and review what I had to say about the energies of August – 2016 you’ll find that this card is delightfully supportive of that energy.


August encourages us to own our own Mastery and to work on deepening our knowledge and skills. Part of that energy is around embracing and understanding what it is that we do well and easily. Or identifying our heart’s calling. With our heart’s calling we may have a passion but need to work on those skills and talents in order to gain mastery. That’s okay. If it’s our calling we will undertake all of that practice and learning, all of the mistakes and the rough and tumble as just a part of the journey. We won’t give up, even when the going is hard, because our heart will call us on and through. A calling is a path or idea that we just can’t quit on.

Please note that not everyone has a dedicated calling. Some people’s life will be larger than a concept of work. So, for those without a calling, choose something you enjoy and are naturally good at. That way the work will mostly be fun and easy. (I say mostly because even dream jobs have suckful aspects. Yes they do!)

The energies this week support you becoming clear about your calling, or about work that can be easy and enjoyable because you have natural talent and flair for that thing.

Everyone has something that comes easily to them, or that they can do well. Often we discount that thing for the very reason that it came easily to us. In August don’t be so quick to talk down or overlook your natural gifts and talents. Is there anything you are ready to teach or share, even if it’s in the most small and humble of ways? (I also know many a person with a calling who uses their natural talent in an easy day-job that supports them while they toil away on their dream. This might need to be something you think about and add into your plan this week. How can I support myself easily while I work on this personal project of mine?)

Today you are you that is truer than true

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How to use the energies of this week!

The energy of this week is all about owning what we are good at. It’s about focusing on that. It’s about creating space for that thing. For making plans. For taking tiny steps. Or big ones. It’s for identifying our knowledge gaps so that we can boost our knowledge and skills in areas where we currently are a bit stuck – or totally clueless – especially where we know our lack of knowledge has been holding us up.

One good way to do this is to have others reflect back to you what they see as your strengths and unique talents. Often it is hard for us to see in ourselves what is obvious to the people around us.

Plan a little time out for some journalling and reflection this week and ask yourself:
– what am I good at?
– what makes me happy when I am doing it?
– what is the thing other people are always asking me for help or advice about?
– what’s holding me up because I don’t know how to do it?
– do I have a dream or project I just can’t give up on?

You’ll be amazed at where all of this might take you.

Once you’ve got your answers, or at least a beginning space, draw up plans to take action. Dreams can never be realised if they stay as thoughts or abstract concepts. This week’s energies are really supporting you to get that clarity and to take those first or next steps.

quote about dreams

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There’s Planning, and then there’s Life…

2016-05-20 11.27.40

“All human plans [are] subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one preferred to call the powers behind the Universe.”
~ Arthur C. Clarke


Thursday last week I’d had every intention of Monday (today!) being the day where I would launch my half-year edition of the Year of ME Planner and welcome you all to come join those of us already working with the Planner, and this fabulous supportive community that has been created,

I’m out by one day!

Sorry, it won’t happen until tomorrow. Our internet and phone problems which have plagued us for months at the farm and which were getting steadily worse became critical on Thursday night. Friday we had almost no telecommunications at all. Saturday, the technician appeared, pulled all our services and worked on the line all day, restoring service that works (fingers crossed!) late on Saturday afternoon. It’s very hard to work on an internet-based business when there is no internet!

And then on Sunday, my scheduled day of rest which I’d decided to repurpose as a catch-up day, I ended up dealing with a psychic emergency that lasted late into Sunday night (or early Monday morning if we were to be specific!).

So now I’m going back to bed to catch up on some sleep after yesterday. All the details of the half-year Planner (which goes from June to December 2016) will be up on the blog and in the shop tomorrow. You’ll be able to buy the Planner on its own, or buy a package that includes the Planner and membership to the remainder of our year-long online course and private facebook community.

