Win a Crystal, Chosen Just for You!

Last week I announced that in honour of the unexpected success of Cauldrons and Cupcakes, and my wonderful readers,  I would give away three prizes.  The first was this beautiful little book by Simone de Haas, titled – and the winner is Anita!  Congratulations, Anita.

This week I am giving you an opportunity to win a crystal, chosen by me based upon your energies and needs.  From my vast collection of stones that I charged up during the Transit of Venus earlier this year, I am sure that I shall find something that perfectly suits you.  I’ll also send you some simple instructions on how to work with your new crystal in meditation, as well as a channelled personal message about the qualities of your new stone.

I love working with crystals. I use them in meditation, in healing, and to enhance my writing and creative work. I use them extensively with my students when I am teaching spiritual and metaphysical courses. I often feel like I’m handing out lollies as I gift them with little bags of stones…

Naturally I also use them for my own psychic work too!  If you don’t know much about crystals you can check out some of my posts here:

Choosing A Crystal

Cleansing and Connecting with Crystals

Healing with Crystals

Using Crystals to Access Information

Working with Crystal Grids

All you need to do to be in the running to win your own special crystal is to leave a comment below.  I’ll put all of the names into my Tibetan Singing Bowl next Monday, 22nd October, and choose one at random. The winner, and the final gift, shall be announced on Tuesday 23th October’s blog. Feel free to share this post with your friends too. I trust that we are going to make some crystal magic happen with this give-away.

Thank you again, from my heart to yours, for all of your support and company as I blog my crazy life! ♥ xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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253 thoughts on “Win a Crystal, Chosen Just for You!

  1. Thanks Nicole for all your wisdom and words of encouragement! I am so glad to live in the age of the global village, where a stranger a world a way can have a profound effect on other’s lives. Keep spreading the light!

  2. Hi Nicole. I love reading your posts. Thank you for bringing your message to so many. Would love to win a crystal, but if I don’t that’s ok too….sending love and light to all. Clare xo

  3. Dearest Nicole, it would be a very special gift to receive a crystal chosen by you. Congratulations on the success of your blog. What you share on your FB posts and blogs brings joy and guidance to so many! Thank you & bless you <3 Julie

  4. I love your blog about crystals, all the information you give is so simple to use right away. And how can I buy your crystals?Thank you

  5. Oh My….yes please Nicole…I would be honoured to be included in your drawer. A crystal drawn from your crystal bowl would be magical indeed…!! 🙂 Thank you…Namaste…May You Never Thirst. *)

  6. Wow…love this blog. Just had a head slapping moment when I realized that everything started taking a downward spiral when I stopped wearing my amethysts :/ going to put them back on right now! Consider me a fan of your blog from here on out – thank you!

  7. Dear Nicole, how nice of you to give away a cristal. I’ve been reading your blogs since the days of gratitude were placed on the facebookpage of shaman angels.Yesterday I worked with a cristal by your guidance blogs and it gave me a thankful feeling for you, the stone, nature, for all there is.

  8. I think of Crystals as a beautiful gift from our earth, we use them , love them, they may stay with us or move on. Thank you Nicole for your blog, I am enjoying it very much.. and your generous spirit

  9. Oh yes please, count me in! 🙂 I would love to be in with an opportunity to win a you-beaut souped-up crystal from you Nicole. Love and gratitude for all that you do xo

  10. Hi Nicole. I love your blog and have tried some of your recipes which are delicious! I have a small crystal collection and one from you would be very special. xx

  11. Nicole, your blog is often my lifeline – some days its as if it’s especially written for me – and I often sleep with a very special crystal under my pillow. Love them. Thank you so much.

  12. Since learning about you from a Facebook friend I follow every detail of your blog and completed the 30 day Gratitude Chasllenge. I have come to realise just how much help I need and would dearly love to win one of your crystals and learn more from you about its power.

  13. Thank you for this opportunity. I think it is really wonderful to have something like a crystal chosen for you, it will carry the energy of that person. It would be lovely to have a crystal chosen by you.

    PS thanks for the blog, it is always nice to read and can really brighten a cloudy day

  14. Well I must admit, I had always presumed that crystals weren’t my thing…but after reading your post and suffering from a humongous case of writers block – I’m so in!

  15. I have been wanting to get a crystal for a while, but just don’t know which one to get. A crystal chosen by you would be so special!!

  16. Dear Nicole…you know how much I enjoy your blog and getting a crystal chosen directly by you would be an extreme honor and blessing. So with crystal clear intention of receiving one, I send this comment out to you with much love , joy and gratitude! 🙂

  17. Oh yes please xo So not only could I start each day reading your blog I could then hold a special crystal too. That in itself is enough to keep a girl smiling.

  18. thankyou nicole.everyday I look for ward to your blog. Thankyou for sharing Charlie with us we had our Dear Sarah Shepherd put to sleep earlier this year we were so blessed to have had the presence of such a beautiful and dignified girl . I would love some extra universal direction and energy through a crystal for my art/painting work . thankyou and cheers Robin.

