All Things Fairy!

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“Things that fairies love? Well, every fairy is different, just likes peoples are. So I will tell you what I love. I love flowers and crystals and shiny sparkly things, and babies smiling, and people laughing, and music, and the smell of puppy feet. And I love you! Thank you for believing in fairies!” ~ Sokli


We had the loveliest ‘Making Friends with Fairies’ workshop yesterday. Kids and adults all gathered around, talking about one of the things I love best – fairies!

We talked about some of the different kinds of fairies, where they live, and what they do. Flower Fairies and Treekeepers, Forest Fairies, Mountain Fairies, Rock¬†Fairies and Water Sprites to name a few. ūüôā We learned how fairies can help us and our pets and our homes and gardens.

We played with crystals and learned how to make a fairy garden, and then we made some lovely sparkly fairy attractors to hang in our gardens or houses.

Here are a few of them. Aren’t they pretty!

2015-12-12 12.13.17

In the afternoon I ran another workshop called ¬†‘Introduction to Gridding with Crystals’, and I was very grateful that my fairy friend Sokli decided to visit and share some of her knowledge with the group by telling people what crystals were good for them, and why.

It was a super day, and we all learned a lot. I’m so happy that I am able to share my love of fairies and crystals with others. And it was a lovely surprise to have Sokli turn up to speak with us.

Her biggest message for everyone? Be kind. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. Be kind to the animals and nature places. Be kind to the planet.

Whether you believe in fairies or not, I think that’s a pretty good message.

It’s my final day of Pop-Up Shop today, and it’s also our Healing Practice Day, so if you’d like to come along and practice some simple energy healing techniques for yourself and others we’d love to see you. Details on my Events page.

Thank you too, a million times over, for everyone who has already bought one of my Planners. Some of you have also been asking if I could make a monthly subscription for the $275 year-long course and support. I’m sure I can, but I need a stretch of a few good hours in front of the computer to work out how to make that happen. So please be patient with me and I’ll do my best to get it sorted out for you in the next couple of¬†days, as soon as I get a spare moment.

Much love to you, Nicole <3 xx

When Crystals Break…

Image from Flickr

Image from Flickr

‚ÄúWe had entered an era of limitlessness, or the illusion thereof, and this in itself is a sort of wonder. My grandfather lived a life of limits, both suffered and strictly observed, in a world of limits. I learned much of that world from him and others, and then I changed; I entered the world of labor-saving machines and of limitless cheap fossil fuel. It would take me years of reading, thought, and experience to learn again that in this world limits are not only inescapable but indispensable.‚ÄĚ
~ Wendell Berry


Crystals are wonderful healing tools and metaphysical companions. There are two things I find admirable about crystals. They will take on enormous energetic burdens on our behalf, and they know their limits.

Sometimes when a crystal has worked hard it will reach breaking point – the place where it literally cannot take any more.

I have had crystals explode in my hand (or not long after putting them down) while doing energetic work for myself or others. Some of my stones have developed internal fractures and cracks so that the stone remains whole but the inner crystal shows flaws. When they heal they often develop a rainbow in that spot.


Whenever working stones crack or have had enough, I return them to the earth for a while. Or sometimes, forever. Some crystals will rehabilitate over time and be ready for more work, some will be done for good.

It has been a while since I’ve had a stone break, but one broke yesterday while¬†I was using it.

As I held my meditation mala in my hands, working¬†on my retreat students, one bead snapped in half between my fingers. It had absorbed a trauma on a student’s behalf, creating a big energetic shift for that person. But that stone had no more to give, and it told me so. A rose quartz butterfly – one wing simply sheared off, with absolutely no pressure from me.

2015-06-26 06.25.32

Fortunately I’d added an extra bead to the mala, in case such an event occurred. I transferred the intent and positive energy from the broken stone into the spare bead.

When I break down the mala at the end of our retreat I shall bury this stone in the beautiful gardens at Sangsurya Рour retreat venue. I will thank it for its hard work and sacrifice. I will bless it and let it go back into the earth.

Be gentle with yourself right now. Be kind. Choose loving words. Nurture yourself, especially if you’re working hard. Treat yourself as a precious object and fill yourself up with love. We all have limits. It’s important to honour them.

