Using Crystals to Access Information – Day Three

Using crystals is a great way to begin accessing information for yourself and others, and can gently open you up to greater levels of spiritual and psychic gifts and awakening.

Although quartz crystals are the most common stone for this sort of connection, I believe that you need to work with the crystal you are drawn to.  My very first working stone was an aventurine shaped roughly like a heart that fit nicely in the palm of my hand. (For more information on how to choose a crystal click here.)

Crystals are great teachers.  They can hold much wisdom, and allow us to tap into information stored within us, within our Higher Selves, within the Akashic Records, and within Guides and other energetic Beings.

When I was young I never, ever thought I would be able to channel or do work at the level I am at now. I was such a skeptic even though my own natural abilities had been evident much of my life. I was okay with receiving information as it came to me, but felt very uncertain about attempting to make it happen deliberately.  I was uncomfortable with even trying this sort of activity, but I found as my resistance decreased and I became more open, things flowed much more easily.

So it doesn’t matter if you feel awkward or uncomfortable with today’s activity – just enter with a sense of innocence and childlike curiosity and you might be amazed at what comes to Light. ♥

Meditation for Accessing Guidance and Information from a Crystal:

Choose a stone you feel drawn to work with, clease it and then sit somewhere comfortable so that you can follow this meditation.  You may like to burn incense or light a candle to further enhance your experience.

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for Connecting with Crystal Wisdoms – Day 3

It is useful to keep a journal to record any impressions, information or names from your meditation sessions. You might even feel inspired to draw or paint!

(PS – The stone I used today during this meditation was a Canadian Labradorite – that’s it in the picture below.)

Storing and handling crystals

If possible, wrap crystals you are not using, or that you are transporting, in a natural fabric such as silk, cotton, wool, linen or hemp.  Use your intuition when selecting fabrics – maybe a patterned scarf, a scrap of velvet, a bag you found at the markets, or even a pretty handkerchief could be used. 

You may also wish to place crystals on a window ledge, in a potplant, or in a positive energy place within your home. 

Once you have cleansed your crystals, be selective about who you allow to touch them because stones will absorb the energies of the people who handle them.  You may find that there are some stones you need to keep just for you, while others may invite handling from anyone!  After working with a stone for a long time, and investing a lot of your own energy into it, you may find that just holding that stone will take you to a positive, calmer, more meditative or healing state.

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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18 thoughts on “Using Crystals to Access Information – Day Three

  1. I purchased a quartz crystal a few weeks ago after reading a technique in one of Doreen Virtue’s book to help opening the third eye. Now that I have read this post I will try the meditation, I didn’t know crystals could open up our psychic gifts. Thank you for this post !

    1. Hi Nicole ! I have tried the meditation, it lasted about 40 minutes. After a few minutes I started sensing pulsations in my hand, as if the crystal had a beating hearth. After another few minutes I started to feel vibrations in my hands, it felt like gentle electric current in my fingers and palms. Then I started to feel a bit oppressed, I wasn’t breathing freely and after maybe 5 minutes my head started to move slowly from the left to the back, to the right to the front and down. I wasn’t controlling the movements, when I would move my head by myself it would be put back to the position where it was. After 2 or 3 rounds of these movements it stopped and the oppression was gone ! Then it started tingling at the top of my head (it always do that when I meditate or try to connect with my guide) and after a while I “heard” “I am with you”. At that point I barely could feel the crystal in my hand, it had become very light, and the vibration and electric current had diminished. Then I “heard” “You can heal”. I know that, I had already tried healing my body (mild things, not grave illness) with success. I also tried on other people but have stopped because the results were not significant enough. Then it said that I should practice and practice, that I shouldn’t give up. And then the meditation was over and I thanked them.
      Sorry for this long comment, I wanted to let you know how it went 🙂
      I am surprised because usually when I meditate I always fall asleep but not this time, and it was 9 p.m. !
      Have a nice week !

  2. That Labradorite stone is beautiful. I have started to acquire rocks again, mostly for decorative purposed because they are so beautiful. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of them for decorative and meditative purposes?

  3. Thank you so much Nicole. Wonderful posts and great things to learn.
    I remembered when I was a little child, my grandmother had many stones very similar to the ones on the first photo above. She used to take care of her stones and put one in every room, saying they protect the whole family and protect home from negative energies. At that time, I did not understand a word of what she was saying, and I remember her children making fun of her. Now I know how important that was. I have learned so much from her.
    If I had read your post before, I would have included this when talking about my grandmother 🙂

    1. You are right! Since the first time you mentioned crystals and stones, I tried asking where I can find them in my country.
      Thank you so much Nicole for reading my Blog Post, and leaving a comment. You encouraged me to write in one of your Blog posts, and It makes me feel better that you read it as I only talk about my daily struggles and how I am fighting everything by allowing myself to go back to my Old self.

  4. Love. Love. Love. Labradorite ♥ Just sayin…

    I did this meditation before I got up this morning – had some very stressful things to deal with today and this really, really helped me. I’m drained and exhausted but it gave me the strength I needed to get through what I needed to do – so thank you for posting at such perfect timing.

    Love you ♥

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