A Sneak Peek at My Secret Project!

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I always thought that the first book I brought out into the world would be a story. But it isn’t my story. It’s yours!

Here’s the sneak peek I promised you of the project I have been working on. It’s a Planner, to help you to organise your year, and to help you make the most of the incredible energies for change that 2016 is offering us.

If I was to sum up the energies of 2016 in one word, that word would be LAUNCH. It will be a year for expressing yourself authentically in the world, taking new directions and finding new ways of being, for starting and growing life-changing projects, for truly becoming more of who you are. A year that demands honesty and space for being yourself, sharing your gifts and moving into the flow of creativity and abundance.

To really take advantage of a year like this you need a practical tool – one that helps you to make a map and then navigate that map to your destination.

As you may remember me telling you, every year going back as far as I can remember my mother boldly announces on New Year’s Day, ‘It’s the Year of Me this year! It’s going to be different this year. This year will be the year of ME! I’m going to do what I want to do. For me!’  After which Mum starts the year so well-intentioned, but by February the wheels have fallen off the bus, and by the end of the year she’s thoroughly exhausted and nothing much has changed, and she still hasn’t gotten around to those important things for herself that she cares about. Instead her life has been work, more work and meeting everyone else’s needs. Do you relate to that? I think most of us do.

Welcome to The Year of ME Planner – 2016. ME stands for Manifesting Energies, and that’s what this planner is all about. This is your space for exploring and consciously creating the kind of life you desire – it’s your own personal think tank and manifestation machine! So if you prefer ME, (apart from standing for YOU – no, not just you, Mum, hopefully other people will use this Planner too!) can also stand for Making Empires, Magical Engagements, Monetary Expansion, Mindful Experiences, Mysterious Enticements or even Masterpiece Enactment.

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How did The Year of ME Planner come about?

Ever since I was a kid I have been filled with plans and ideas. Creative ideas, business ideas, and life ideas. I worked successfully in the corporate world for a while, and then crossed over to being self-employed. But I often came unstuck with my plans. If I followed my head and over-rode my intuition it never ended well. If I ignored my body (I’ve had, until recently, undiagnosed Lyme Disease for over 30 years, so I am well acquainted with exhaustion, mental fog and still needing to earn money to pay the bills) I ran myself into the ground. When I had more than one project on the go, I tended to start messing things up. At one stage I was working out of four different day planners – one for dates and scheduling, one for mind-mapping and big-picture planning, one for spiritual connection and oracle or rune guidance, and one for journaling my ideas.

Finally I created a strange hybrid journal of cut-and-pasted pages just for me which incorporated all of those elements – big-picture planning and goal setting, regular review of those goals, brainstorming sessions, a space for drawing an oracle card and reflecting on that, for spiritual musings and for journaling my hopes and dreams. I then created time in my calendar and journal for my very own Yearly and Quarterly Planning Summits, as well as Sunday Sessions for reviewing and planning each week before it unfolded. This allowed me to be organised, decisive, guided and most importantly, flexible. I didn’t just want to get things done – I wanted to live a life that held meaning and colour and texture. A life aligned with my values. A life that made me happy. One that also allowed me to goof off occasionally, to not fall behind or overburden myself if I was sick, and to have regular much-needed down-time. A life that looks a lot like the one I lead now!

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The Year of ME Planner allows you to create your own map – to a life that is intuitive, intentional and purposeful. Whether you want to launch a business, get in shape, write a book, plan the most exciting holiday or wedding, build a garden or just have more time for the things that really matter I’m here to guide you, step by step, to manifesting that life. I want you to use this planner so that you can look 2016 in the eye and say with confidence ‘2016? This is going to be the year of ME!’ I’m so excited about this tool that I could just about bust. It helps you to practice extreme self-care, personal and life management, and will guide you to put plans on the page that are actionable and realistic, with just the right amount of daring.

