Meditation Messages of Love, Hope and Wonder

My beautiful drusy Cobalto Calcite Crystal
My beautiful drusy Cobalto Calcite Crystal

“Love is a force that connects us to every strand of the universe, an unconditional state that characterizes human nature, a form of knowledge that is always there for us if only we can open ourselves to it.” ~ Emily H. Sell

I sat down to do a meditation yesterday afternoon using a crystal that’s recently been given to me by a friend (thanks, Lachlan!).  It’s a drusy Cobalto Calcite with an extra little  dusting of drusy Malachite on the reverse – a pretty thing, and comforting to hold.  This stone is excellent for all heart-related work, including work with physical ailments of the heart, emotional healing, love and relationships.

Settling down on my Kundalini Beanie (a fantastic meditation chair created by another beautiful friend, Angela Toohey), and holding my rock, I quickly moved into a deep state of relaxation and then meditation.  I was in that lovely heart space of connection for about twenty minutes when I heard a very clear, sweet soft voice.

“Please help us.”

Was I imagining it? I sat in meditation.  Nothing.  I opened my eyes and looked around the room.  Nothing.

Back I went into meditation.

“Please, please help us.”

Okay. I wasn’t imaging it. I couldn’t see anything, but I started to get a lovely warm feeling like I was floating in a golden ocean.

Image from www.
Image from

“Janie Edwards,” the voice said. “Can you help her?”

I have a client named *Janie Edwards. *Note – I’ve changed the names here to protect the privacy of the people involved.

No more words followed.  Instead I was filled with understanding. Somehow Janie was pregnant and losing her baby.  In fact, I sensed that the baby had already died.

“I’ll stay here to help the other,” the voice said. “Tell her we’ve been together so many times before. I love them all.  Thank you.”

Abruptly I came out of meditation still clutching the crystal which was now hot in my hands.

I didn’t quite understand all I’d been shown, but I immediately went to my computer and found Janie’s contact details. She was someone I hadn’t spoken to for nearly ten years.  Her home phone no longer worked but her mobile did.

I called her and after general niceties, and her shock at my unexpected phone call, I asked if she could be pregnant.

No, she said a little angrily.  She and her husband had been through twelve rounds of IVF, and gave up over a year ago.  At forty five she was in peri-menopause and now too old.

Oh my goodness, I felt bad for her in that moment.

“Are you sure you couldn’t be pregnant?” I asked her again.

“I do have some lower back pain,” she said hestitantly. It turns out she’d had back pain and pelvic cramping for a few days.  It took some convincing, but she promised to call her doctor right away.

I didn’t hear anything back until much later last night.  Janie’s husband *Peter called me. Janie was in hospital and doing fine.  She is nearly six months pregnant with twin girls, conceived naturally, and one had died in utero.  The doctors operated to remove the dead infant and the other little girl is still in the uterus and doing fine. They expect that Janie will now resume a normal pregnancy, although of course, they’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

I explained what had happened that led me to call Janie, and passed on to Peter the message that their unborn child had given me, about having been together before,  loving them all, and staying to look after her sister. It was a very emotional call.

Photo from iStock
Photo from iStock

Love.  It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it?

So, I woke up this morning feeling incredibly calm and happy. I spoke to Janie just a few minutes ago.  She’s sitting up in bed at the hospital having a cup of tea, and saw I was awake too after I posted on facebook. She gave me a call to thank me.  Janie is over the moon to be pregnant, and told me she and Peter have already named both their girls. Angelica Rose for the little girl they lost because for them she is an Angel who Janie stills feels so strongly around her, and they called their surviving daughter Nicole Grace, after me! Of course, I promptly burst into tears at such an honour. 🙂


I am so grateful that I am able to be a messenger for others. It humbles me and awes me both.

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PS – If you’re interested in those nifty meditation chairs I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can contact Angela directly though her website for more information, and to see the cool video that explains how they work.

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54 thoughts on “Meditation Messages of Love, Hope and Wonder

  1. I came across your blog when I found the picture of the little babies cuddling 🙂 I read the story and thought ‘wow!’. What an amazing gift you have and how in tune you are! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. That is an amazing story. The couple must be thrilled to bits, and I think it’s very fitting that they named their daughter after you, a lovely thank you present. That picture of the two babies is very sweet, too. 🙂

  3. oh Nicole what a wonderful, wonderful thing to happen. so pleased for you and so delighted for the parents of these little girls. and thank you so much for sharing xoxo

    1. I’m so thrilled for this wonderful couple – they had struggled since their twenties to create a family, and now after all this time they have one. Makes you feel like miracles really are possible, doesn’t it!

    1. We all make a difference in our own way, Fiona. But most of us never realise the impact we have on others until we’re sitting on our fluffy cloud in heaven! That’s why it’s important to always choose kindness, compassion and love. xx

  4. Nicole that is such a loving gift of your courage to ring and pass on that message. So much love and yes, a true honour to be named after you. Though couldn’t think of a better name or reason to do so. Thank you. Mx

    1. Yes, Marilyn, I’m always nervous and feeling weird and uncomfortable in that moment where I am making the call. But once we’re connected and I’m talking, that all goes away and I am filled with purpose. Mind you, afterwards I usually fall apart a little… 🙂

  5. I love you Nicole! Love your blog, admire your determination and courage in all you go through and in the middle of it all you are such an inspiration and teacher who brings so much comfort to others just by being you and doing what you do. Brilliant.

    1. Emma, all we can ever do is just keep being ourselves, no matter what life throws at us.Otherwise, what would be the point of it all? For me, carrying on with what I do, no matter what I’m facing, gives me strength to keep going. Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. {{{HUGS}}} and love to you xoxo

  6. Oh Nicole….I love reading your daily blogs….it’s a great way to start the day! But today….touched my heart! Nicole Grace….bought tears to my eyes. What an honour for you. That’s so special and now working with my charity Butterfly Babies it supports medical research into why babies like little Angelica Rose pass away or premature birth. Hopefully one day we will be able to find out why. But I know sometimes our little precious ones are called before their time. I hope ‘Janine’ and Nicole are going well. Sending her love xx

    1. oh it’s perfect! just perfect! i love this story as inspiration for my own journey and so pleased for the couple after such a tough road, i know that one well! you are such a gem on these hard journeys! i guess we all got our scars! hugs sx

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