  19. I would love to enter as I look forward to your blog every day, and see myself meeting you in person one day. Thank you for all your wisdom xx

  20. Even though i was unable to attend you’re channelling retreat i felt as though some part of me was there – and i want to say thank you!!! Whatever magical energetic developments and teachings you were guiding Nicole somehow must have effected me. Big things have been changing this end these last 2 months… in all sorts of good witchy ways! Hahahaaa. Every morning i wake up excited about you’re blog. I am so very grateful for what you do and the gentle and patient way you teach and i think every one you touch would say the same thing!! Very grateful i am. Thank you. 🙂 X

  21. I don’t envy you the choice to make,but knowing that the individual in most need will forever be blessed to receive such a gift. Keep up your outstanding life work. You’ve made such an impact on my life. Love and light. 💜

  22. Can I/we ever say ‘Thank you” to you enough??? I don’t think it’s possible but I do Thank you every day, and send blessings to you throughout the day for your wisdom, generosity of spirit and your WORDS that help me (and so many many others) stay true to myself. You are an Angel sent from Heaven and I am so selfishly grateful that despite many attempts they haven’t managed to snatch you back just yet XXX

  23. Thank you so much for sharing your love for crystals. Lots of love and blessings!!!Would like to learn more about crystals and especially about carnelian , malachite and beryl.

  24. Hi Nicole, I really enjoy reading your blog: congratulations on your sucess ! I’d love to win a hand picked crystal !!! May the very best person be blessed with this gift. Thank you.

  25. Puleezzzeeee pick me!!! I would love my own personal crystal and guidance and direction for meditations; prayers and personal growth!!! ;). May the force be with ME!! Lol.. Thanks for offering n sharing

  26. Oh boy would I!! A handpicked crystal from Nicole = awesome! Like many have said above, I love waking up to your blog, it really does give me inspiration through my day. Bless xxx Jess

  27. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, Nicole. Your thoughts and ideas are a blessing to so many. Every day I look forward to reading your blog. It is a jewel in my day.
    A crystal imbued with your energy would be a real gift.

    1. A huge heartfelt thanks for all your wisdom, guidance, healing and generosity of spirit- your blog is truly amazing. Am very excited for the crystal winner:-) Love and light:-)

  28. Hi Nicole, it would be an honor to receive a crystal from you. I’ve been following your work for many years now and now subscribe to your blog, which I enjoy very much. I’ve found your posts on working with crystals and full moon rituals to be especially empowering. I’m very grateful, thank you. Amanda xx

  29. Your blog’s first post about crystals inspired a synchronistic crystal gift to me from my daughter, my own art exploration of that crystal and a subsequent knowing about how to move forward with crystal energies in my life. It was such a powerful post for me! Thank you, as always xxx

  30. Why does it scare me so much even to write this to you? I didn’t even know how to reply to a blog – even as I’m writing I’m not sure. Why are the tear flowing now? I suppose I don’t need to know. The release is done even without the crystals. Thank you! With love always. Celia

  31. I was thinking as I read your post that the photo of your crystals and their bags looked like candy party favour bags and voila, continue reading and you say the same thing. I’ve collected crystals, and shells (their energies are amazing too) and small rocks throughout my life (shells are sprinkled throughout every room in the house).
    I also use them when creating. I have some rocks that are like creative talismans, held in one hand as I write with the other. Love your heart shaped rock. Gorgeous.

  32. I believe in the power of crystals but I don’t have many. I have a little adventurine tree that was a gift, which I keep next to my computer. That is getting just as clogged up with life as I am. And a crystal (another gift) that is suspended in a silver dragon claw. I used to wear it as a necklace but it has been sitting in my jewelery box for quite some time now. No good there really.

  33. Hi Nicole, I just discovered your blog through a friend a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, you cover so many topics that I’ve been wanting to read up on but haven’t quite found that perfect source of information for. In fact, I think I started reading your blog the week of the Uranus-Pluto square last month. I’m in the process of translating my spiritual interests into work and service so I’ll take that as an affirmation! I work the odd Saturday in a crystal shop and have been loving this new world of connecting with different crystal energies.

  34. So wonderful that my book has gone to one of your readers… spreading the love, just like you do every day. Thank you. Am so very grateful.
    And crystals rock… I loved your nature channelling and the crystal connected to that. Ruby Zoisite, an unusual crystal which I just happened to have. How perfect.
    Have a blissful day.

  35. Happy Tuesday Nicole. Thanks so much for your daily Words of Inspiration… it’s such a delight reading your blog each day. I would be swimming in gratitude to receive a crystal surrounded by your energy. Hugs xox

  36. Nicole, it would be incredible to win a crystal chosen by you. I know I’m being called to find a special crystal at the moment and am drawn to every shop with a crystal in it. Perhaps this is the one. Blessings for the opportunity to be in the draw. Much love <3

  37. Hi Nicole, just love waking up to your blog everyday, any assistance from you or your crystals would be great, thank you for sharing a piece of you everyday xx

  38. I was introduced to your blog by my sister in law (to whom I will be forever grateful). It is my essential reading each day. I have been more open to using crystals since reading your articles and look forward to your crystal sale. So many of your posts have been ‘special’ for me.