Bless <3  xx


Ritual for Connecting with Your Ancestors

Image from Becoming Ursa

Image from Becoming Ursa

‚ÄúWhen we have passed a certain age, the soul of the child that we were and the souls of the dead from whom we sprang come and shower upon us their riches and their spells, asking to be allowed to contribute to the new emotions which we feel and in which, erasing their former image, we recast them in an original creation.‚ÄĚ
~ Marcel Proust, The Captive & The Fugitive

‚ÄúYou are the fairy tale told by your ancestors.‚ÄĚ
~Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut


2015 is almost upon us.

It’s going to be a big year for many. A positive year. A year where everything changes.

Years ago, when I lived in the Kimberley, my Aboriginal Aunties taught me how to call on and connect with my Ancestors. Doing that changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. There is so much love, wisdom, support and guidance for us beyond what we can see here in our own reality.

Our Ancestors are our loved ones who have crossed over, back to the beginning of our family line. Some of these Ancestors you may know. They will have been your father or your grandmother, an aunt or some other family elder from your living memory. Some of these Ancestors will go so much further back than that.

Tomorrow I’m going to give you a guided meditation to help you connect in with the energy of your own Ancestors, so that you may draw on that help and love in the days ahead.

To be ready for that meditation you need just a few simple things:

  • a crystal or stone you can hold comfortably in your hands
  • a list of any personality characteristics you would like strengthened in you
  • a list of any personal¬†values you would like strengthened in you
  • a list of skills¬†you would like strengthened in you
  • a project that is dear to your heart where you would like to enlist help for its success next year

Your lists don’t need to be exhaustive. Their purpose is simply that you have given these issues proper thought before the meditation begins so that you can make the most of your time in that space.

See you tomorrow!

Lots of love, Nicole xx

PS – Here’s the stone I’m called to use tomorrow. It’s a Shaligram (the¬†traditional name for it) – an ammonite fossil. My dear friend Sally found it in Nepal and brought it home for me. It has the most amazing ancient energy.¬†And it fits so¬†snugly into my hand!

2014-03-24 18.55.30-2

Guided Meditation for Anchoring into Oneness Energy

Image from COT Victoria

Image from COT Victoria

‚ÄúYou are not separate from the whole. You are one with the sun, the earth, the air. You don‚Äôt have a life. You are life.‚Ä̬†~¬†Eckhart Tolle


Today’s guided meditation is designed to help you understand and connect to oneness energy, that beautiful space of unity consciousness where we realise that we truly are connected to all things.

Let’s just recap on what you’ll need for this guided meditation.

1) The memory of someone you love who is no longer in this world. Choose only one person, and make sure that you feel a strong emotional connection to them.

2) Someone still living, whom you are ready to forgive.

3) A stone or a crystal that feels good in your hands and that has been placed outside on the earth, in the soil of a houseplant, or on a windowsill where it has received natural daylight or moonlight for at least six hours or overnight. .

4) A colour that resonates strongly for you, and that you can use as a visual clue by wearing it something with that colour so you can see it, or even  a piece of string or ribbon tied around your wrist or a flower in a vase in front of you.


You’ll need to set aside half an hour for this meditation. Sit or lie somewhere quietly, using pillows or blankets if needed to make yourself comfortable. Then simply close your eyes and follow the sound of my voice. It’s fine to let yourself fall asleep during the meditation, or immediately afterwards.

To listen to the meditation, click on the button below:


This meditation is really useful to get you into a good headspace for working with intention, and for working with forgiveness and love. It is soothing, energising and helps open us up to our authentic selves.


PS: If you’d like to review the other meditations we’ve covered so far, click here.


Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Meditation!

Image by Laura Iverson

Image by Laura Iverson

“Your spirit is mingled with mine what touches you, touches me.” ~ Rumi

A few weeks ago I started a series of seven weekly guided meditations, and tomorrow I shall bring you number six!

I wanted to give you a little notice today so that you could be well prepared. So, for you to make best use of tomorrow’s meditation, I need you to do a few simple things for me today:

1) Think about someone you love who is no longer in this world. Choose only one person, and make sure that you feel a strong emotional connection to them.

2) Think of someone still living, whom you are ready to forgive.