There’s an extra-special reason to join the community this year too. All of my Foundation Members (people who joined this year) will have access to a code that will lock you into this year’s full-year price when I launch my bigger, brighter all kinds of other lovely things community next year. And as long as you remain a member you’ll only ever have to pay that price forever. No matter how many extra resources and materials I add.

Cafe Dog is pawing at my leg and looking at me winningly, so maybe we’ll have a little Cafe breakfast outing first before I finally get some sleep.

And I’ll share the details of the psychic emergency later this week. My client’s happy for me to let you know what happened, and I know you’ll find it fascinating and very affirming for those of you who are also intuitive (which I’m pretty sure is all of you!).

Lots of love, a very sleepy Nicole xx

Want to Join Me For A Ten Day Health Challenge?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
~ Helen Keller


In ten days we’ll be looking at the end of January – the end of the first month of this new year.

I know. You said things would be different this year.

And I also know that some of you are already flagging. (Are you using my Planner? I promise that will make things easier!)

Sometimes, in order to affect change, we need to make new habits. We need to do things differently than we did before. You know this already, on a head level. You may have even tried to make changes in the past. But many of us have not been good at keeping promises to ourselves. Our commitment muscles have become weak. We don’t trust ourselves anymore. It becomes easier and easier to quit on ourselves and our own goals, even as we are holding up the rest of the world with one hand, encouraging and supporting everyone else.

So I propose a Challenge.

Ten days of completing a simple task each day. Every day.

Ten days are enough to start getting into the groove of a new habit. Ten days are enough to see and feel a change. Ten days are enough to find out that we CAN keep our promises to ourselves. We can finish January strong. We can build belief that will help move us through the rest of our year with more confidence and tenacity.

The skills we learn by sticking to one small commitment can then be applied to the bigger things we hope to achieve for ourselves.

No matter what your plans this year, or your One Big Thing, I’m encouraging you to choose a simple health focus for the next ten days. Why? Because you live in your body! Because nothing works well when we don’t have our health. Good health choices are a kindness to ourselves. They are self-care in action. And these choices help us to feel better about ourselves on every level.

Image from

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Make your choice a small one. You’ve got lots of other stuff going on. Don’t overwhelm yourselves. Not sure what to choose? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Drink two litres of water each day
  • Eat breakfast
  • Walk every day
  • Yoga stretches each day
  • Make my own healthy lunch instead of take-out
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Green juice every day
  • Eat a particular way (doctor or health specialist recommended, paleo, weight watchers, gluten-free, coffee-free, whatever-way-of-eating-you’ve-been-half-assed-about-in-the-past)
  • Daily exercise of my choice
  • No screens (phones, computers, TV, tablets) for an hour before bed, and none in the bedroom
  • Daily power nap
  • Eat mindfully, at the table
  • Daily fresh juice or smoothie
  • Daily short meditation (I have lots of free ones here on my site – just put ‘meditation’ in the search bar)
  • Take my vitamins, supplements, magical potions every day
  • Ditch junk food and sugar
  • Stop eating/drinking that thing you know you need to!
  • Connect with someone you love and who loves you – by phone, skype or face-to-face. We all need connection.
  • Healthy snacks instead of chocolate and donuts
  • Cut down or cut out alcohol
  • Daily grounding with bare feet on the earth
  • Use essential oils daily, on yourself or in your diffuser
  • Time in nature
  • Sunshine
  • Enough sleep
  • Short breaks and mini-holidays or adventures each day
  • Move my body, every day, for ten minutes – my choice of movement!

Are you with me? Feel free to write your name below in the comments, along with your ten-day focus. And join us over on facebook, where I will be posting daily updates and encouragement, and where you can share your own progress.


January 2016 – A Great Month For Clearing Clutter!

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“There’s memory clutter, which reminds you of an important person, achievement, or event from your past. I think memory clutter often gathers in the homes of people with some degree of depression. And then there’s “I might need it one day clutter, in which people hang on to stuff in anticipation of an imagined future. Among these folks, I’ve noticed a recurring theme of anxiety…Maybe it’s possible that the stuff we own and obsess over is the physical manifestation of the mental health issues that challenge our minds.”
~ Peter Walsh


January brings a wonderful energy of renewal to the beginning of this new year.