We’ve been using the first part of the Planner here at the Soul Sanctuary Retreat with brilliant results, and my lovely retreat participants have already helped me to fine tune and add a few extra bits and pieces that they know will support you well. It’s a pilot project, after all. And I love that energy of collaboration, where we all work to make something the best that it can be.

I’ve also been cooking up a little extra surprise to go with the planner – a whole community of love and support to help you work towards crafting a more meaningful and purposeful life. A collaborative community for you to craft your best life! I’ll be launching a year-long course and members area, packed with tools and information to help you make 2016 your best year yet. You will be able to find out how to do an intuitive reading for yourself, learn to work with oracle cards and crystals, watch my instructional videos, listen to exclusive monthly guided meditations, interviews with experts who have helpful information and skills to share, and access my month-by-month interpretations of the energies at play. You’ll get to meet like-minded people, find support buddies and receive a flow of motivation, inspiration and reminders every month so that you don’t start strong and then fizzle out before you actually get anything done!

I so want for you to have a 2016 that sees you create a life that moves you closer to your dreams and that is rich with friendship, happiness, creativity and purpose.

So that’s my surprise. And it’s filled with Lucky Dips, Magical Carrots, and a whole lot of love and magic.

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I’ll be formally launching the Planner at My Christmas Party in Brisbane next Friday, but I’ll have a sales page up in the next few days for pre-launch sales.

The cost of the planner will be $22 AUD for a digital download of the Year of Me – 2016, which is currently standing at 270 pages of goodness.

The cost of the digital download AND a full year’s support through the online course and member community will be $275 AUD.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this Planner, and I am thrilled to be part of your unfolding story for 2016.

Let’s walk this magical path together!

Lots of love <3 Nicole xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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21 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at My Secret Project!

  1. WOW! Finally an answer to my prayers! Thank you soooo much Nicole. I am forever grateful how one day I “accidentally” stumbled across your blog. Like others, I have been frustratingly waiting for the Year of ME. These last two months, I have been scrambling my way through the fog to try and decipher the process of how to achieve this. I knew 2016 was for me to come into my own. I knew it had amazing potential….but…..did my potential have the ability to make the year shine? And, thanks to you Nicole and your beautiful programme….YES IT DOES!! As you can tell, very excited!! Very excited for you and your amazing results of developing an idea into a book and programme. Very excited for me to come under your wings of love and support. Can’t wait. xxx

  2. Despite your illness and running a business and farm, you continue to amaze me with all your creative projects for yourself and others! Can this be paid in US Dollars and how?

  3. How wonderfully exciting. I was just musing this morning what the secret special thing was you were going to launch this month and here it is. Woo hoo. What a fabulous achievement and a great tool for us. Congratulations and thank you I and and Nicole.

  4. For all you Americans out there, at today’s exchange rate that’s about $200 USD.
    YAY! I can’t wait to see it. Will it have places for daily, weekly, or monthly oracle/tarot readings?

  5. Sounds like a great planner, I think many people would benefit from such a planner, me I am not a planner I am a drifter and bouncer as in I drift through life and bounce around with little sense of direction

  6. As the original author of this “famous’ line,I anticipate my Christmas gift will be a copy of your creation[fully autographed] so that I do not have another failed year! It certainly will be the “Year of ME” in 2016 as I relaunch my own business and lifepath,never too old to start again and find real happiness and contentment as well as great achievement.So proud of youxxxx

    1. Gotta love when your children use your failures as examples in the blog ⭐️⭐️⭐️Good thing you planted the seed 🌱🌱🌱to give Nicole the amazing idea to invent a beautiful resource to help us all launch 🐝🐝🐝🚀🚀🚀🚀 ourselves to achieve fantastic results in our lives, so really she such a sweety thinking about us all 💕💕have to love that . Look out universe … We are on the move 🐍🐢🐒🐑🐛🐝🐜🐘🐞🐌🐅🐋🐄🐏🐀🐉🐎🐐🐓🐖🐁🐕🐆🐪🐊🐈🐩🐆🐾🐾🐾🐂

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