  39. Ooh yes.. I want to be in this draw. I treasure my crystal I got from you. I wear her in my bra every day. This way I feel the energy close to my heart to help me strengthen in turn giving me the confidendce to shine. When I’m resting she partners my crystal under my pillow keeping my thoughts clean and peaceful. Thankyou <3

  40. Thanks Nicole I enjoy reading your blog. You radiate love and forgiveness.

    I love crystals and the energy that goes with the different types. You have inspired me to remember my crystals and use them to enhance different areas of my life…………..

    In saying that Im off to find my rose quartz ……….

  41. Thank you so much for the gift xx I truly appreciate it. I was so shocked to read my name, I nearly dropped my cup of tea, in a very busy café 😉 You’ve made my day! Love your blog, and love how it has influenced my life in such a fabulous way xx

  42. Nicole, it would be an honour to receive my own special crystal from you which you charged up during the Transit of Venus earlier this year. This is a new area for me and I am sure will be most helpful. Thank you.

  43. You have some beautiful crystals and I adore the cute little homes you have for them. Good luck everyone and thank you Nicole for your generosity

  44. I would welcome one of your much loved crystals into my home any day Nicole. I know that it will find its way into the hands of the person who needs it most. Thank you for the generous offer and blessings to you and the happy winner. <3

  45. As if you don’t already do enough! I’ve recently been trained in healing with crystals, but of course, intuition is key. I love to hear the quiet whispering of each crystal. What a sweet gift!

  46. May the chosen recipient and crystal create beauty, healing and laughter together within and beyond. Good luck everyone
    Thank you Nicole…’re a gem 🙂

  47. You can never have enough crystals and they are all individually special. I would love a special crystal from you. Thankyou for everything you do for us <3 x

  48. I have only just started out on my crystal journey and to have one especially selected for me would be amazing. I am amazed at how many crystal experiences are popping up around me now that I have opened my eyes, well they have probably always been there but now I am beginning to see them. Thank you for your blog Nicole, I can’t wait to read each days offering.

  49. What a lovely idea Nicole! I have been starting to use crystals and find them so amazing! It would be awesome to have one picked out by you for me:)

  50. Too exciting i m soo happy for the succes of your bolg . halp me soo much and give me lots of positive energy . i send you love and gold ligth for you and for your nana. lots love chiara

  51. Crystals have a funny way of finding us — I’ve had more than a few experiences of picking up a crystal only to start feeling vibrations from it immediately, making me laugh when I needed it or making me feel grounded when that was an issue. Thanks. 🙂

  52. I’ve never felt that crystals were my thing. But through your work and your writing my interest has been sparked. Thanks Nicole xxx

  53. YAY for new beginnings and new projects!! I’m returning home, I have long strayed from my path and my life hasn’t been the same. I look forward to your daily emails, your writing is helping to guide me home. I have to ask, on your new website will you be using the picture of yourself you shared with us the other day? There is something magical about that picture that I keep getting drawn back to. have an awesome day nicole….. arohanui Tammy xx

  54. I have had a funny experience with a ‘citrine’ gifted to me. First I put it out on the deck in the sun. A bird took it and dropped it in one of my pot plants…my partner found it. Then I did my first Blue moon meditation. I left the bowl where I sat that blue moon evening and the ‘citrine’ feel into the bushes when the bowl was knocked over. I retrieved it again and it sat on my study table. As I was taking out my study window to clean it I knocked the bowl over. Once again retrieving the stones I found the citrine missing. Now, is the citrine somewhere I have been for meditation or still hiding from me in the corners of my study room? Also should I return the ‘citrine’ to the person who gifted it to me? It doesn’t seem to want to be with me!

    1. Maybe it just wants to be outside or near plants, rather than exposed on a table? It doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t want to be with you….

  55. Hi Nicole, I’ve always loved crystals too but lately the need to surround myself with them has intensified. I am now carrying crystals with me when I leave the house. 🙂

  56. Nicole, I think having a crystal chosen for my energy by you would be so special. Thank you for this post as a wake up to give my crystals some love and use them daily for my healing and for abundance and more blessing♡♡♡

  57. I started learning about crystals on your blog and i started to appreciate them. I only have one which is amethyst and i received it as a gift for my birthday in September.
    Thank you Nicole for all you are doing. Your blog is a success 🙂

  58. You write about crystals in a way similar to how I have been working with essential oils. I would love to learn more about crystals, especially where to get them, as I have been coming up short in finding them.

    1. Nicole, I just LOVE crystals also! Love their energy, colour, how they make me feel, playing with them and just holding them, as well as working with them. You can never have enough crystals. I don’t have many but would LOVE a special one from you 🙂
      Helena x

    2. Yes I would love to win a Cystal too NIcole! 😉 Dont know if they work mind you,but I guess if I beleive…………;)

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