It’s the perfect time for cleaning up your home and office, for clearing clutter, and moving things back to simplicity and flow.

Now is the time to go through your home, room by room, drawer by drawer. If it’s broken, if you don’t know what it is anymore, if it has lain there neglected for years, let it go. If it doesn’t fit, let it go.

All of that stuff accumulated in the corners of your life, shoved into deep recesses in cupboards or under the bed? All of that old energy bogs you down and hampers the ease of new energy and opportunity coming to you. It adds to your stress. It weighs you down.

Let it go.

“By handling each sentimental item and deciding what to discard, you process your past. If you just stow these things away in a drawer or cardboard box, before you realise it, your past will become a weight that holds you back and keeps you from living in the here and now.”
~ Marie Kondō


Same with your business. Review each idea, each product or service. Review all of those books on the shelf, and files on the computer. Sort through the emails and old email files.

Will this take time?


It might take all month…

Is it worth it?


Hold a garage sale. Put your surplus items for sale online or give them to charity. Recycle. Clear it all out.


Image from

January is also a great time for spring-cleaning your mind. Let go of old patterns and worries that no longer serve you. Let go of outmoded fears and anxieties. Let go of self-sabotage. Open yourself to new opportunities and possibilities. Get all the ideas in your head down on paper. Journalling is a great tool for that. So is my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

Do a detox or lighten your diet. Get your body moving. (That will be easy with all of this cleaning!)

Leave the past in the past. There’s plenty of time ahead for planning and projects and all of the good stuff. Let’s start from clean. Let’s start from space to think and create and breathe.

Let’s match this new-energy year with a new-energy life!

What’s Really Going On, Nicole?


“Once you become self-conscious, there is no end to it; once you start to doubt, there is no room for anything else.”
~ Mignon McLaughlin


I’ve had a cranky few days.

I could explain it away as lack of sleep – too much noisy koala sex outside my bedroom window keeping me awake all night – but that would not be it. A contributing factor? Sure. But still, I know my own mind.

Which is why I have a handy question for such instances.

‘What’s really going on, Nicole?’

That’s what I ask myself. Because I know that I know…

So, yesterday, I asked myself, ‘What’s really going on, Nicole?’

‘Oh, just shut up!’ I told myself in my best cranky voice. ‘Leave me alone. I’m just tired. I’m just busy. That’s all.’

The word ‘just’ is a huge red flag for me. It’s my cop-out word. It’s my loaded word. It’s nothing… It’s just…

It’s just that I’m obviously avoiding some big fat thing that I don’t want to talk about.


Does that sound familiar to you?

Are you sniffing, and flicking your hair, and shaking your head, and turning away, and saying ‘Fine, I’m just fine…’ at something too?

It’s no good living with a stompy five-year-old in my head having a temper tantrum. That’s not how I want my year to be. 2016, among other things, is about bringing what is hidden into the light. It’s about owning our shadow, and the unclaimed and rejected parts of ourselves, our families, our societies.

I decided to make a pot of tea and do some journalling using a technique called Left Hand Right Hand Dialogue for connecting to that cranky inner child.


Let me show you what followed:

Big Nicole: ‘Hi, Little Nicole’ I asked with my dominant hand. ‘What’s really going on?’

Little Nicole: ‘Your planner is dumb!’ I responded with my non-dominant hand, in words so cranky they made stab holes in the page.

Big Nicole: Surprised, (I love my Planner and have been using this method for years) I asked ‘Why do you feel that way?’

Little Nicole: ‘I don’t want to do it. I don’t like it. It’s stupid.’

Big Nicole: ‘Why don’t you like it?’

Little Nicole: ‘I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to have to do that thing.’