3) Choose a stone or a crystal that feels good in your hands. Place it outside on the earth, rest it in the soil of a houseplant, or place it on a windowsill where it will get natural daylight and moonlight for at least six hours or overnight. Retrieve it tomorrow before we start the guided meditation.

4) Choose a colour that resonates strongly for you, and that you can use as a visual clue tomorrow by wearing it as a scarf, clothing, a piece of jewellery, socks, a shawl or wrap. It could even be a piece of string or ribbon tied around your wrist or a flower in a vase in front of you.

That’s all you have to do. Enjoy the rest of the day, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a guided meditation that will help us to easily move into the energy of oneness and unity consciousness. Much love to you, Nicole xx dwells

Meditation Messages of Love, Hope and Wonder

My beautiful drusy Cobalto Calcite Crystal

My beautiful drusy Cobalto Calcite Crystal

‚ÄúLove is a force that connects us to every strand of the universe, an unconditional state that characterizes human nature, a form of knowledge that is always there for us if only we can open ourselves to it.‚ÄĚ ~ Emily H. Sell

I sat down to do a meditation yesterday afternoon using a crystal that’s recently been given to me by a friend (thanks, Lachlan!). ¬†It’s a drusy Cobalto Calcite with an extra little ¬†dusting of drusy Malachite on the reverse – a pretty thing, and comforting to hold. ¬†This stone is excellent for all heart-related work, including work with physical ailments of the heart, emotional healing, love and relationships.

Settling down on my Kundalini Beanie (a fantastic meditation chair created by another beautiful friend, Angela Toohey), and holding my rock, I quickly moved into a deep state of relaxation and then meditation.  I was in that lovely heart space of connection for about twenty minutes when I heard a very clear, sweet soft voice.

“Please help us.”

Was I imagining it? I sat in meditation.  Nothing.  I opened my eyes and looked around the room.  Nothing.

Back I went into meditation.

“Please, please help us.”

Okay. I wasn’t imaging it. I couldn’t see anything, but I started to get a lovely warm feeling like I was floating in a golden ocean.

“Janie Edwards,” the voice said. “Can you help her?”

I have a client named *Janie Edwards.¬†*Note¬†– I’ve changed the names here to protect the privacy of the people involved.

No more words followed.  Instead I was filled with understanding. Somehow Janie was pregnant and losing her baby.  In fact, I sensed that the baby had already died.

“I’ll stay here to help the other,” the voice said. “Tell her we’ve been together so many times before. I love them all. ¬†Thank you.”

Abruptly I came out of meditation still clutching the crystal which was now hot in my hands.

I didn’t quite understand all I’d been shown, but I immediately went to my computer and found Janie’s contact details. She was someone I hadn’t spoken to for nearly ten years. ¬†Her home phone no longer worked but her mobile did.

I called her and after general niceties, and her shock at my unexpected phone call, I asked if she could be pregnant.

No, she said a little angrily.  She and her husband had been through twelve rounds of IVF, and gave up over a year ago.  At forty five she was in peri-menopause and now too old.

Oh my goodness, I felt bad for her in that moment.

“Are you sure you couldn’t be pregnant?” I asked her again.

“I do have some lower back pain,” she said hestitantly. It turns out she’d had back pain and pelvic cramping for a few days. ¬†It took some convincing, but she promised to call her doctor right away.

I didn’t hear anything back until much later last night. ¬†Janie’s husband *Peter called me. Janie was in hospital and doing fine. ¬†She is nearly six months pregnant with twin girls, conceived naturally, and one had died in utero. ¬†The doctors operated to remove the dead infant and the other little girl is still in the uterus and doing fine. They expect that Janie will now resume a normal pregnancy, although of course, they’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

I explained what had happened that led me to call Janie, and passed on to Peter the message that their unborn child had given me, about having been together before,  loving them all, and staying to look after her sister. It was a very emotional call.

Photo from iStock

Photo from iStock

Love. ¬†It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it?

So, I woke up this morning feeling incredibly calm and happy. I spoke to Janie just a few minutes ago. ¬†She’s sitting up in bed at the hospital having a cup of tea, and saw I was awake too after I posted on facebook. She gave me a call to thank me. ¬†Janie is over the moon to be pregnant, and told me she and Peter have already named both their girls. Angelica Rose for the little girl they lost because for them she is an Angel who Janie stills feels so strongly around her, and they called their surviving daughter Nicole Grace, after me! Of course, I promptly burst into tears at such an honour. ūüôā


I am so grateful that I am able to be a messenger for others. It humbles me and awes me both.

