My 2016 Personal Planning Summit!

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“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery


Today is a day I always look forward to. After a relaxing Christmas, and a delicious day of doing completely NOTHING yesterday, today I begin my personal Planning Summit for 2016.

I’ve set aside four days, four glorious empty days, just for thinking, dreaming, designing, discussing and planning. It’s a time for Manifesting Energies for the coming year.

My year-long whiteboard calendar is wiped clean of 2015. All ready for the year ahead.

I have my Year of ME Planner to be filled in.

I have oracle cards and notebooks and stickers and an abundance of pens and pencils. There is music and silence and snacks and tea and all of last years notes and financials. I have my stories to explore. Health to think on. Retreats and workshops to hold. Online courses to launch. Holidays to plan.

Some of this I’ll be planning on my own. Some of it I’ll plan with Ben. Some it will be me and my wonderful PA, Dana, sitting with our heads together and discussing what’s happened in the last year, and where to from here.

Today I’ll start with some stretching, and a little reading, followed by a good breakfast with Ben and Cafe Dog.

Then I’ll come back home and get stuck into it. In between naps and swims and the watching of Christmas DVDs. Because planning must incorporate moodling time, and time for ideas to consolidate. For me it needs to be fun!

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If you want to hold your own Planning Summit I have everything you need in the front of my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

You can access all of the Planner options here.

If you’ve signed up for my year-long course (still spaces available) or deluxe membership package (only one spot left!) I’ll be on the private facebook group today from 12pm (Sydney, Australia time), discussing my planning strategies, guiding you through the process, and answering questions. I’ll be popping in and out of facebook through into the evening and I’m really looking forward to sharing with you!

All of the Planner and Planner Package options are available by clicking on my Shop tab.

I’m wishing you your best year yet for 2016.

And right now, it’s time for me to plan mine!

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2 thoughts on “My 2016 Personal Planning Summit!

  1. I’m so excited to be starting the new year with my year of me planner under my wing..finally I have it printed up… It’s a good feeling to have the whole of this week to get on with it and plan for the year ahead.. This planner is awesome thanks Nicole:)

  2. You sound so positive and upbeat greeeeeaasat to hear that . I’ m having my moodling time today after my family go home . Will check out your Year Of Me Planner , I had such a lot on and was a little confused with the packages only because my head wasn’t in it …will check it out later when I’m moodling …like that .
    Peace and light to you and your family in the new year

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