I immediately experienced a sinking feeling in my stomach. My stupid Planner. Yep. It’s four days into January and I still haven’t chosen or brainstormed my One Big Thing.



I have.

Last year when I was working with Bek, my graphic designer, she asked for an example of a mind-map that we could use as an illustration in my Planner. I happily obliged, telling myself, ‘I’ll just choose this thing, because it’s a good example, and it’s not really my One Big Thing. ‘Next year I’ll choose something different. Something business-y. Or health. Or… something.’

Here’s that thing I keep avoiding.

mind map

What’s really going on, Nicole?

Shut up, alright. I just don’t want to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People will know I’m weird. I won’t be able to take it back once it’s been said. People will judge me. I’ll be laughed at. Rejected.

It won’t be good enough.

I won’t be good enough.

I don’t want to do it.

Except that I really do. It’s the thing I care about so much. Every time I think about the manuscript, finished and needing editing and sitting in my bottom drawer. Every time I think about it, or avoid thinking about it, or do it, or actively avoid doing it, Black Cockatoos fly over my farm, squawking loudly. My Aunties, encouraging me. Reminding me. I am this thing. I need to be this thing.

That’s what my Aunties told me about Black Cockatoos, all those years ago as I sat in the dirt in a circle of wise Aboriginal Women.

“Dis fella keep you company too. Remind you of your black sisters, up here in dis country. Even when you leave and go far, far from here, dese black fella birds and their yella-tailed cousins will find you. Sing to you and say ‘Remember, Remember,’ No way we let you forget. Dat story in you now. You belong part of our family now.”

“One day you live somewhere, you call dat country home. Smell like dis place. Earth. Sea. But make you happy again. We send all dem black fella birds remind you your promise. Remind you your story. Then you know it’s time. Time to be dat story. Live dat story in your heart. Live your true Dreaming.”


Already, people who are working with my Planner have been sending me encouraging messages about my memoir. Because I used that stupid example, and it’s there on the page for everyone to see.

Have I started it yet? they ask. Can’t wait to read it!

Do you need an accountability buddy?



Today I will sit with my Planner and map out how to properly make my memoir my One Big Thing.

I’m not resisting now. I’ve had my little moment. It’s time to own this thing in me. To own my story and put it out into the world. And then move on to something else.

I am what I am. My ‘Otherness’ is what shapes me. It will all be okay.

I highly recommend asking yourself the question.

What’s really going on?

Examining stuckness, resistance and repressed emotion is always a good thing. Bring that which is hidden out into the Light.


Does Planning Your Future Press All The Wrong Buttons In You?


“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
~ Salvador Dalí

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
~ Maya Angelou


2016 is right on our doorstep.

For many people it’s a time of review. For some it’s a time of making New Year’s resolutions. And some of us are working with my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

Reviewing and planning your life – it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Except when it’s not.

I have always maintained that self work is some of the hardest work you can do. It’s easy to go through life busy – getting up every day tired, going to work or school, coming home to eat and watch a screen and then fall into bed. Repeat x 365. With the exception of holidays and Christmas. Busy numbs you. Routine numbs you. You don’t even have to think. Life becomes a series of multiple choice questions with the answers all there in front of you. Or we can let life drive us and carry us along.

Self-work wakes you up. Self work makes you examine your life. Who are you? What do you want? In what direction do you want your life to go?

When we begin to ask ourselves those questions it can be hard to truly see and own the choices (or lack of choices) we have made thus far.

It can be incredibly confronting to stand at the centre of our life and realise that we no longer know what makes us happy. Or worse, that we have become so disconnected from ourselves and from Spirit that we feel like we have only emptiness when we ask ourselves the big questions.

Image from

Image from

And there’s one other elephant that often creeps into the room when we do start to give ourselves permission to plan and dream and consciously create our lives.

That would be the elephant of Unworthiness.