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PS – If you’re interested in those nifty meditation chairs I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can contact Angela directly though her website for more information, and to see the cool video that explains how they work.

Choosing Crystals To Attract Love ‚ô• Part 2

‚ÄúYou know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē¬†Dr. Seuss

Can you use crystals to manifest love in your life?

You bet!

But let’s be clear that you can use them at attract ANY kind of love. ¬†Romantic love, friendship, a creative project, dream job, a holiday that you adore, a baby…

I’m going to show you two ways today of calling in love. ¬†The first is very easy and conventional. ¬†The second feels amazing, and is much more ‘witchy’. ¬†They both work well, so choose the method that most resonates with you.

First of all, let’s look at some crystals that would be helpful for this exercise:

Clear Quartz – The perfect stone for Soul Mates and Life Partners. ¬†It can also be used for any other love purpose too. A great all-rounder. ¬†It doesn’t matter if it’s a tumbled stone, a point, a shape, or a cluster. ¬†Go with what feels right for you!

Danburite – This is one of the scrummiest stones I know for fertility and babies.

Amethyst – This is useful for calling in spiritual Soul Mates and also for connecting strongly with your Guides

Green Aventurine РThe best crystal for attracting real and lasting friendship into your life.  Green Aventurine literally sparkles with that joyous energy of heart expansion.

Fluorite Рmy favourite stone for calling in creative ideas that I will adore.  Terrific for writers, musicians, artists and other creative types, or for folks who are looking for some artistic pathway to fall in love with.

Citrine – Use this stone for calling in your dream job, your perfect project, a career path that you will LOVE. ¬†Great for finding your direction when you’re unclear.

You can actually choose ANY crystal that calls to you, when you’re choosing something to bring love into your life. ¬†The most important thing is that you FEEL drawn to and happy with your choice. ¬†I have been known to walk into a crystal shop, absently pick up a rock without realising, and then find it still clutched in my hand as I am leaving. ¬†Sometimes I have not been visually attracted to the stone, but I knew I had to have it. ¬†It became un-put-down-able… ¬†Those sorts of stones are just fine too!

Feel free to review this general information on choosing and preparing crystals too, before we complete our activity for today:

Choosing A Crystal

Cleansing and Connecting with Crystals

Now, let’s work with our chosen stone.

Method one:

  1. Activate your hand chakras
  2. Take your crystal in one hand (left for men, right for women) and hold it up in front of your heart.
  3. Place your other hand just above the crystal, so that it is cupped between the energy of your two hands.
  4. Pour energy and light into your stone, and then set the clear intent of what you want. ¬†You don’t need words. ¬†Just FEEL the energy of a new love, a new baby, a new job, whatever it is that you are seeking to call to you. ¬†Intensify that energy as you pour it into the stone.¬†
  5. Say aloud, or strongly in your head I call you to me now.  I call you to my heart. Thank you.
  6. Finish by closing both hands over the stone and offering up a prayer or words of gratitude to the Universe.
  7. Now that your stone is programmed you can keep it on you, or place it by your bed, desk or on your windowsill.

Method Two:

  1. Follow Method One first! Then take your programmed crystal and go outside.
  2. Find a spot to lie down on the earth. Lie right down on the ground so that you are facing the sky. You can choose to hold your crystal in your hand, or place it on your chest, over your heart. Close your eyes, and feel a deep connection into the earth.
  3. Offer up a prayer of thanks, affirming that you now draw this love into your life.
  4. Feel your heart begin to spin. ¬†When the energy is strong, imagine an energy like a tornado rising out of your heart. ¬†Feel your body strongly connected into the earth, while the energy from your heart soars out into the universe like a swirling, spiralling storm. Let your heart energy roam until it connects into something. ¬†You won’t get a name or a face – you’ll just get a feeling. Say with strong intention I welcome you into my life now. Thank you.
  5. Pull that feeling of connection back into your heart, and then allow your awareness to settle back into your chest.
  6. Become aware of the earth beneath you as you come back into your body.  Take a moment or two and relax before you stand up again.