Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Meditation!

Image by Laura Iverson

Image by Laura Iverson

“Your spirit is mingled with mine what touches you, touches me.” ~ Rumi

A few weeks ago I started a series of seven weekly guided meditations, and tomorrow I shall bring you number six!

I wanted to give you a little notice today so that you could be well prepared. So, for you to make best use of tomorrow’s meditation, I need you to do a few simple things for me today:

1) Think about someone you love who is no longer in this world. Choose only one person, and make sure that you feel a strong emotional connection to them.

2) Think of someone still living, whom you are ready to forgive.

3) Choose a stone or a crystal that feels good in your hands. Place it outside on the earth, rest it in the soil of a houseplant, or place it on a windowsill where it will get natural daylight and moonlight for at least six hours or overnight. Retrieve it tomorrow before we start the guided meditation.

4) Choose a colour that resonates strongly for you, and that you can use as a visual clue tomorrow by wearing it as a scarf, clothing, a piece of jewellery, socks, a shawl or wrap. It could even be a piece of string or ribbon tied around your wrist or a flower in a vase in front of you.

That’s all you have to do. Enjoy the rest of the day, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a guided meditation that will help us to easily move into the energy of oneness and unity consciousness. Much love to you, Nicole xx dwells

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Meditation!

  1. That art by Laura Iverson is absolutely amazing. I do a weekly inspiration list every Saturday of all of the things that have helped fill my heart for the week – that just made it in omg 🙂 The Rumi quote was beautiful too xo

  2. Good morning Nicole ,have missed you while you have been unwell glad you are feeling better sweet . Last night I did last week’s meditation, I’m a bit behind , really needed it and loved it thank you . I am so looking forward to tomorrow ‘s meditation . I ‘m sure I’ve said it before but you should be on prescription .

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