That feeling where all our fear kicks in. All our self-doubt. The voice in our head, which is effectively silenced by hard work, routine, illness or fatigue, starts whispering and then shouting…

Not good enough

Too fat

No money

Too sick

Too old

Too stupid

Too late

I’ll fail

I don’t deserve it

It’s impossible

and all manner of other unhelpful things. All the old fears rush in. Plus a few new ones. Often that voice gets so loud that all we want to do is put down our Planner (Did I mention that I have an awesome Planner to really help you live consciously in 2016? 🙂 ) and go back to the numbness of the life we lived before.

You’ll know if that’s you.

You’ll move into a place of resistance. Of procrastination. Of crankiness even.


That’s always a positive sign that those buttons are being pushed in you because you are moving out of stuckness (where it’s safe) and back into the flow of life again.

I’d urge you to keep going with planning and dreaming and manifesting through your intention.

I know some of you will now counter that with, ‘But Nicole, you don’t understand! I’m sick. I have no money. No-one is helping me. My life sucks. How can I plan a better life when I am not even coping with my day? That’s so unrealistic – to dream of an ideal life, or even a better life, when were I am currently sucks so much.’

Image from

Image from

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Remind yourself that self work is the hardest work you can do. Encourage yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself kindly, like you would a small cranky, frightened child.

Know that sometimes this work needs time to flow. Stick with it. Work in small bites. You can always write a little bit down and then come back to your dreams and your life plan and add more later. Let it be an adventure in knowing yourself, rather than an awful chore that needs to be perfect or ‘done right’.

And most importantly?


Imagination is a powerful force, and just like when you were a child, you can go into your imagination and create without limitation. Thoughts become things. Change is always possible.

Back in 2000, shortly after I was married, I became so sick from undiagnosed lyme that my husband was advised to put me into a nursing home. I had lesions on my brain. My cognitive ability was shot. I couldn’t walk, think clearly, or function in daily life. It was predicted that within six months I would be a drooling mess, and that within a few short years I would be dead.

But I still had my imagination, and my ability to dream.

I’m sure that’s what got me through.

And every single thing (bar one – having kids), on my list of dreams and seemingly impossible goals from that time in my life has now come true, even though at the time I was sick, had no money, life truly sucked, and I didn’t know HOW it would ever change.

Life is a great big adventure, and we never truly know how it will unfold for us. But thinking and dreaming is still free, and there is powerful magic in those two acts. Don’t give up on yourself!

2016 is almost here. It’s a whole book of blank pages for us to fill. Don’t let that be terrifying. Your imagination is a giant crayon box jam-packed with colour and possibility, longing to be let loose on those blank pages.

Dare to truly think. Dare to give yourself permission to imagine. Dare to dream.

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Want some help and support for your journey?

We’d love you to be a part of our Year of ME Planner – 2016 community. Come join us, and make 2016 a year of supported and nourished growth.

Much love to you,

Nicole xx


My 2016 Personal Planning Summit!

2015-12-27 06.05.03

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery


Today is a day I always look forward to. After a relaxing Christmas, and a delicious day of doing completely NOTHING yesterday, today I begin my personal Planning Summit for 2016.

I’ve set aside four days, four glorious empty days, just for thinking, dreaming, designing, discussing and planning. It’s a time for Manifesting Energies for the coming year.

My year-long whiteboard calendar is wiped clean of 2015. All ready for the year ahead.

I have my Year of ME Planner to be filled in.

I have oracle cards and notebooks and stickers and an abundance of pens and pencils. There is music and silence and snacks and tea and all of last years notes and financials. I have my stories to explore. Health to think on. Retreats and workshops to hold. Online courses to launch. Holidays to plan.

Some of this I’ll be planning on my own. Some of it I’ll plan with Ben. Some it will be me and my wonderful PA, Dana, sitting with our heads together and discussing what’s happened in the last year, and where to from here.

Today I’ll start with some stretching, and a little reading, followed by a good breakfast with Ben and Cafe Dog.

