Quick Prawn and Miso Soup Recipe

prawn miso (2)

What can be better than comfort in a bowl? Miso soup variations are one of my favourite go-to’s when I am tired, sick, time poor, or stumped for inspiration.

Feel free to play around with this simple recipe, using whatever you have to hand. This is a very nurturing, easy-to-make soup and it is packed with goodness.

Ingredients for one bowl:

1 heaped teasoon Miso paste, a shake of bonito flakes, one to 2 cups dashi (Japanese stock – which can be seaweed, mushroom or fish based) or stock of your choice, a tablespoon of dried wakame seaweed, 4 peeled green prawns,  1 fresh tomato, 1 rib of spinach, 1 large mushroom, shallots, small amount of fresh or dried soba or rice noodles

*For Vegans and Vegetarians omit prawns and use tofu, and a good vegetable stock.


Bring your stock to the boil, or use boiling water and add in stock powders, dashi and bonito. Add in the mushrooms and soba or rice noodles.  After a minute add the peeled, deveined prawns (or tofu) and tomato.  Cook a few minutes until prawns change colour and turn pretty pink.  Finally, add in miso paste mixed with a little warm water or stock, and all your greens. Stir and serve.

Note – do not boil miso or you will lose all the good bacteria.

Creatively select whatever protein and vegetables are in your cupboard or fridge, using your stock and miso as a base. The picture below has bok choi instead of spinach, no tomato, extra mushrooms, a good shake of dried chilli and a little sesame oil.  As you can see, I eat this soup quite a lot! Enjoy 🙂

prawn miso again

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