Writing Ourselves into Awareness

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
― C.G. Jung

Sometimes we get so confused.  We run this way and that way – searching for the thing, the answer, the lover, the teacher…

We forget to trust ourselves.  We forget to ask ourselves. We are so busy running and searching that we don’t stand still long enough to catch our breath and look inside.

Today, we are going to take that time. We are going to gift ourselves twenty minutes of  self-exploration, in the form of journalling. If possible, take a ten minute walk before you begin. (If you are unwell, or unable to go outside, take ten minutes and watch the video at the bottom of this page. It will help put you in that same energetic space of relaxation and connection.)

Then make yourself a nice cup of tea, or take yourself out to a coffee shop. (Maybe you could walk there!) With a beverage at your elbow, and a notebook and pen in hand, work through the following activity. You might surprise yourself at what you discover.

Journal Exercise:

Start by writing this passage at the top of your page.

Dear Universe, 

I trust that there is a part of me that already knows what I want most in this lifetime. I also trust that there is a Universal Wisdom that recognises my gifts and talents, and that understands what outcomes and adventures are best for my Highest good.

I am ready to embrace the possibility of a better life for myself.  I am ready to move from struggle into flow.  I am ready to embrace abundance, in all its forms. I want you to know that I’m ready for whatever wonderful experiences and opportunities you send my way. I am ready for my Soul to show me my heart’s true desire…

Now choose any of the following journal starters, and use it to begin writing.  Don’t judge what comes next, and don’t over-think it.  Just trust that what you write will begin to create a greater sense of personal and spiritual awareness in your life.

NB: If you feel that you are walking a path of spiritual awakening right now, and you’d like to explore that further, I suggest you do this exercise while holding one of the following crystals:

  • Clear Quartz – for connecting with Guides and Higher Wisdom
  • Fluorite – for understanding your creative path, and for clear guidance with writing
  • Sodalite – for answers about relationships and knowing your own truth
  • Amethyst – for connecting into your spiritual gifts
  • Rhyolite – for channelled wisdoms – showing you that inner truth you find difficult to access on your own


  • When I am relaxed, and feeling good about life, it becomes clear to me that the most meaningful direction for me right now is
  • If I was to remove myself from the things that cause anxiety in my life, and then sit quietly and listen to my body, I’d become aware that
  • I take a few calming breaths and close my eyes. Then I sit in the silent presence of my wise inner being. When I open my eyes again I understand that
  • If I could do anything, go anywhere, be anyone, then my heart is leading me to
  • When I am calm, and I take time to reconnect, I feel that
  • If my wise self could tell my weary and confused brain one thing, it would be this:
  • If God, my Angels or my Guides had a message for me, and I could finally hear it, it would be
The path to Awareness requires that we make the time to know ourselves.  And journalling creates a sacred space where we can do that, opening the way for a meaningful dialogue with our inner being. These questions can be used once, or you can return to them again and again to discover more about yourself.
Bless ♥ xx


Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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13 thoughts on “Writing Ourselves into Awareness

  1. Hi honey! When you journal, do you type, or do you still use pen and paper? I sometimes think it’s more personal to journal by hand … simply because it takes a little more effort and each word and idea takes on a longer-lasting meaning ??? I don’t know. I have pages of stuff i barely remember writing. I suppose i should go back and pour over some of that stuff. I’m sure i’ve come a long way. I’ve put much more into my life. I used to be a great writer of what i SHOULD do to MAKE myself feel worthy. Hmmmm. xo mel

    1. Hey Mel, I use the old fashioned pen and paper system. It does something quite magical that a keyboard just can’t match! I wouldn’t bother with the old stuff. It’s old! Make something new for yourself. You are born anew every morning, so keep working with that fresh new energy of possibility xoxo

  2. Nicole!! I have just had the most beautiful experience with this activity.. I came home from yoga class.. Then got some crystals & sat down meditated for a bit (holding rhyolite) and angel came through it was a soft, safe calm feeling and I wrote her message her name was Chaylee.. Then I did another one and a guide called Rayhem wrote a message to me.. was the first time in a long time I felt so connected.. he felt quite different I sensed alot of gold around me.. so thankyou Journaling is such a gr8 tool.. bless❤ & hugs😊

  3. I like the way you work! Funny, isn’t it, the way we get so easily confused by ourselves. You’d think we’d know ourselves better than anyone and yet we frequently lose sight of what it is we’re aiming for and how best to achieve success for ourselves. I agree that taking a little time to write thoughts out really helps to bring clarity. I keep telling my mum this and she keeps saying that what she wants to do is in her head, but I think it would help her a lot just to take it from her brain and transfer it onto paper. I’m not entirely sure why it works, but it does.

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