Then I’ll come back home and get stuck into it. In between naps and swims and the watching of Christmas DVDs. Because planning must incorporate moodling time, and time for ideas to consolidate. For me it needs to be fun!

Image from

Image from

If you want to hold your own Planning Summit I have everything you need in the front of my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

You can access all of the Planner options here.

If you’ve signed up for my year-long course (still spaces available) or deluxe membership package (only one spot left!) I’ll be on the private facebook group today from 12pm (Sydney, Australia time), discussing my planning strategies, guiding you through the process, and answering questions. I’ll be popping in and out of facebook through into the evening and I’m really looking forward to sharing with you!

All of the Planner and Planner Package options are available by clicking on my Shop tab.

I’m wishing you your best year yet for 2016.

And right now, it’s time for me to plan mine!

2015-12-27 06.04.10


The Sunday Session – or How to Plan Your Week

2015-12-03 05.52.59

“If you don’t know where you are going,
you’ll end up someplace else.”
~ Yogi Berra


In Australia the expression Sunday Session is most commonly associated with a lazy day of hanging out with your mates, consuming rather a lot of alcohol. Preferably in a beer garden, with some live music and decent food.

That is not the kind of Sunday Session I want to share with you today. (Although it’s a lovely bright Sunday morning, and this close to Christmas a social gathering over a few beverages, be they tea or beer or something else, sounds rather marvellous.)

No, I want to talk with you about my kind of Sunday Session, which involves me, my planner, a couple of pens and a little quiet time.


Almost every Sunday, starting from when I was still in high school, I have conducted a short Sunday Session. I pull out my planner and spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour planning my week ahead.

Now that some of you are working with my Year of ME 2016 – Planner, and seeing that it is Sunday here in Australia, I thought I’d quickly walk you through my process.

  1. Some time on a Sunday I make myself a cup of tea OR I take myself to a favourite cafe.
  2. I sit down somewhere quiet with my planner, my oracle cards, my beverage of choice, and my pencil-case full of neat pens, stickers etc. (I confess, stationery addict and pen nerd.) If I can’t get a quiet place, I use my earphones with a white noise program.2015-07-25 17.30.00
  3. Firstly I orient myself to the week ahead. What’s happening? Any major events, celebrations or stresses coming up? Time off?
  4. Then I read through my goal for the year, and my One Big Thing that I am currently working towards. I refresh my memory about my plans, and what needs doing.
  5. I assess my energy and health. Or as I call it, check the charge in my batteries. I’m always cautious and realistic. If I’m running on a flat battery I will make different choices to a week where I am fully charged. Is there a crisis or situation around me that will need my energy. I take that into account too.
  6. I pull one card for my week ahead, and think about what guidance and insight this card reveals to me. This also shapes the decisions and choices I will now make about my week ahead. I spend a minute or two and journal that.
  7. What is the most important thing I need to focus on for the week ahead? I decide that first. For me this week it’s about getting my Year of ME online course up, and supporting that to work smoothly. (Fingers crossed!)
  8. I then work out my Lucky Dip. A Lucky Dip is a little ordinary pleasure. My equivalent of stopping to smell the roses. This is important. It’s not something that can be done if there’s time. You make the time. Why? As my dear friend Angela sobbed in my arms before she died two months ago, she listed all of the things she regretted that she would never do. Simple things like restaurants never visited, books not read, beaches not walked on, food not eaten, time not taken, places not visited. Every week I choose a Lucky Dip, and I do my best to make sure I am living my life and finding joy, even in the craziest or hardest of times – which is actually when you need them the most. 2015-11-20 15.03.46-2
  9. I write a list of the things that need to be done or remembered this week. Anything critical I didn’t do last week that needs to be carried over to now? I add those bits first. Then I think for a minute on each of the major events. Christmas Day this Friday. I add tasks to my to-do list that will support those events. What do I need to do? Thursday – Ice. Buy seafood. Fresh fruit. Take sneaky hidden presents and put under tree. Phone or text guests with reminder. Then I look at my diary and work out when I can get jobs done, or who I might delegate tasks to. I begin to pencil things in to more specific times in my Planner/Diary if I am well and know I can plan ahead. If I am unwell, or tired, or things are in a state of flux, I just leave everything on my Running Sheet, my giant to-do list.

That’s it. That’s my Sunday Session. It can be done in just five minutes if needed, but those five minutes still orient you to your week ahead in ways that make your life more clear and purposeful.

If it’s a big week, like mine is this week, I might spend up to an hour on my Sunday Session, but then my week is laid out in front of me and it reduces my stress, knowing that I have a plan that is flexible and adaptable and which will help keep me on track and get me safely through to next Sunday!

2015-12-17 07.18.49

I can’t over-emphasise the importance of my Sunday Sessions. Thank goodness I am now well on my way to recovery. But while I have battled Lyme Disease, and living with the ramifications of an acquired brain injury from that condition, plus having Hashimotos Thyroiditis (lesions on brain and brain fog make for a very unreliable memory!), this planning session and my list meant that I could keep functioning in the world, even as ill as I have sometimes been.


Image from

PS – Occasionally my Sunday Session morphs into a general planning session, brainstorming and the generation of new ideas, courses or stories. That’s fun too. Think of Sunday Sessions as like your own private science lab for concocting the magic of your life!

sfs mindmap course areas

Monthly Subscription for Year of ME course now live!

2015-12-03 05.51.16

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
~ Arthur C. Clarke


I have done something I never thought I would do.

I learned to code. That weird HTML thing that finally allowed me to put a magical button on my Planner’s Monthly Subscription option. Because, you see, my shop function doesn’t allow for subscriptions, but I found a way around it. (I am constantly learning all these things when it is the middle of the night or stupid o’clock and my desk is covered in paper and empty water glasses and tea cups and no-one is coming to work it out for me, and I must work it out for myself…)

Anyway, I digress.

Want to pay by the month for my Year of Me Planner – 2016 and the wonderful year-long course and support forum that goes with it? Well now you can! Go to my Shop tab, and click on the Monthly Subscription option. When you open it up, click on the Subscribe Button to activate the subscription. Don’t press Add to Bag, as nothing will happen and you’ll be left feeling disappointed.

Click here to choose the Monthly Subscription option.

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I am now going to take Ben and Cafe Dog out for their very first cafe outing since Ben’s surgery. I’m driving (makes me realise how much better I am that I am braving the road) and we are ducking round the corner at 6am for a proper coffee and something tasty. I will be the one at the table with the hobbling man and the insane hound.

A week til Christmas too. I only just figured that out. Wow.

Big love and hugs, and thanks for all your support,

Nicole xx

2015-12-17 07.30.50


It’s Here! The Year of ME Planner – 2016

Front page ME Planner

“Our soul is like a soft and gentle flower, it needs to be nurtured, cared for, tended to, with sufficient sunlight, fresh air and freedom to bloom into its most precious and beautiful form. This, my friend, is self-love.”
~ Miya Yamanouchi


I’m so proud and excited to announce…

the launch of my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

We are now firmly in the flow of a new energetic era, post-2012. This emerging era is about growth, expansion, community, collaboration, and connection, and 2016 offers us an incredible opportunity to position ourselves for this new energy!

If I was to sum up the energies of 2016 in one word, that word would be LAUNCH. It is a year for expressing yourself authentically in the world, taking new directions and finding new ways of being, for starting and growing life-changing projects, for truly becoming more of who you are. A year that demands honesty and space for being yourself, sharing your gifts and moving into the flow of creativity and abundance.

To really take advantage of a year like this you need a practical tool – one that helps you to make a map and then navigate that map to your destination.

2015-12-03 05.51.16

Welcome to The Year of ME Planner – 2016. ME stands for Manifesting Energies, and that’s what this planner is all about. This is your space for exploring and consciously creating the kind of life you desire – it’s your own personal think tank and manifestation machine.

The Year of ME Planner allows you to plan and action a life that is intuitive, intentional and purposeful. Whether you want to launch a business, get in shape, write a book, create the most exciting holiday or wedding, build a garden or just have more time for the things that really matter I’m here to guide you, step by step, to manifesting that life. I want you to use this planner so that you can look 2016 in the eye and say with confidence ‘2016? This is going to be the year of ME!’

I’ve created this Planner from a system I’ve used with great success in my own life for many years. Using this system I’ve been able to create a fulfilling life and a thriving business, all while I’ve been chronically ill and mostly working at home in my pyjamas in between naps or bouts of being bed-ridden. It’s a very gentle and user-friendly system that will nurture your soul and help you work towards your dreams in practical ways that can also adapt to life’s unexpected turns.

The Planner encourages you to use journalling, oracle cards and self-reflection. It has inbuilt affirmations, month-by-month guidance and techniques for extreme self-care. I’ve incorporated solid management tools alongside intuitive ones. There are Lucky Dips and Magical Carrots! This Planner reflects your need to live from the heart, honouring your spirit as well as your mind.

This is my pilot year for the Planner, and you can order it here. I have three different options for you to choose from.

  1. Option One is a digital download of the 287 page Year of ME Planner for $22 AUD. The Planner has everything you need to get started and keep going strongly all year.
  2. Me PlannerOption 2 is a 12 month online course and support forum, which also includes a digital download of the Year of ME Planner. The online course features a virtual planning ‘bootcamp’, and a host of information about how to use all of the tools within the planner. I’ll show you how to work with crystals, I’ll teach you how to give yourself an intuitive oracle card reading, I’ll walk you through every step of the Planner, and then each month I’ll give you insights and information about the energy of the month ahead. There will be downloadable guided meditations, additional focus activities, and interviews with people who have helpful things to share that will allow you to grow and be supported right throughout the year. There is also access to an exclusive and private Facebook Group to help you connect with lovely and like-minded people. Cost is $275 AUD.

Me Planner_Membership

3. Option Three is a Deluxe Membership package that includes all of the features of Option Two, plus some important extras. It is designed to give you very personalised support, guidance and direction, and direct access to work with me, one-on-one.

If you’re ready for really big changes, if you’ve got a big idea, or you just need some extra hand-holding this level of membership might suit you best.

  1. A printed copy of the Year of ME Planner – 2016 (which I will hide notes and love letters in!)
  2. A 2016 stone. This crystal will be chosen for you by me, and programmed for you and your success.
  3. A deck of Oracle Cards to be purposed exclusively for your Year of ME planning work
  4. A 30-minute Year Overview and Guidance Session with me, recorded and sent to you as an MP3. This session will be scheduled for you in late December or January so you are ready for the year ahead.
  5. A fifteen-minute One Big Thing Focus Session and check-in with me to make sure you’re clear and organised.
  6. Regular email updates.
  7. 4 x sixty-minute Spiritual CEO group teleconferences – one at the end of every quarter, to give you insights for where you’ve been, and where you’re going, plus time for a Q and A session with me.
  8. Exclusive guided meditations throughout the year to help you open to your possibilities and awaken your own intuitive knowledge.
  9. Bonus 2017 Heads-Up meditation, download and activities to help you close out 2016 and prepare for 2017.

The cost of this option is $1500 AUD.

Me Planner_PlannerPack


Update! *** MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION OFFER for Option 2 is now live. You’ll see it listed on its own, with a $0.00 price tag. Click that button to access the SUBSCRIBE button embedded within the product description.

You can buy all of these products from my Shop, by clicking on this link or by using the Shop Tab at the top of this page.

I’m looking forward to supporting you on your journey in 2016. I know it’s going to be a life-changing year for you.

Much love, and deep appreciation for your support and encouragement that has helped make this Planner possible. (((HUGS))) Nicole <3 xoxo